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Vampires - Four

Vampires of Sodom and Gomorrah
Chapter Four
(c) 2008 Josef Howard

It’s not that I’m gay, but I’ve always gotten off on big muscles from the moment I discovered them flipping through Flex magazine when I was 13 at the supermarket. I was a little embarrassed to buy that first copy, afraid what the checkout clerk in my small town grocery store would say about a skinny kid buying pictures of gargantuan half-naked men. But after a few months of following the workout programs I read about and eating like a horse, I’d put on enough muscle to assuage any aspersions toward my manhood. By the time I graduated high school I weighed two hundred pounds.

In those years Lee Haney, Gary Strydom, Mike Matarazzo where gods to me. I hung with the big guys at my gym, and even messed around with a few of them if we got a little carried away in private, but I always dated girls.
A few years ago when I reached the top tier of the sport, I lost the last of my attraction for other guys. There wasn't anyone much bigger than me and the guys the same size were my rivals. If one of them found out I fucked around with guys, my career would have been over. Look at Bob Paris.

Instead it was me that the smaller guys wanted to hang with. Occasionally I might have taken advantage of a favor one of them might do me after a rub down, but I always thought about women the whole time.

I thought my admiration of other men was over until I met Kurt. The minute he walked into my gym, he hit me like an avalanche of bricks. The guy was not only huge with a capital H -- bigger than me or anybody I ever met -- but a freaking stud. Wide flaring jaws coated with a short black sandpaper beard and chest hair poking out of his workout shirt. He sat down next to me while I was lifting and pumped out a set with twice the weight I could have handled, and as he stared at me his elephant cock snaked up past his waistband and exposed itself. I lost all my concentration and nearly creamed.

My training buddies were as memorized by him as I was. After the workout I went out on a limb and invited him back to my house with the guys. He and I went upstairs to shower and after I’d finished I brought a towel to him in the guest room. Seeing him naked was more than I could resist. I wanted to fucking eat him alive, but he wouldn’t let me. Turns out he’s a major bottom. All he wants to do is suck my dick, except when he lets me fuck him. It’s such a pity too, because he’s hung like a fucking donkey, and there’s nothing hotter, even for straight guys like me, than worshiping a big fucking cock on an incredible hulk.

Only once, on that first day, did I get to play with that enormous meat. I’d just gotten him good an’ fucked up on this shit I smoke after working out sometimes. He’d drained me and my four buddies a few times and it seemed like he’d let his guard down. He’s letting my buddies play with his tool inside his pants, so I drop to my knees and start sucking. I put every move I’ve got into it. I get all fifteen inches stiffer than steel. The swollen crown of his dick is poking deep down inside my throat, and when I poke my finger between the cheeks of his muscle ass and deep inside, he blows down my throat. He cums so much it’s like it’s his first time or something. I want to swallow it all, but I can’t, so I pump the rest out with my hand, and my buddy, Ryan sucks it off the fur of his chest.

His gunk is good, too. Best juice I ever drank. Makes me horny just thinking about it, and I think a lot about it now, but he’s never let me do an encore, even though he’s been coming around to see me three, four times a week since then.

This morning he drops by again, uninvited, unexpected, just like always, but I don’t care. I’m boned the minute I see his face at the door. He locks lips and pushes his way in, feeling me up, and guiding me backwards to the living room where he pulls off our clothes and buries his face in my crotch.

Ever since that first day, I can’t deny him anything he wants. It’s like he owns me or something. He touches me; I get hard. After playing with my pony for a while, he’s got me shooting down his throat as he enthusiastically drinks up every last drop.

But once is not enough for him. Twice isn’t either. Four, five, six, or seven is closer. I’ve never cum so much with anyone before in my life. Just when I think I’m dry, he plays this game with me. It started that first day. He told me whenever he rubs this spot at the bottom of my balls I’d cum. Sure enough every time he touches me there I blast. It don’t matter how many times its been before. I thought it was just a new erogenous zone or something, but damn it, I can’t find it when he’s not around.

In between my frantic ejaculations, Kurt works out a couple loads from the monster cock poking up from between his legs to his furry chest.

“What’s your secret?” I ask as we lay on the couch in post coital calm.

“Pardon?” he asks. He seems a little distressed with the question.

“How did you get so fucking big? I mean it ain’t because you shoot up more juice than the rest of us. I’d see the side effects from that, and you don’t have any of them. How much do you weigh?”

“Three twenty.”

“See what I mean? That’s a good twenty pounds more than the biggest competition bodybuilders, and you’re not much taller than six feet. Your body fat has never been more than two percent since I met you, and your waist is only thirty inches.”

“Guess I just have good genetics.”

“Right.” I deadpan. “I could understand you not telling me about it if you were competing with me, but you’ve never set foot on a stage in your life. No one but me and my buddies has ever seen you before. C’mon, Kurt. Level with me.”

He hesitates, like he’s making a big decision. “Do you believe in the supernatural, Rex?”

“What, like ghost and magic?”

“Like vampires.”

“You a vampire?” I laugh. “You suck blood?”

“Not blood,” he says, and for emphasis he waggles my spongy cock. “Not like Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Stoker had it wrong, or maybe he knew the score, but he told the story by metaphor, dressed it up to make it as frightening as he found the truth.”

“So you a vampire and that’s what gives you your superhuman strength,” I humor him.

“You ever see a guy come close to lifting what I lift at the gym? You ever see a guy hung like me? Even in porno? And how come a straight guy like you spends so much time getting off with a man?” He’s so adamant he’s almost scaring me.

“Plenty of guys would fuck around with a guy as hot as you. Besides I fucked around with guys before, when I was a teenager – guys bigger than me – men I looked up to. But what are you saying? That you can seduce straight guys because you’re a vampire?”

“You ever see your buddies so ready to let some stranger suck their dick in front of you before?”

He had me there. Ryan I always suspected, but Tank, Yawar and Jerome? Yawar and Jerome were so ashamed of what they’d let Kurt do to them in front of me that they’d stopped coming by.

“And what about these?” he asked as he bounced my big balls. “Are you telling me you don’t notice how much bigger they got after you swallowed my cum?” I’d always had big knockers, but he was right. They were almost twice as big since then, but that shit he was saying was crazy.

“So you just born a vampire then?” I ask him.

He’s quiet again. I repeat the question.

“No. I’ll tell you how it happens, but I’m not doing it to you,” he says. “You get to be a vampire by drinking vampire cum – three times. Once and it just puts you under my control – at least for sex. Twice and you’ll do anything I ask you to, but it’s a huge burden to be responsible for someone, and I’m not after that. Three times and you turn into one of us, big muscles and all. But then you have to live the life. You need cum to survive. You need cum from ordinary guys.”

“Shit! You’re so fucking full of shit! You expect me to believe that?” I rolled over on top of him and pinned his arms over his head by his wrists. “Let’s take the next step, then Dracula.” I laid one wrist over the other and held both down with one hand while I tugged on his tool, stretching it and helping it fill out.

“Don’t even joke about it!” He was much stronger than me. It only took an instant for him to break free and lift my face from his joint.

“Relax. I ain’t making you cum. I just want you in the mood again.” I force a few inches down my throat and he groans. It’s too bad he’s got this phobia about being sucked, I think, because he’s got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and I love a challenge. I grab it with both my hands and twist around the bottom. He’s uptight about it, though and it keeps him soft for a while, but that just makes it easier to bend him down my throat. On the next plunge downward, I inhale deeply and draw him almost all the way in. I’d never be able to do that if he were stiff. My throat excites him. He starts to swell inside me and straighten out. I begin to gag and ease off. His dick is slick with spit and flem. I massage him with both hands and he thrusts with his groin. “That’s my boy. I’ll be good. I won’t drink your gizz, but how about I get you off with my hands, huh? You like that?” I can tell by the way his muscles flexed and his hips bucked that he did.

What a fucking thrill it is to yank on that monster! I have big hands and still I can’t wrap them all the way around it. To see his massive hairy chest heave, his thick arms tense, his fingers claw at the sheets it gives me wood just watching him. I stuff that huge cock head into my mouth one last time to suck him to the edge and feel it swell tight as a drum and then start to jerk. Kurt pushes my face away before he squirts long and hard into the air over my shoulder and onto my back. I keep tugging with my hands and pull a long one out of him. Then I get up to clean myself off.

In the bathroom I reach for a towel, then set it on the counter and look in the mirror. Some of Kurt’s gizz is dripping from my traps down my shaved chest. I wipe it up with my forefinger and examine it. What a crock, I think. Vampire! But rather than rinsing it off, I lick it clean, and I reach around behind me and rescue some more from the places I can reach on my back. Kurt comes so much there’s plenty within reach. I hear the floor board creak and grab the towel. Kurt’s head sticks through the doorway just as I start drying the rest off my back.

“Turn around,” Kurt says, and almost before I hear the words I am facing him. “It’s your turn,” he says as he tugs on my dick and it fills out in his hand. He pushes me backward and I lean against the counter as he kneels in front of me and sucks me like a fucking vacuum cleaner. The blood is pounding in my temple and I’m gasping for air.

Kurt stands and points his throbbing monster between my bouncing balls. “And now it’s time to take you to the next level,” he says as he lifts my thighs and pokes his huge upward arching cock between my ass cheeks. I realize he’s planning to cum inside me – that he thinks this will be number two – but it’s really number three – but I want him inside me so bad I don’t say a word.

As he slides in, I squeeze gently to make him feel good. Nothing else is important to me – just Kurt and making him as happy as he’s making me. My chin submissively down, I raise my eyes up and look at his handsome face in awe. Each stroke of his cock inside me makes me tremble. He’s fucked me before, but it’s never felt like this. No one has ever made me feel like this – no man, no woman. We aren’t just fuck buddies anymore – I fucking love this man. I realize it’s the effects of drinking his supernatural cum that’s making me feel this way, but I don’t care. I just want him sliding around inside me making me happy forever.

Once he’s sure he’s not hurting me, Kurt closes his eyes and starts to relax and enjoy himself like I’ve never seen before. I suddenly realize that every time we’ve sucked or fucked before Kurt has either been in a rush to get me off or if he was inside of me he was struggling to keep from cumming. For the first time he was just enjoying himself. For the first time we were both just enjoying ourselves!

I plant my hands on his massive, hairy pectorals and rub his nipples in my palms as I massage his chest. Kurt moans and bites his tongue as he pumps every last inch slowly inside of me. Kurt wraps one hand around my fully boned cock, slick with pre-cum, and starts a gentle hand job that matches the rhythm of his fucking, bottoming out at my balls at the same time he bottoms out inside my ass. The double pleasure of his hand job and getting fucked is so intense my balls tighten, my cock swells, and I feel cum forcing itself into my cock. “That’s it, baby. That’s my boy. Cum for me. Don’t worry. I won’t stop fucking you,” Kurt says as he milks one out of me.

As the last shiver of cum escapes my sweat soaked body, Kurt thrusts upward and lifts me up from the bathroom counter into the air with his boner, smiling at my surprise. He holds me in the air for a while suspended by his wrist thick cock just to show me he can. Then he bounces my two hundred thirty pound body on his dick on his dick, steadying my upper body with his hands. I feel like I’m riding a horse, only with the horse’s cock pointed up my ass massaging my guts. I’m rock hard again and ready to cum – this time without even being touched. Kurt can feel it in the way my guts are quivering around his cock and see it in the way I am arching my back and tensing all over, as desperate to let this load out as the one before. I blast again, spraying us both in the face and making out chests wet and sticky.

When I’ve finished, Kurt holds me tight against him, the side of his face against my chest, my huge thighs wrapped around his ass, as he squirms around inside me enjoying himself. He walks over to my king size bed carrying me still impaled and lays me down. He steps back, allowing his immense penis to slowly reveal itself, inch by thick, fucking inch, longer, harder and wider than I’ve ever seen it, teased to epic proportions by our fucking. The head is free and it slaps against his chest, purplish and slick with precum.

“I’m so close, baby. So close. Are you ready to be all mine?” he says.

“I’m already yours,” I tell him.

He smiles, thinking I mean I just appreciate how well he fucks, unaware that I am already at the second stage.

“It’s just beginning, baby boy,” he tells me as he rolls me over on my knees and rubs his monster cock between my big muscled ass cheeks, easily finding the still gaping hole he left from his furious fucking.

As he slips back inside I twist my head around to watch his incredible mass flexing as he forces himself all the way in. I look down underneath at my cock, swelling again as he rubs against my insides, and my enormous bull balls dangling beneath it, still full of cum for him. I raise my ass higher, invitingly. He presses his hairy groin against my asshole and slowly, slowly withdraws, all the way out, then all the way in, letting himself hang on the edge, savoring every inch of his conquest.

On the third thrust I feel him swell even larger. Underneath I can see his balls behind mine drawing tighter. From deep in his throat he releases a baritone holler that makes the room tremble. I feel the cum forcing up through his cock. I feel the hot liquid squirting inside. I feel jet after jet filling me up as he fucks faster. He tugs downward on my cock and I start shooting with him. Neither of us can stop.

He collapses on my back, smashing me into the mattress, still firing inside as he thrusts. I’m shooting into the sheets. His hot, stale breath tickles the tiny hairs of my neck.

His heaving chest gives up its fight for air. His pounding heart starts to slow. We lay in a puddle of my cum. His cum leaking out from my ass around his groin even though my ass is stretched tight around him.

I feel heat in my stomach. It spreads through my chest and down my arms and legs. Blood pounds in my veins. My muscles are tight and pumped like never before, but I know it’s only beginning. Every where, all over my body my muscles are widening, thickening, expanding. Kurt feels himself raising up like he’s riding an elevator and pulls out of me. He stands.

“Christ! You’re growing!”

I feel incredible tightness as my muscles each other for room inside my skin, forcing each other outward. They’re harder, more dense. The more they grow, the more I realize it’s not stopping, and I don’t fucking care. It feels so fucking good.

I turn myself over and lay on my back, grinning at Kurt, whose bearded jaw has dropped. But it’s not just surprise he’s feeling. I watch his long, limp prick swell again and reach for the ceiling as he watches me.

It makes me proud and hard. I feel my cock creeping up my abs to my pecs. It’s a feeling even more amazing than the expansion of my muscles. I see my one-eyed monster rise over the mounds of my chest muscles to stare me down and I start giggling with giddy delight.

If Kurt is wondering how this can be happening, he’s too excited to articulate his dismay. His monstrous arms are reaching for mine, grabbing at my enormous blood engorged biceps, admiring their size and weight as I flex them for him. They wander down my chest, rubbing up and down against my distended nipples, making me shiver in delight.

I reach for his cock and jack it, feeling the increased heft of my arms as I move them. He does the same for me, his eyes darting madly over my body, captivated by everything he sees. He erupts high into the air, unable to contain himself. I take his hands from my dick and put them on his, and take over for him. Not that he wasn’t doing a good job for me, but I want to feel how big I am for myself. It’s startling. I have a fucking four-hander poking up from between my legs. I stroke up and down the shaft as I polish the knob. In a few seconds I scream and fire hard on my face. As it slides down my cheeks into my wide open mouth I lick my lips and swallow.

I don’t feel a bit sated, but I can feel my growth slowing and I want to see myself in the mirror. I feel my enormous size as I stand, but ironically I still feel light on my feet. Kurt follows me to the mirror. Although I’m shorter than him, I’m bigger all over. I dig through the bathroom vanity drawers and hand him a tape measure. My arms are thirty inches. My chest is sixty. My waist is still thirty-one, but my thighs are thirty-seven. I’m not just huge. My quads flair out to the sides. My abs are hard and cut like masonry, and my biceps are shaped like waves breaking on an ocean surf.

I grab the tape measure from Kurt and measure my penis. Sixteen inches fluffed, but it’s not all hard. I stand on the scale – three twenty-five!

Kurt is plainly enchanted. If he is wondering how it happened so soon, he’s not talking about it. He stands close behind me, his cock rubbing against my thick back. He leans close to my ear and says in a soft voice, “Welcome to the club.”

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