Friday, July 4, 2008

Carnicería - continued

Some of Jonah’s pay for his new job at the carnicería was free meat. The cash he took home beyond was just enough to keep him from bankruptcy after he gave up his apartment, put most of his things in storage and moved in with a straight friend from work who let him sleep on the sofa.

Jonah could have moved home to live with his parents after losing his job, but they lived across the state, too far from the sustenance he required from the carnicería, and too far from Miguel, who he still fantasized about, though Miguel seemed even more careful to maintain distance between them now that Jonah was his employee.

Jonah might have turned his physical attentions on other men. Lord knows that almost any gay man would have given his right arm to sleep with Jonah, now that he was humongous. But Jonah lived in one of the smaller, more conservative cities in Texas without a single meeting place for gay men. Before his infatuation with Miguel, Jonah had contented himself with occasional weekend trips to Dallas, Houston, Austin or even San Antonio.

Jonah kept his gym membership, and gorging on the meat from the carnicería kept him packing the pounds on his already formidable physique. In a few weeks he was close to three hundred pounds, and he was so incredibly cut that he could stick the tips of his fingers in the grooves between his abs. His waist was only thirty inches, but his chest was fifty-eight inches, his thighs were thirty-one inches. But Jonah was proudest of his arms. They were twenty-four inches cold. Jonah was bigger than his largest bodybuilding idols. So big that people stared when he walked down the street.

Even though he couldn’t afford it, Jonah drove to the nearest big city with gay night life one weekend so he could spend some time with men would appreciated what he had to offer. Jonah had always gravitated to bigger guys. Now there were no guys bigger than him when he went out, but he got off on BEING the big guy who fulfilled the littler guys’ fantasies. He rounded up two, three or four guys at a time, took them back to his cheap motel and fucked them to a frazzle. Wherever he went, he was a walking party favor, drawing guys who didn’t even know each other together and getting them so hot they were willing to do anything he wanted to do to them, or to each other.

The guys he corralled may not have been as big as he was, but all of them were really hot. They were guys he would never have attracted a few months ago. Gay muscle builders bigger than he used to be and big-dicked daddies who loved muscles.

At the end of the weekend, his cash all gone and several hundred dollars more in debt, Jonah lamented the end of it all and wished he could have just a slice of the joy he had found back at home at the source of the size that had made it all possible.

Jonah found that not all of Miguel’s customers were big muscle men. Many of them were ordinary Latinas buying food for their families. But the ordinary customers were given different cuts of meat than the bodybuilders. Jonah also began to notice turnover among the bodybuilders who came to the carnicería. Guys would come by every week for several weeks or months, and he’d see them pack on pound after pound. Then eventually they seemed to stop coming in and new guys replaced them, smaller men just as eager and loyal as the ones that preceded them. What happened to them, Jonah wondered. Was it possible you could stop eating the meat from the carnicería and keep the size you gained? He found it hard to believe they could lose interest in being big.

Jonah didn’t. He was just shy of three hundred and twenty pounds now, and he still craved more size and more strength. Every time he pushed out a set of twelve squats with eleven hundred pounds on his oxen shoulders, or pumped out five sets of eight hundred pounds on his bench, he threw a boner inside his loose fitting gym pants. The guys next to him sometimes noticed it, but they understood, because they knew if they could lift the kind of weight he could, they’d get hard too. In fact some of the straightest ones DID get hard just watching him. Jonah began to wonder whether they might even be available to him now that his development had leaped into the stratosphere.

Jonah also learned that Miguel was married. He had a wife and three small children that occasionally came into the shop. It didn’t convince him that Miguel didn’t fuck men, because he saw how Miguel eyed all of the big customers, and he saw the charm he lavished on them.

One afternoon at the beginning of Jonah’s shift as he walked into the market instead of being greeted by Miguel’s broad grin from behind the counter, he heard the faint sounds of sex from the back room. The sound of the bell over the front door didn’t distract whoever was going at it in the least. Maybe they didn’t even hear it. Jonah walked as quietly as he could around behind the counter and looked into the backroom as he kept the bulk of his body hidden around the corner.

It was Miguel of course, with one of their biggest customers, a guy named Henry. Miguel had sat Henry on the butcher table, naked, his legs up over his head, as Miguel plunged his formidable cock into his ass with slowly, surely, both of them lost in pleasure. After a few minutes, Jonah stopped watching and hid from view, afraid to leave for fear they would hear the bell the second time, and ashamed to stay because he had already seen too much to explain without exposing his prurient interest in the two of them.

Finally, after he heard the two of them cum in quick succession, he walked back to the door, opened and closed it again, and took his time walking behind the counter. This time Miguel came out from the back room to greet him, fully dressed. Jonah apologized for being a little late. Miguel told him it was no big deal. When Jonah walked in to the back room to put on his white apron, Henry was gone, out the back door into the alley.

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