Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Running With the Bulls - Part 1

Guy leaned as much as he could against the window, but his enormous physique still pushed his seatmate out towards the aisle. He could tell she was annoyed with him, but what could he do. The seats on this small prop plane just weren’t made for someone his size. As they approached the landing strip, the plane dropped suddenly and pitched, tossing him against her. She glared at him as though it was his fault.
Guy had been self conscious about his size since puberty. Other guys got tall and skinny. Guy got tall, but Guy got built. At age thirteen he was five foot five and one hundred sixty pounds. At age fifteen he was five foot eleven and two hundred ten pounds. In high school, when he started lifting weights with the rest of the football team he exploded. By graduation he was six foot two and two hundred sixty pounds. The other guys got thick around the waist, but Guy didn’t. Guy had a deep cut eight pack and a thirty inch waist. He also had a trouser snake that even made his straight team mates comment – ten inches soft. The coach used to call it a baseball bat, which was appropriate, because his testicles were the size of softballs.
Guy got a job on his father’s construction crew after school, and even though he stopped lifting weights and never paid much attention to what he ate, he put on another forty pounds of muscle by the time he turned twenty. If he’d lived on the coast in some big city, no doubt he might made friends with guys who worked out, guys who were into bodybuilding. He might have found the magazines with pictures of guys his size and started competing, but Guy lived in a small town in Montana.
He was shy around girls, most of them were afraid of him. A few of them treated him with obvious disdain, like his seatmate on the plane, but a few of them were really turned on by his body. Guy just didn’t feel the same about them. He lived at home with his parents, worked sixty hour weeks on the building houses with his dad and watched TV.
If it hadn’t been for the trip he’d made with his parents to visit his aunt in upstate New York last summer, he’d never be on this plane today. Their flight had been overbooked and Guy had volunteered to take the next plane to New York. The airline had upgraded him to first class. It was a day that changed Guy’s life forever. It was the day he met someone like himself and first realized that maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t a freak.
He’d boarded early and was sitting looking out the window when his seat mate arrived. The guy said hello. Guy looked up and saw someone just as freaking huge as himself standing in the aisle. Only instead of wearing a baggy XXXL shirt like Guy, the stud was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt so tight that every muscle of his amazing torso was visible through the stretch cotton. Guy literally stared at him, forgetting even to say hello. The stud grinned and extended a meaty hand. Guy snapped out of his reverie and shook it. His name was Aiden.
Even though the seats were extra wide, their shoulders and arms were plastered tight against each other the whole trip from Denver to New York, but Guy didn’t mind. He felt lightheaded, dizzy, and giggly. He couldn’t take his eyes off Aiden even when he wasn’t talking to him, but thankfully Aiden talked to him most of the trip, and as they were talking, Guys cock, threaded down the leg of his boxer shorts as usual – bunching it up near his crotch created an embarrassing bulge – started to swell, until it was almost at full mast. Even in his baggy jeans he couldn’t hide it, and he noticed that Aiden occasionally glanced down at it as they talked.
Twice during the trip he got up to take care of it. Each time he whacked off in the tiny lavatory he came so hard he sprayed all over the mirror and sink, and wasted four or five paper towels cleaning up after himself.
It was queer getting so excited by a guy, but Guy couldn’t concentrate on feeling ashamed right then, all he could concentrate on was his thumping heart and his sweaty palms.
At LaGuardia Aiden invited him into the City for the night. Guy was booked on a small plane to upstate New York that left near midnight, but he blew it off and told his parents his flight from Denver had been late.
Once inside the door of Aiden’s small apartment, Aiden ripped off Guy’s clothes and fucked him raw not three feet from the door. Naked, Guy realized Aiden was even bigger than he was – every where. Neither of them could take their hands off the other all night. Whenever either relaxed or began to drift off, the other attacked and the ball busting orgy started all over again.
Aiden drove him back to the airport early the next morning, hair mussed, unshaven, looking hotter than he had when Guy had first seen him. He scribbled his phone number on a scrap of paper from the floor of the car and handed it to Guy when they kissed through the open car window. Guy knew the whole world could see he was queer, but he didn’t care. He only wanted one last taste of Aiden’s thick hot lips.
They were supposed to hook up again on the New York layover on Guy’s way back to Montana, but his parents changed their plans and they flew back a different way. Guy was sick about it. Every day for weeks he called Aiden from his cell phone. Guy’s parents noticed. They thought he’d met a girl. Only where? And how come he never dated her? Guy thought of flying back to New York to be with Aiden, but how would he explain it to his folks, who never went anywhere unless they visited relatives? What would he tell them about this Aiden?
Every night and every morning Guy whacked off as he thought about Aiden and their wild night of rough sex. Every day on the job he spaced out three or four times as he hauled lumber or bricks around the job site and ended up somewhere on the job site he never intended to go.
In November, when the ground got too frozen to dig for new foundations and the last of the finish carpentry was done inside the houses already in progress, Guy was off work. Aiden, who had stopped answering his calls every day after a while, called him up and invited him to meet him at a retreat in the red woods. Aiden went there every year for a month or two with other guys. Guy was wounded at first. He wanted to spend time alone with Aiden. But the more they talked, the more it became apparent that this place was special. Aiden said he went there with “guys like us”, but he didn’t mean queers. He meant big guys, masculine guys like the two of them. Then Guy still felt a little sad, but he was also titillated. What if they all were as big and hot as Aiden? What if they were even hotter?
It should have been even harder for Guy to explain to his parents why he was taking a week’s trip to some camp site alone than it would have been to explain his trip to New York, but once he’d gotten excited about meeting guys like himself, he didn’t let his fear or his parents perplexed expressions worry him.
And so he was on the puddle hoper from San Francisco to Eureka next to the pencil thin woman who hated him, uneasy at meeting strangers, uncertain he would fit in, afraid he might not be good enough to be there, but so excited by the prospect of being with guys like himself he was almost creaming in his pants.
Guy had to return the first car he rented at the airport. He couldn’t fit inside even though it was a mid size. When he explained his dilemma the man behind the counter rented him an SUV. The next problem was finding the camp. He thought the directions were explicit, but as the sun went down, it became difficult to see the tiny narrow, dirt roads that intersected with the two lane highway from the airport. He rolled down his window to see better and was surprised at how unseasonably warm it was, at least compared to winter in Montana. The air was damp from recent rain, but it must have been in the fifties.

...much more to come...

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