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Carniceria - still more

After the first time they fucked, Jonah and Robin became inseparable. Whenever both of them were free from work, they were together, most of the time at home in bed. At the meat market, when Robin came in to buy, he hung around talking to Jonah for at least an hour between Jonah’s work with the other customers. When Miguel was there Jonah worried their chats might be inappropriate while he was on the clock, but hadn’t Miguel done the same thing with him months ago when he first started coming in? Didn’t Miguel do the same thing now with the biggest guys who walked in the door? Was it a symptom of Jonah’s continued feelings for Miguel that made him feel guilty about his relationship with Robin and led him to assume Miguel might be jealous or uncomfortable?

Miguel still called him his “little friend”. He still patted him affectionately on the back. His eyes still lingered on Jonah’s body.

At the end of one of Robin’s long visits, when the shop was empty, Miguel took Jonah aside. Jonah was sure the conversation would be about Robin.

“Robin is very attracted to you, my little friend,” Miguel said. Jonah nodded. “You feel the same way about him?” Jonah said he did. “I am very happy for you both,” Miguel said. “Perhaps you will have with Robin what I have always desired but gave up for my family.”

Jonah heard what Miguel did not say. That Miguel was sad that he had committed himself to a wife and his children instead of a relationship with a man.

“You know that I have not given up completely on my passions,” he continued, “but I will never let them get in the way my family’s happiness.”

Jonah thought the conversation was over. Then Miguel looked up from his work at the butcher table and said, “Can I ask you something?” This was it, Jonah thought. This was what was really on Miguel’s mind. Would he confess his feelings for Jonah? Would he ask him not to go out with Robin anymore?

“Why do you never refer the men from your gym to our shop?” Miguel asked with just as much vulnerability in his voice as if he had asked either of the two things Jonah had thought he would. Plainly the fact that Jonah had not brought in customers had been bothering him.

“I suppose at first I thought what we sold was a secret. Then I supposed that there might only be a limited quantity of it. And lately I have just enjoyed being the biggest motherfucker in town too much to want to share my secret.”

“Have I ever told you to keep it quiet? Have we ever run out? You would be doing me a favor to tell your friends about my shop, little friend. It would not only help me make more money for my family, it would be a sign of your respect for what I do.”

Jonah didn’t know what to say. It was obviously important to Miguel, and Jonah would still do anything for Miguel, anything that did not betray his love of Robin. So of course he agreed to spread the word.

In a matter of weeks most of the men from Jonah’s small gym became customers. Miguel’s business almost doubled as Jonah’s friends told their friends and those friends told others. The character of Jonah’s gym changed as well. Where before there had been the usual mix of office workers struggling to get fit, adult athletes trying to stay fit, and a handful of bigger guys who would never be real bodybuilders, it became a place packed to the gills with giant men, and the preponderance of huge guys discouraged the casual lifters from coming in.

Jonah didn’t mind. He had a huge head start on them all and was still by far the biggest guy. The gym was full of eye candy for him, and damned if it didn’t seem that even the most heterosexual of the men had started to develop eyes for the other big men. The locker room was the cruisiest place in town. It seemed there were more men pairing up with workout partners than before, and they were a little more friendly with each other as they left – pats on the butt, arms around shoulders.

One evening near closing when Jonah was changing clothes, Jonah saw a couple of guys head for one of the shower stalls together. He had thought he was the last man in the gym except the guy at the front desk. They not only chose a shower stall Jonah could see from his locker, they went in the same stall together and left the curtain open.

He heard the water start to spray. He watched as the two of them grew slick, shiny and wet. Jonah knew both men. They were some of his earliest friends at the gym, back when they were all just regular guys. Back they only had eyes for the women. Jonah figured they were still basically straight, but as much as any of them continued to enjoy fucking females, none of the guys who started to get big could control their fascination with other big men as they started to grow themselves.

The taller one was Alfie, a red-headed drummer for a rock bank whose skin was riddled with tattoos. Since he’d become a carniceria customer he had put on one hundred pounds of muscle and his tattoos had been distorted by the bulge of his arms, shoulders, chest and thighs. He’d started playing the drums without his shirt and his band’s club dates had gone through the roof. The shorter one was Kris, a quiet manager at an accounting firm who’d found his voice as his body began to split the seams of his starched white shirts. The two of them never spoke to each other back when Jonah first met them. They had been polar opposites, but the gym’s axis had shifted and now the two had much more in common.

Alfie kissed Kris, sucking gently on his upper lip as he pulled away. Their dicks began to unfurl and inflate with blood. They stretched and rose until they pointed straight up. Kris, the shorter of the two, was the most impressive. Who would have thought that quiet Kris the accountant sported a foot long cock? Watching the two of them tug at each other and suck the water from their bodies, seeing Kris’s cock throb and bounce, was making it more difficult for Jonah to get dressed. He was not only distracted; it was getting more difficult for him to pull his under shorts up.

Kris looked his way, his chin low, his eyes wide, his mouth open, admiring Jonah’s sweeping, wide shoulders and his massive pecs, thirsty for his gargantuan arms. His obvious lust for Jonah only heightened Jonah’s arousal, and though Jonah and Robin had not yet made their relationship officially exclusive, Jonah felt guilty. But it didn’t keep his cock from starting to leak with longing for a taste of Kris’s dick; it didn’t keep Jonah from tugging on it as he watched Alfie maneuver behind Kris. It didn’t keep Jonah from gently jerking it as Alfie thrust inside Kris and Kris’s bone jerked in the air. And ultimately it didn’t keep him from walking slowly into the shower wearing his underwear below his hard-on, kneeling at Kris’s feet and slurping on his quivering dick.

With the addition of Jonah, whose build now rivaled that of a Mack truck, there was barely enough room for the three of them in the shower stall. Alfie was forced into the corner, shortening his frantic thrusts into his new buddy’s ass, but pinned between Alfie and Jonah, Kris was in heaven watching the mountain range that descended down Jonah’s back from his four foot wide shoulders as he felt Jonah’s mouth working his long cock, struggling to get it as deep inside his throat as he could. It took all of Jonah’s self control, and much of his strength to force it down, but after he’d taken it all once, he was filled with giant cock lust and determined to deep throat it every time he sucked it in. In a matter of seconds, with Alfie pounding into his behind and Jonah devouring his dick, Kris began to squirt down Jonah’s throat, into his mouth, and finally on his face.

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