Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 3

(c) Josef Howard

Gossip of Hyde, his relationship with Jerome, and stories of his prodigious sexual appetites dominated the conversations of our friends. It seemed everyone had a personal experience to relate, and all of the tales developed into a veritable canon about Hyde.

The side dialog about Jerome – why he tolerated Hyde’s behavior in his absence; what their relationship was like – was the most troubling aspect of it all. I feared my friend’s reputation would never recover from this affair, if Jerome himself even survived it.

I had kept my distance from Jerome since Fire Island, but by the end of the summer my sense of duty compelled me to visit Jerome and to make him see how self-destructive his relationship with Hyde had become.

I hoped that I would be lucky enough that my visit would find Jerome without Hyde, and I confess that as I approached the corner mansion that Jerome’s family had held for more than a century, I allowed myself to look in the drawing room window. I knew that in a house of that size it would be rare to see anyone in the drawing room at the moment I arrived, but luck was with me. Jerome stood in the center of the room, lit by the setting sun. As far as my field of vision allowed me to see there was no one else in the room with him.

Jerome’s body language seemed unusual for him, however. He appeared anxious. I knew that watching him from the across the street was highly unorthodox, but I thought I might find a clue to what he was going through. I saw Jerome loosen the collar of his white dress shirt, remove his jacket and lay it on a chair. I saw him stare a few seconds at a purplish liquid in a crystal tumbler on the table by the window, then raise the glass to his mouth and force himself to drink what appeared to be a foul brew. He unbuttoned more of his shirt as he sputtered, struggling to swallow what remained of it in his mouth. He clenched his teeth. His face reddened. His hands gripped the edge of the tabletop and the veins of his neck bulged.

I rushed across the street, narrowly avoiding traffic, conflicted about what I should do – rush to the front door or keep my eyes on my friend. Jerome’s breath became deep and labored. He grasped his chest and steadied himself on the table. Then I noticed his shirt had become strangely tight around his shoulders and arms, even around his open collar. The buttons strained and began to pop, revealing a phenomenally developed chest. Jerome’s eyes clenched shut. His sleeves began to shred around his shoulders and the tears raced down to his forearms. Although much of his lower body was obscured by the table in front of the window, I could tell that his slacks were similarly distressed. Jerome gasped for air and tore at the tattered remains of his white shirt, freeing his muscles as they continued to grow beneath his tightening skin.

Jerome was almost thoroughly engrossed by the sight of his transformation, but when his head rose and I saw his face again, it was no longer his face. It was the face of Hyde, standing nude, his enormous cock arcing upward as it filled with blood.

I pounded on the front door, desperate to get in and save what might remain of my best friend, aware that the noise I was making would surely frighten Jerome’s servants. A most alarmed butler, Jerome’s most trusted servant, Mr. Quimbly, opened the door, perhaps only because he recognized me through the peephole.

“Jerome! I need to see Jerome! Right away!”

“I shall see if he is available,” Mr. Quimbly replied, keeping as much composure as he could to dampen my distress.

“If he isn’t, get Hyde!” I shouted after him as he left the foyer.

It seemed a long time as I waited. Eventually Hyde entered the foyer, tying a silk robe around his waist, smiling from ear to ear.

“Edward. What a surprise! I’m afraid Jerome is out and I’m not prepared for company, but can I get you a drink anyway?”

“ Jerome! Drop the act! I saw you through the window! I know this is you!”

Hyde dropped the smile a moment. His face became unreadable. Then he smiled once again, but differently, conspiratorially. “I knew eventually someone would find out. I’m glad that you are the first, Edward.”

“Jerome, what are you doing to yourself? I was concerned about you when I thought Hyde was your lover, but I am even more concerned now that I know YOU are Hyde. Do you have any idea how self destructive your behavior is?”

“’Self-destructive’? I rather find it constructive, not destructive. You have eyes. Look at me. I am everything I have wanted to be since my first boner. Every man I want wants me even more than I want them. Even you, Edward, could not resist me as you have all the years since our brief affair. I admit I had not intended to become all that Hyde is. I admit Hyde can be a bit … excessive … but his excess is so delicious.”

As Jerome spoke, as he spoke of his exploits, his horse cock lifted itself between the flaps of his robe. Jerome stepped toward me and I backed away.

“Edward, there is no reason to draw back. It’s Jerome, your best friend, recast as a man who surely attracts you like no other boy friend you have ever had. We can have the best of everything now – friendship and sex! Of course I can’t promise you exclusivity.” He laughed at that. “I’m afraid I’m just not built for monogamy any longer.”

Although I backed away, Jerome continued his advance until he had me against the wall. He laid my hand on his hard cock. He brushed his fingers against the bulge in my crotch. Then he raised my chin upwards and gave me a full-mouthed, passionate kiss, equally infused with philia and eros. As we devoured each other, I felt his cock strain and stiffen in my hand. But when our kiss ended, I put my hand up.

“No. Not with you. Not with what you have become. Not with Hyde. Our lovemaking would only validate all the terrible things you become when you are him.”

“LOVEmaking? What a word for this! I do love you as a friend, Edward, but this is not lovemaking. This is better than lovemaking!”

Hyde forced his face on mine again, but this time I twisted free.

“Exactly why we can’t continue this,” I said as I tried to push him away. “This is not you, Jerome, this is whatever drug you take to become Hyde. There is nothing left of Jerome when you are like this.”

“I am all that Jerome is and more, Edward. I am more of Jerome that you have ever known. I am the Jerome that was kept hidden. I am the Jerome that would not have been tolerated by anyone while I was inside Jerome’s body.”

Hyde unbuckled my belt. I grabbed his wrists to stop him, but I was not strong enough to prevent him from opening my pants and pulling my cock free. And my revulsion at what Jerome had become was not stronger than my desire for Hyde. Hyde dropped to his knees and devoured me, momentarily banishing any thought of resistance. Instead I found my hands cradling his bushy hair and encouraging him.

Hyde unbuttoned my shirt. I slipped out of it and let my pants fall to the floor. He stood. He lifted me and lay me on the floor. He moved between my legs and pointed his hard, dripping cock at my hole. 

“Why let your stupid ethics get in the way of what be both want?” Hyde asked rhetorically as he entered me.

I had never felt anything like being fucked by Hyde. It wasn’t just the size of that penis and the way it stretched and filled me; it was the mountainous enormity of him, thrusting forcefully, naked on top of me, as I writhed beneath him, my dick straining between us. Did I imagine the momentary looks of sweet adoration in his eyes as he plunged deeper inside me? Was that what I wanted to see – a vestige of my friend Jerome “making love” to the friend who had kept him at arms length for so many years?

The first time was so intense I came in minutes, but the feeling of Hyde inside my ass was so good, I didn’t mind him continuing to fuck me. When he’d cum the last time and raised himself off me, he helped me stand and handed me his robe. He was magnificent to watch when he was naked, even standing still.

“My eyes are up here, Edward,” he chuckled. Then he drew me into his arms and held me as tenderly as Jerome might have. “I have never offered the serum to anyone before, Edward, but I would offer it to you.”

“No, Jerome. I would be a hypocrite if I took it. You look fuckin’ amazing when you’re on the stuff, but I don’t want you to be like this. It’s not good for you.”

Hyde/Jerome tossed my pants at me. “Come with me,” he said as he turned and motioned for me to follow. “I’ll show how good this is for me. I’ll show you how good it is to be me.”

In the workout room under the main living quarters, Hyde loaded a barbell at the squat rack. “How much do you squat now?” he asked.

“Four sixty is my max. Maybe 400 for reps.”

“Rack it up.”

He’d already put two 100 pound plates on one side and motioned for me to balance out the other side. With three on each side – 645 pounds including the plate – he positioned himself under the bar, nude except for a pair of tidy whiteys bulging with his cobra cock.

As he raised the bar from the rack the ends sagged a bit under the weight of the plates and rattled as they bounced a fraction of an inch while he steadied himself. For a second he fixed his piercing eyes on mine through the mirrors on the wall and slyly smiled. He looked straight ahead as he lowered his ass toward the floor. Though he appeared completely in control of the poundage, he moved slowly, breathing in deeply, allowing his legs to bend well below 90 degrees, then straining just slightly as he raised himself up. At the top of the rep he turned his eyes on me again and grinned. Then he lowered the weight again, and again, and didn’t stop until he’d knocked out 20.

He racked the bar and stepped back, breathing a tad more deeply, but hardly winded.

“Throw on a couple more plates,” he said. “On each side.”

Five 100 pound plates on each side, plus the bar, was more than 1,000 pounds. There had been elite freaks in the bodybuilding world who trained with that much, but not many. Olympic lifters were even stronger, but none of them were as well defined as Hyde.

This time the bar sagged a good deal more as he took it through another set of 20. Still he wasn’t winded. Not even pumped. Inside my pants, my thick cock, drained of cum though it was, had become so boned at the sight of his show of strength that it was peaking up above my loose waistband.

Hyde glanced at my display of arousal, my purple headed prick, burbling pre-cum over top my pants, and upped the ante again. “Let’s double the weight,” he said. I was so sexually distracted that I could barely lift the plates to even out my side of the bar.

This time as Hyde hoisted the bar off the rack, even his herculean physique tightened with stress, but he never strained. He just lowered and raised himself 20 more times, each rep beautifully executed, well controlled.

After racking the bar, he gripped it underhand and lowered it to his waist. Then he slowly curled the whole 2,045 pounds as I watched his biceps bunch into 29 inch peaks. His own cock had lengthened inside his briefs and poked more than half it’s staff up past the elastic. “Still say this isn’t good for me, Edward? Tell me how this hurts me. Tell me what you’d change about any of this. I’m still not tired; not even out of breath. I’ve yet to find the limits of my strength, Edward. Wouldn’t you like to know what this feels like, Edward.”

He set the bar down and turned toward me, his cock straightening outward and lowering his briefs beneath its root. As it got within reach, I wrapped both my hands around it and pulled, enjoying it’s hardness and heft and the smile that broadened on his face.

“If the serum can make a big, soft guy like Jerome into Superman, think what it would do to a stud like you, Edward. Maybe it wouldn’t make you bigger or stronger than me. Maybe the limits of growth aren’t related to how strong you are when you take it.” Then he leaned closer, put his lips near my ear and lowered his voice. “But what if they are? What if you ended up even stronger than me, Edward? Thirty inch arms, Edward? Thirty-two?”

Hyde positioned his foot long dick between my legs. He fingered my hard nipples and kissed me open mouthed, sucking on my tongue.

“I guarantee you would enjoy it even more than I would enjoy you after you took it. It would bring us even closer than we just were.”

The temptation was too much to ask anyone to resist, especially a man as obsessed by muscle as I have been my entire life. To be offered an instant entre to the world one has lusted for one’s entire life, the world one has fought to be a part of every day with every rep and every bite of protein. It took every ounce of self control to deny myself what he offered.

“No, Jerome. It’s all I can do to live with you doing this to yourself. It takes so much work to see you inside of that.”

Hyde unfastened my pants and unzipped my fly. He tugged at my cock.

“But it is me. I am inside of this. And I want to be inside of you. Again.”

We kissed, and soon he was.



Michael said...

Brilliant, and SO erotic. Thanks.

Richard Jasper said...

Incredibly happy to see you writing again and this one totally rocks!

Brahms said...

OMG! I just re-read The Virus, and on a whim I thought I would check to see if this blog was still here... and I find a new story! A thousand thanks, and welcome back.

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