Saturday, March 22, 2008

Running with the Bulls - Part 3

Continuing from previous posts...

In the afterglow, as he talked and laughed with Luke and Hauk, Guy realized he had never in his life felt as comfortable as he felt here in this crowd of men in the big well lit tent. Even though the acts he had just finished with Luke and Hauk were still so new to him that they seemed equally as perverse as pleasurable, he felt content. Around his family and friends back home Guy had never been able to escape a sense that he did not fit in, that under his paper thin skin he carried a secret he could not quite articulate, yet one that he sensed he might inadvertently reveal at any moment, and in doing so destroy the love they thought they felt for him. That fear, never far from the surface, kept him forever slightly ill at ease around them.

Guy felt like a heavenly being among heavenly beings. He felt like he glowed. He felt a sense of liberation of emotion and of action. He felt free to act on his natural impulses in a way he imagined his friends had always been able to.

As other men approached the three of them, still standing with their sticky wet dicks hanging out, drinking and talking, occasionally touching each other and sending a flood of hot blood back into their cocks, temporarily inflating them, unabashedly enjoying the fullness in their groin and appreciating the sight of the arousal they provoked in each other, Guy felt their love, affection and acceptance as well. Each of them was different from the other, different ethnicities, different occupations, different personalities and ambitions, yet in the most basic and important ways they were just like him.

Talking to them in every shifting groups, never once feeling slighted as some walked away, feeling delighted as new ones approached him, feeling them touch him, stroke him, brazenly enjoying their mutual sexual attractions, Guy almost felt tears in his eyes. At first as the crowd thinned, Guy barely noticed. Then when he did notice he felt just a little sad that the gathering would end, but happy to be among the last to leave.

“It looks like you’ve been enjoying yourself,” Guy heard a deep voice from his side. When he turned he saw Hadad, and he felt Hadad’s brawny arm encircle his waist. If Guy could have purred he would have. Hadad was looking down at Guy’s cock, still exposed, but now inflating again at Hadad’s warm embrace. “Have you decided where you are going to sleep tonight?”

Guy hadn’t a clue. He was new to all of this, and if someone had told him he would never sleep again, if it meant he could be in the company of these men, he wouldn’t have objected.

“Do you want to stay with me?” Hadad asked, and he gave Guy an open mouthed kiss as a further unnecessary enticement before steering him, under the wing of his massive arm, out of the tent, away from the last few men standing inside, into the dark.

The scene outside the tent seemed subdued at first, until Guy heard a moan as they passed one of the cabins, then squeaking bed springs, and a deep voice, “Fuck me harder,” a quickening of the squeaks, “That’s it.”

In the moonlight filtering into the dark cabin, through an open window, he saw four enormous men, half in shadow, connected at their dicks like pieces of a rocking erector set, sweaty bodies glistening in the dim light. As he watched his dick stiffened, his mouth tingled, then he realized that Hadad was watching him watch them and grinning. He felt Hadad stroke his full, hard cock. He knelt in front of him and took it into his mouth. “Are you going to give me a sample?” Hadad asked between gulps. “Huh? Can I taste some of your cum?” Guy steadied his head and fucked his mouth as he stared at the action inside the cabin. Hadad was good. He was better than Guy ever thought he could be. Not only did he swallow Guy’s prodigious cock in long deep dives, but he tongued and sucked it into ecstasy in a matter of minutes. Before he could even think to control himself, Guy was ejaculating deep into his throat and thrusting hard against his scratchy bearded lips.

When he’d finished, Hadad stood again and kissed him, sharing the cream of his own cum with Guy as they tangled tongues.

“That’s only the beginning, my young friend. That’s only the beginning.” Hadad said as he broke their embrace and interlaced his fingers with Guy’s and led him on through the cabins. Toward the end of the rows Haddad stopped at one with the lights still on. He looked at Guy, smiled and gave him a deep kiss before leading him up the three small steps and inside.

A few of the gargantuan men inside were standing, talking and horsing around the six bunks that lined the cabin walls, their naked chests held high. Some of them had taken off their pants, allowing their unbelievably large endowments to wag in front of them. Four of them were clustered around the bunk in the corner fucking. They looked up as Guy walked in with Hadad. Hadad introduced Guy, but Guy couldn’t remember any of their names. He was too light headed and boned looking at their bodies. He didn’t even notice when they smiled among themselves at his dizzy arousal, his fly still wide open, his dick sticking a foot out in front of him. Guy knew it showed, but he loved that it did.

Before Guy was aware, Hadad was behind him unfastening his jeans, tugging them down to his ankles and two of the men, both taller than him, were taking turns kissing him, tilting his boyishly masculine face upward to meet their lips, and licking his bare chest as they tugged on his cock. They were almost twins, the same height, dark hair, hairy like Hadad, square jaws, and dark skin. Guy tugged both their long, long dicks, some of the largest he’d seen that night. He felt a cock slid between his ass cheeks and up his back. (Hadad? He hoped so, but didn’t care. He knew whoever had first crack at him, Hadad would have more than his fair share.) The brush of chest hair against his back confirmed it was Hadad.

Hadad pulled back and positioned himself at the entrance to Guy’s ass, then pushed inside in one long, deep thrust, letting out a sigh, telling of the relief he felt after having been so patient all night long. As the two tall men continued to tongue Guy’s upper body, he felt an aggressive mouth on his cock, swallowing it whole and coaxing it to full mast while struggling to keep its angle level and available to fill his throat.

Guy was so deeply aroused he could barely stand. As his knees buckled, the tall, strong men in front of him lifted Guy’s arms and wrapped them around their pyramid shaped shoulders as they continued to work him over.

Another man joined the first man at Guy’s cock. He felt the two of them passing it back and forth between them, each taking it completely inside their throats, each sucking him vigorously, trying, it seemed, to out do the other and be the one that let loose the geyser inside his balls.

Hadad’s cock was drilling deeper inside him than any man had been before. Was it even possible that Hadad was bigger than Aiden? Aiden had been sixteen inches long! Guy had thought he would never be fucked by anyone bigger. But the feeling of Hadad arranging his guts to suit his own purposes, rubbing hard against his prostate, was more intoxicating than even that first night with Aiden. No wonder Hadad had been so sure of himself from the moment they first met. To own such a cock and to be able give such pleasure!

Guy floated in a fog of erotic bliss, his muscles as limp as his cock was hard. He felt a tingle inside his ass that warmed and spread and intensified until his whole body quivered. It was a rush as intense as cumming, but instead of feeling a spike of intense pleasure for a few moments, the ecstasy rolled through Guy’s body in wild waves, each more extreme than the last. As the rapture deepened, Guy hugged the men kissing him more tightly. He tangled tongues with them frantically. And finally when he felt his whole body would burst, his cock jerked like a rifle and poured long, hard volleys of hot cum down the throat of one of his kneeling admirers, who moaned as he drank it gratefully, the deep rumblings in his throat only adding to Guy’s satisfaction.

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