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One Hundred and One - Wolverine Fan

A few months ago I posted a chapter on the Evolution Forum to a continuing story I started earlier in the year called One Hundred and One. The idea with One Hundred and One is that a group of guys at a college campus were injected with what they thought were flu shots, but they were actually unwitting test subjects for a muscle growth serum that a campus doctor was testing. The doctor gets them all together to tell them and suggests they form a support group. My idea was that each of the guys had a story to tell during subsequent support group meetings about how his personal muscle growth and the way it affected his life. This would become a sort of muscle growth version of the arabian Thousand and One Nights stories, but I wouldn't feel like I was on the hook to write them all.

Anyway after several people went off in different directions, I posted another chapter of my own about a guy named Cal -- a short furry guy who was a Wolverine Fan. I figured his background would make him a little different than the average WASPy college kids and make an interesting story. But I never realized how popular he would become. I think I got more comments on that chapter about Cal than I had on any other story I ever posted. Even though my self imposed rule on the series was that each character appears only once, I got lots of requests to have Cal return.

Things like that stick in the back of my mind. Eventually I start to envision how I might accomodate the request. The truth is I am a comic fan myself, and my first lover was a short furry guy who was a Wolverine Fan, so I kind of liked Cal too.

This story fragment is in answer to those requests. There is more to come. I know where I want to go from here, and hopefully it won't take me too long to pick it up and finish it. In the meantime, since the first part is relatively self contained, I thought I may as well post it, since there was quite a drought on this blog over the last few weeks.

One Hundred and One --Lonewolf Part II
The guys who’d been coming regularly to the support group recognized Cal right away when he stepped forward at the meeting. Cal was one of the guys who told his story in the early meetings, and he had a distinctive look. He was the shortest guy in the group – only about five foot six – and not only really hairy, he was one of the most muscular guys in the group. He was three hundred pounds and zero body fat. His upper arms were as big as his head. If you like little hairy guys and you love muscle, he was a soaking wet dream on two tree trunk legs.
It was one of those rare warm days in October and he’d come to the meeting in just a black tank and mid calf baggy shorts. Only they weren’t baggy on Cal. They were as tight as his tank top, and they exposed his furry, watermelon-sized calves. His chest hair was like a freaking carpet that thinned around his clavicle and at his deltoids to a sparse forest that covered every inch of exposed skin.
He sat at the chair at the front of the room and leaned forward, bracing his tank-sized torso with his elbows on his knees. Bending his arms forward like that made his biceps pop up bigger than cantaloupes, made his upper arms bigger than his head. He grinned.
“You probably figured you’d already heard my story a few months ago,” he said. “I admit it sounded pretty complete. I told you all about my shot at the clinic, my explosive muscle growth and the change in my sex life. What more could there be, right? But there’s more. Some of you might have even read about it in the campus daily, or seen it on the local TV news.”
Cal’s hairy hand brushed a dangling lock of coal black hair from in front of his square Polish face and hooked it behind his ear.
“I can hardly believe what happened to me after I told you my story the first time and I’m a freaking comic book fan. I’m used to strange stories. Most of my life I’ve expected the unusual to happen, but my life since then has been un-fucking-believable!
“How many of you are in a frat? Yeah? Not many. I know I never thought I’d be asked to join. I was just too fucking geeky until last year. But a few weeks into last semester I couple of hot jocks corner me as I’m walking to class and started talking to me – guys who would never even have said hello to me in the old days.
“But the really freaky thing is that even though they acted straight both of them were checking me out. Every time I locked eyes with one of them, the other one was looking me over – even staring at my crotch. It made grin like a Cheshire cat, and inside my pants my dick stirred as I looked into the tall one’s pale blue eyes. I gave quite a show to his pal, who was not as handsome, but still fuckable.
“The two of them asked me all that straight guy shit – what sports did I play; what was my major. They made a big deal about what a chick magnet I must be, but of course guys always think girls are into muscle, but girls always get scared of guys our size. But I let ‘em think I was just between women, playing the field.
“That weekend they had me over to their frat house at a big party with lots of women and beer. The whole house was so into me I could hardly circulate. Have you guys ever noticed how straight jocks are like school girls when it comes to big guys like us? Every where I stood there were ten guys milling around asking me questions and struggling to keep my attention.
“A week later they voted me in the frat. The tall guy with the blue eyes – Steven – was president. He kicked his roommate out and put me in the big room with him. He had the biggest crush on me. Every night when we turned out the lights he chatted me up in the dark like some school girl. When I undressed in front of him his eyes drilled holes into me. The first time I took off my under shorts in front of him and let my dick flop in full view he gulped in disbelief. Not a surprise, right? What normal guy wouldn’t be intimated by fifteen inch cock flesh? I’m sure he wondered just how big it got when it was angry, you know?
“Steven kept saying his girl friend had this friend they could introduce me to, but I got the idea what he wanted was for the four of us to end up in his room fucking so he could watch me get my rocks off.
“One weekend near winter break when most of the guys had gone home, Steven brought in this straight porno DVD and a half dozen joints. We both got shit-faced and then he popped in the DVD and we sat on the floor at the foot of his bed and watched. Steven started massaging his dick through his sweat pants and it was pretty impressive for a regular guy. He took off his shirt. He has this tightly muscled body that’s really hot – kind of like a fitness model – with hard abs. Although Steven was watching the movie as he rubbed himself, I could see in the mirror that he kept glancing at me. I kept my cool. I watched the movie and even though I prefer guys, my dick was pretty stiff. It filled out along my thigh inside my pant leg like a third leg, but I didn’t touch it. Not yet. I wanted to tease him. I wanted Steven to want me to touch it so bad that he almost reached over to touch it himself.
“Still I’m only human and after it while it was so hard inside my pants it hurt. I tugged down my jeans and up popped all nineteen inches, all the way to my chin. That was when Steven stopped watching the movie and started watching me.
“I kept my eyes on the television as I jacked my huge cock with both hands, but Steven turned to face me as he masturbated. Then, slowly, he put his hand on the top half of my cock and started helping me. Then the other one. Four hands weren’t enough to do it justice, but they sure felt better than two.
“Steven abandoned pretense. He sat down in front of me. He leaned into my cock and licked the head. Then he took the whole knob in his mouth and in another couple seconds he was sucking as much as he could handle while I encouraged my straight jock roommate with a hand on the back of his neck.
“And so began my low key affair with Steven. Hardly a night when by after that one without Steven reaching into my shorts and helping me cream. Sometimes he only used his hands, but most of the time he tried to suck it. The longer it went on the better at it he got. He never got much more than half inside his throat, but half is fucking good. I kept the mystery up about the rest of my sex life so he thought I was straight, and from what I could tell the sex with his girl friend only got more intense as a result of our affair. I think he got off fucking her imagining he was me, you know?
“But the story about Steven and the frat isn’t why I wanted to speak tonight. The rest of the story is the spectacular part.
“Is it hot in here?” Cal asked. “Does anybody care if I take my shirt off? I didn’t think so.” Cal was a magnificent fur rug down the front of his torso, but even with all that hair you could appreciate the balloon size pecs and the thick divisions between his abs. Leaning forward he looked like he was pushing out a ‘most muscular’ as he continued his story. There wasn’t a dry crotch in the room, and several of the big guys made a mental note to give him their number after the meeting was over.

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Circus of Freaks

Earlier chapters are posted on my website. This chapter shifts focus from Billy to a new visitor to the circus and introduces new types of freaks. The focus of future chapters will be additional freaks.

(c) 2008 Josef Howard

Chapter Four
Reverend Williams was a man as strong of body as he was of spirit. Although his black minister’s frock covered his body from the backwards collar at his neck to his ankles, exposing only his hands and his head, it was easy to see the power of his body. He came from a family of hard laborers. His grandfather had worked the fields of the old country. His father was a farmer who still plowed his fields with a horse, though some men in the state had begun to use tractors. His brother worked on a loading dock.

Reverend Williams was almost six feet tall, taller than almost every man in his parish, and broad backed with powerful shoulders. Hair curled up from beneath his stiff collar and covered the backs of his hands. When he ministered to his congregation and gesticulated behind the pulpit, his arms and shoulders bunched powerfully beneath his frock, straining the fabric so much that occasionally he tore a seam.

Though he was crudely handsome and almost thirty-five he was not married. There were no single women in his parish, and Reverend Williams would not marry a woman who did not share his faith.

When the circus came to the small farming community, the reverend was dubious. He did not trust circus people and feared they would tempt the weak members of his flock. So it was in the interest of his flock that the reverend went to the circus the first day to see for himself the entertainment that was offered, so that he could warn his church, if need be, against its dangers.

As he entered the gate he was pleased to be greeted warmly by the stalwart man who took his ticket, and further pleased at the hearty men he saw manning the booths, every one of them strong, powerful men like himself whose bodies were a testament to their hard labor. The games he observed appeared to be fair, and he noticed there were no loose women in this circus to tempt the devoted husbands into fornication.

But when Reverend Williams came to the large tent at the edge of the circus that was festooned with pictures of suggestively dressed women, his suspicions seemed confirmed. Yet he knew he would need to experience what was inside first hand if he were to preach against it on Sunday. His face dark with anger, the reverend paid the two bit admission as he looked closely for faces he recognized in the line behind him. He was not worried about who saw him; he wanted to know who in his flock he must chastise.

The tent filled with boisterous men, crowded near the stage. The lights inside dimmed. A dark figure walked on stage and was suddenly lit by a bright spotlight. He smiled broadly at the crowd. He wore a black tuxedo but strangely he wore no shirt. The open front of his tuxedo jacket exposed musculature the reverend had only seen on the men of his own family – thick billowing chest muscles separated by a deep division at the breast bone and cut horizontally by the clear separation of his upper, middle and lower pectoral muscles. From his breast bone to his waist, his stomach was deeply etched with eight tightly packed smooth stones of abdominal muscle. Besides his own father and brother and himself, Reverend Williams had not seen such a stomach. None of the men in his parish were so tightly muscled, nor as well defined, though they worked every day but the Sabbath in their fields.

The bright light shown in the eyes of this master of ceremonies, yet in the face of it, the man picked the reverend out of the audience and spoke to him.

“You, sir! You are a man of the cloth?”

“Yes, sir. I am,” the reverend shouted proudly.

“Then come to the stage, please.”

The reverend hesitated. Although he was not ashamed to do the Lord’s work ferreting out immorality to protect his flock, he feared that being seen on to the stage might weaken his moral authority when he spoke against what he was about to see. But he was the Lord’s warrior. He could not appear to be timid. So he walked proudly up the stairs and took a position next to the MC, but so that he did not appear to endorse the proceedings, he did not smile. He answered his questions, but he did not banter with the man. He stared straight into the audience, as solemnly as he did from his pulpit.

As they spoke the reverend heard the beating of great wings above and in front of them. He searched for the source of the sound and saw a winged man descending from the air above the crowd, not on ropes, but by the power of his own ivory feathered wings. He landed between the reverend and the audience, and in the bright lights focused on the stage, Reverend Williams could see that he was naked. Yet his form was not obscene. It was the most beautiful, most perfect masculine form that God had ever created, framed but wings that arced high above his head and reached all the way to his ankles as they rested behind him.

His hair was as yellow as gold. His face was pure and strong. His body was as well muscled as the MC’s, but completely without hair, save for a light golden haze. Though he thought it impolite, Reverend Williams could not help but stare at the creature’s crotch, for he was completely naked, and his penis was immense! It was bigger by far than that he had seen on his father, though he knew his father had been unusually well endowed by God.

As the creature walked toward Reverend Williams, the thick, wide muscles of his legs flexed and tensed, and his smooth buttocks bounced as his weight shifted. The MC disappeared into the darkness on the stage. The reverend fell to his knees before the creature and clasped his hands in prayer to the almighty, his eyelids clenched tightly.

“Creature from heaven! Forgive my frailty in thy presence!” the reverend cried out across the hushed tent.

“Do not fear thy God, nor his servant, faithful one,” the creature answered in the deepest, most authoritative voice the minister had ever heard. “Your righteousness and service of our Lord is well known in heaven.”

The creature had stopped just inches from Reverend Williams, and he laid his broad, thickly veined hand on the reverend’s head. The reverend opened his eyes and raised his chin, but blushed because his face was only an inch from the base of the creature’s penis. As he looked up into the face of this perfect creature of God, the thick flesh began to stir and to swell. The reverend leaned back, not only to give it room, but to avoid untoward contact with the creature’s holiness. But the angel of God did not want him to shy away. He held the reverend’s head from recoiling and moved his hips to brush the base of his thickening cock against the reverend’s lips.

“Touch me, faithful one,” said the creature as his cock rose. “Do not be shy with thy God’s holy servant.”

Reverend Williams suppressed his inhibitions and wrapped his strong, hairy hand around the angel’s swelling cock. He tugged on it as he knew he would have wanted someone to have tugged on his own, and it filled out even more, straightening to a ninety degree angle from the angel’s flat stomach and pointing past the side of the reverend’s head.

“Taste me,” the angel said.

And although the reverend knew that such acts between men were immoral, this was not a man. This was a more perfect being, a servant of God, and nothing it instructed him to do could be evil. The reverend obliged, taking – at first – just the head of the creature’s foot and a half long cock into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, tasting the acrid flesh. The angel moaned and he steadied the reverend’s head as he pushed more of himself into his mouth, then deeper into his throat. Reverend Williams relaxed his throat muscles and submitted to the angel, offering as much of himself to him as he could.

The crowd stared in rapt attention, silently, reverently, certain they witnessed communion of man with the divine, their eyes wide, their mouths open, their crotches bulging with excitement. Never had a religious experience been also so visceral.

The angel became more enthusiastic. He plunged deeper inside Reverend Williams and fucked his face harder. The reverend obliged by sucking harder along the steely shaft and slobbering over it. At last he emptied his holy seed down the reverend’s throat as his wings fluttered and he gasped for air. The reverend swallowed as much as he could, but copious amounts of the angel’s seed sprayed all over the reverend’s vestments. When the angel was finished, he put his hands under Reverend Williams’ arms and raised him to his feet. He planted his lips firmly on the reverend’s mouth and gave him a masculine kiss. Then he retreated, his wings flapped and he rose into the air, disappearing into the darkness.

A deep chorus of praise filled the tent. “Amens” and “Hallelujahs”. The reverend dropped to one knee, clasped his hands together and prayed.

But as his lips moved in near silent communication with God, another kind of flapping was heard in the air above – not wings of feather, but of leather – and a darker creature, just as powerfully built landed behind the kneeling reverend.

As he walked into the light the crowd gasped. The reverend opened his eyes and stood to face the dark skinned creature with leather wings and the curled horns of a ram. As strong as the angel had been, this creature appeared even more powerful. His chest was even broader and decorated by a thick thatch of fur at the cleft that gathered and dove down his rippled abs to his hairy groin. His arms were as big around as his head and his thighs were broader than his waist. Swinging malevolently between them with an independent gait was a cock even longer than that of the angel. The creature smiled at Reverend Williams, exposing pearly white teeth sharp as knifes and baring incisor fangs like a vampire bat’s.

“Now that you have tasted seed, holy one, perhaps it is time for you to be filled with the thick, sticky scum of real masculinity. Don’t step away,” he warned, “I can move much faster than you.” And before the reverend could take another step, the demon had moved like lightning and closed the gap between them. He held both his wrists together, and tore at the front of his frock with his long nails, exposing Reverend Williams brawny chest, which was still hairier than his aggressor.

The demon tore away the reverend’s shredded clothing. The reverend tried to pull his hands free, but the demon’s grip was too tight. The reverend kicked at him but even direct blows to his groin had no effect. Instead the demon became aroused and his cock swelled and squirmed in a macabre dance. When it had reached a length of two feet, the demon twisted the naked and full muscled reverend around and bent him over. He positioned himself at the reverend’s ass and – with his free hand – he guided his barbed cock inside.

The reverend shouted in pain and cried out for salvation. As he had willingly submitted to the angel, so was he forced to submit to the demon. The audience stood frozen in horror as the demon fucked him. Yet as he was filled far more than he thought possible, he was granted a warmth from heaven above, a raw sensation that began to excite him and made him greet the demon’s onslaught, accepting it as a penance for his life’s sins. Reverend Williams felt his cock stiffen as he gave in. It swelled up so hard it bounced against his tight abs and began to dribble precum. As the demon’s thrusts became more forceful, the revered began to shake all over. His muscular body became hard as a rock as he braced himself against the onslaught. The demon cried out, and the reverend’s cock began to ejaculate. The creature withdrew and the reverend fell to the stage floor at his feet. The demon grinned at his conquest and laughed.

Just then, above the laughter, the audience heard the sound of wings flapping. The angel landed on stage. Angel and demon stared each other off, the crumbled man between them.

“Demon! How dare you defile a man of God?” the angel shouted at the leather winged creature who stood defiantly behind the minister, his powerful arms crossed over his broadly muscled chest as he grinned. The angel dove at him. Their hands locked above their heads. The angel’s wings beat as he struggled to gain the upper hand and push the demon to the floor, but the demon was obviously more muscular and held him at bay. Like two arm wrestlers locked upright, struggling for dominance, the angel and demon trembled, their veins swelled, the angel’s pale skin reddened. Through clenched teeth the angel began to speak, at first under his breath, slowly louder, but no intelligible words, and as his voice began to carry over the crowd, his wild musculature began to swell with new power. The haughty expression on the demon’s face melted into uncertainty, but as the angel’s body began to exceed the thickness of his own, the demon’s face began to betray panic. And between the angel’s thickening thighs, his massive penis had swollen as well, lifting straight up between them. An expression of supreme peace came over the angel’s face. The demon fell backwards with the angel on top of him, pummeling him with fists like sledge hammers against his dark leathery skin. The demon clawed to freedom and leapt into the air, beating his wings.

The angel stood still, watching him fly away. Then he turned to the reverend, still as big and aroused as he was when he had defeated the evil one, and picked the immense man up in his arms as though he was light as a pillow. His feathery wings beat at the air and lifted them both into the air.

Reverend Williams was too exhausted and too ashamed to keep his eyes open. He nuzzled into the cradling arms of his supremely powerful savior as the angel flew to a shadowy platform high in the tent, away from the crowd. The angel lay him down. The reverend’s eyes fluttered open. The crowd was applauding, roaring. The MC was speaking about something else by now and the titanic struggle between good and evil that the reverend had witnessed first hand was almost forgotten.

“How can I ever be forgiven for what I have been a party to?” the reverend said to the angel, looking up at him through teary eyes.

“What has been done has not been done by you, but to you, servant of God,” the angel said in his deep, comforting, resonant voice. “But even had you participated willingly, had you done it out of appreciation for the beauty of god’s creation, it would not have been a sin.”

The reverend’s face blanched. He saw the full heft of the angel’s stiff member still standing straight up above his crumpled body and he began to doubt the truth of the angel’s origins, for he knew that even Satan can appear as the Lord of Light.

“The laws of the book that you teach were abrogated by His son, servant of God – replaced by the admonition to love one another. Physical love is one facet of that love. It is not lust when it is not destructive.”

Though his moral guard was alert, there was sense to the angel’s words, and the warm blood that pumped through the reverend’s body at the sight of the angel’s magnificence and made his skin tingle merely underlined the argument. The truth was that the reverend’s own staff had stiffened again at the sight of the angel’s extra large bare body and at his firm grip as he had carried him into the air. It bounced like an enthusiastic child against his breast bone, thick and moist. Though the reverend rarely gave himself over to pleasuring it, for fear of losing himself in lust, the experiences of the day had given the reverend a new appetite. His mouth was dry and tingly. He licked his lips and the angel moved closer, allowing the reverend to suckle on the angel’s cock again. The angel’s body obliged him with sour wetness that coated his tongue and made him thirsty for his juice. Once again the reverend strained to accommodate all of it inside his mouth and the angel struggled to help him, but since the angel’s struggle with the demon his cock had grown to the equal of his dark twin, making it impossible. Before the reverend struggled too long, the angel pulled away, turned from him and dropped to all fours, his wings extended over his mountainously muscled back and his huge, high, round ass arched upward for the reverend’s appreciation.

“No!” the reverend shouted, even as his thick prick trembled with anticipation of penetration.

“I give myself to you freely. What I ask will be as pleasurable for me as it is for you, servant of God, and the act will honor our creator.”

Whether by the loss of will or the force of gravity, the reverend’s groin began to fall toward the crack between the angel’s smooth mounds of creamy flesh. The reverend’s cock gurgled pre-cum. He wiped it down the shaft and toyed with the concept of breaching the entrance to the angel’s ass by positioning himself there and rubbing its head in the deep fuzzy cleft.

He allowed himself the indulgence of sliding the head inside and felt every muscle of his rough hewn body tense in extreme delight. The angel tossed his thick neck from side to side and jerked backwards, ending the reverend’s indecision. He was inside and surfeited with such bliss that he could no longer conceive of retreat. One more backward push on the angel’s part was all the reverend needed to start his gentle rocking fuck into and out of the angel’s ass.

The reverend rubbed his rough hands over the immensity of the angel’s back and his tightly muscled waist and allowed himself to hold and caress his two foot cock as it quivered from his onslaught.

The reverend had never allowed himself physical pleasure with another creature, not even before he took on the cloth, not even as a horny young boy with a wild streak that his father had beaten out of him. The ecstasy along his penis and the pure pleasure that washed over his beefy body was inconceivably delightful. He could not imagine that he had lived so long and denied himself these sensations. He wondered briefly if sex with a woman was as intense, but he knew in an instant that nothing would top this for him. He realized why it had been so easy for him to deny himself the pleasures of women for so long.

As he fucked the angel, he felt the angel’s fleshy spear harden in his hands. He felt the angel thrusting back into him more frantically and finally releasing himself on the platform beneath them. The wet, pungent liquid that poured from him and coated the reverend’s hands weakened Reverend William’s resistance to his own ultimate pleasure. It sent him over the edge, pounding without control and filling the angel with the gism of a thousand unclaimed orgasms.

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Carniceria - the end

If you a squeamish about this story, I suggest you don't read this chapter. Although there is no violence, some might find the treatment of the subject disturbing.

In any case you probably want to read the chapter below that I posted earlier today BEFORE you read this one. It sets the stage and is less shocking.

Miguel locked the front door and hung the “Closed” sign. He came back to the storage room and they lay on the floor on their sides facing each other, still naked, Jonah was still stiff. Jonah rested his head on his arm, but Miguel propped his head up with on hand as he tugged at Jonah’s hard cock with his other hand, occasionally kissing or licking his body. Although Miguel was nonchalant as he worked his friend over, the attention kept Jonah distracted.

“Have you ever wondered what makes the meat we sell special?” Miguel asked.

Jonah struggled to divide his attention between Miguel’s words and the attention Miguel was giving his dick. “Not really,” he gasped.

Miguel chuckled. “You gringos are all alike. You never consider the work behind what you enjoy.” He lapped at Jonah’s nipple, which made Jonah thrust into his hand. “The meat is infused with a live bacterial culture. The bacteria are symbiotic with human muscle. They force muscle growth and increase the size of the muscle to make their home bigger. There are some other pleasant side effects as well. The man’s hormones go into overdrive and the imbalance usually makes a man more attracted to muscle than to women.”

Jonah closed his eyes. He heard want Miguel said. He even understood it, but the movement of Miguel’s hand on his dick was driving him wild. He wanted to cum badly, but he also wanted to enjoy the dick massage he was getting and just let it happen when it happened.

“It only takes one serving of meat infused with the bacteria to infect a man with it. After that it doesn’t matter whether he eats meat with the bacteria again or not. It only matters how much protein he eats and how fast. The more he eats, the bigger his muscles get until he reaches his limit, but the limit is much greater than most men imagine. Look at you. What do you weigh? Three seventy-five? Three eighty?”

“Three…ninety…” Jonah managed to answer.

“My problem is that the culture only lives in human muscle.”

Jonah clenched his teeth. His cock jerked and squirted on Miguel’s stomach and the floor between them. Jonah regained his breath. He laid a hand on his new lover’s shoulder.

“What are you saying? The magic meat is human flesh?”

“The flesh of men like yourself who allow the culture to thrive inside their bodies.”

“The men that you bring here to fuck – Eric – the man you fucked last night – these men are the meat?”


“Why are you telling me this?” Jonah started to push away, to sit up and disengage, but Miguel pulled him down to lie next to him.

“You have a decision to make. You need to decide how you will contribute to the business. You can either choose to become my full partner with all that you know or you can give yourself to me the other way.”

Jonah’s eyes were wide. He could not believe that Miguel was saying. He could not believe this man that he cared for could murder his lovers in cold blood and then serve them as food to other men. He could not believe that he had eaten other men. He could not believe he was still laying here beside Miguel, that he had not fled or restrained him until the authorities arrived. He was frozen. Unable to believe anything.

“This is not a decision I have ever given other men, my little friend. It was not a choice I thought I would ever give another man, but at every moment I thought you might give me what the others gave to me, you touched me in a way the others did not, and I found myself offering you something different, step by step drawing you closer to me, cherishing you, even though letting this go on between us is a great risk to me and my family.”

Jonah expected he should felt sick at the thought of having eaten human flesh, but he didn’t. He didn’t feel anything, except continuing lust for the dark haired stud that lay beside him making him a devil’s bargain. “You want me to join you? You want me to help you? To take more lives and continue this?”

“I know you find this distasteful right now, but it is because you learned of this so suddenly. But when you consider it, you will see it is not so evil.” Miguel began to tug on Jonah’s cock again. It had withered a bit as the conversation went on, but the touch of Miguel’s hand was still irresistible.

Against his will, Jonah found himself responding, swelling. His heartbeat quickened. He wanted this from Miguel. How could he accept the affections of someone so cruel? But that was just it. Jonah couldn’t imagine that Miguel was cruel. “All men die, and the stuff of their bodies returns to the earth, which in turn feeds the plants, which feed the animals which feed other men. How could it be a sin to merely take a few short cuts in this circle of life? Especially when it affords the men it serves so much pleasure, even if most of their lives are cut short? If a man had come to you months ago and said you could experience all that you have since then but only if you allowed him to shorten your life, would you not have accepted that bargain, if you could truly have understood what you would experience?”

Miguel kissed Jonah’s chest, his stomach, and then tasted his cock. Jonah steadied himself on Miguel’s head and shoulders as he allowed him to devour him. This pleasure they gave each other – the incredible feelings he had felt over the last few months as his body grew bigger, harder, stronger beyond anyone’s imagination, and the feelings he had as he enjoyed the affect his body had on other men – it had a price. Some men paid with their lives. He was being asked to give up something else.

Miguel’s sucking became more vigorous, more intense, as though his fellatio was just another element of his argument. Jonah felt himself losing control of his feelings, his body, his morality. His body stiffened and suddenly he went over the edge. His resistance had ended.

Carniceria - and more still

I apologize for the glacial pace of updates in the last few weeks. Sometimes you just go through a creative lull...

Business at the Carniceria quadrupled after the men from Jonah’s gym became regulars, and yet none of the new customers became long term customers. They came every week for a few weeks. They exploded in size, they told all their friends about the shop and then suddenly they stopped coming in. They even stopped going to the gym. It was as if they reached a certain size and decided they didn’t need to be any bigger. Although he couldn’t understand that mentality himself, Jonah considered it was a kind of compliment to the store that the men were able to achieve their goals so quickly and then devote themselves to different pursuits.
As for himself and Robin, Jonah still thought “the bigger the better”. Whether it was because he gained muscle easier or because he ate more voraciously, Robin put on size even more rapidly than Jonah had. By the end of his first month he had put on more than fifty pounds. Before long Jonah’s attraction to Robin’s sweet boyishness was supplanted by ribald lust for his outrageously bold muscle mass. He may have been seventy pounds lighter than Jonah, but the natural shape of his muscles, the exaggerated outward sweep of his thighs, the incredible fullness of the muscle bellies of his biceps, made him the most stunning man Jonah had ever seen. Still Robin lost none of his admiration for Jonah, who by then had reached 340 pounds, and who Robin had begun to affectionately call “Jonah the Whale”.
Because of the snowball effect of Jonah’s initial referrals, Miguel expanded the hours at the Carniceria and paid Jonah to work those extra hours. Though Jonah still kept most of his things in storage and had still not rented another apartment, he was no longer strapped for cash. He moved out of his former co-worker’s apartment and moved in with Robin. The two of them ate out more, bought nicer clothes and household furnishings.
One evening as Jonah was cleaning up and closing the shop he heard the front door open. He turned and saw Miguel leading one of the biggest men he had ever seen – a man he recognized from his gym – into the shop by his hand.
Miguel smiled broadly at Jonah as they walked in.
The man from his gym, Eric, had been one of the quiet ones before he became a customer, someone who had toiled at the gym four times a week for years, making modest progress. Since Eric rarely joked around with the boisterous young men who chatted up the women, Jonah often wondered if Eric was gay, but Eric had never looked twice at him, even after Jonah exploded with muscle. Eric heard about the Carniceria from someone else at the gym, not Jonah, but he became one of their most dedicated customers, consuming as much fresh meat as a lion, and he grew more quickly that anyone Jonah had ever seen, putting on so much size that he rivaled Jonah in girth.
Jonah had plenty of opportunity to appreciate how big Eric had grown as he walked into the shop without a shirt, wearing only what were meant to be baggy blue jeans that fit Eric like a second skin in the thighs and the ass. They bunched at the knees, but his cantaloupe calves stretched the rest of the leggings down to the ankles. He looked like a blond version of Li’l Abner. As he walked in the shop trailing Miguel, he kept his eyes shyly downcast. Just once he looked up at Jonah as Miguel led him into the back room for their assignation.
Jonah saw Miguel drag a new man into the back room for a fuck session at least once a week, but he rarely saw him with the same man twice. Jonah figured Miguel wanted to avoid getting involved, since Miguel was still married and seemed to love his diminutive wife and children.
As Miguel dropped Eric’s hand long enough to push open the swinging door to the back room, Jonah noticed a gold wedding band on Eric’s hand. Why hadn’t he ever seen that before? What a perfect hook up for Miguel – another man who wouldn’t want a relationship, just a good pummeling by Miguel’s gigantic dick.
Jonah envied him, getting a shot at the man Jonah had lusted the past several months, the man who successfully kept him at arm’s length sexually even as he made small inroads as a friend and a business associate. Jonah thought he wouldn’t mind an occasional casual fuck with Miguel himself, even if he was still delighted by his relationship with Robin.
As the back room door closed behind them, Miguel told Jonah he didn’t have to finish cleaning. “I’ll close up in a while myself. You go enjoy what is left of tonight,” he said as he smiled and winked.
Jonah set the broom against the wall. He would have put it away in the back room, but he didn’t want to interrupt the two of them. He could hear them kissing already. He could hear clothing come off. He could hear an appreciative moan. Surreptitiously, Jonah grabbed a quick glance through the oval window on the swinging door to the back room.
Eric was tugging energetically on Miguel’s extra thick foot long cock as the two of them locked mouths, and Miguel was manhandling Eric’s cock, which was almost as big. It made Jonah even more envious to see that the two of them were so well matched. He stepped away from the window so he wouldn’t be seen, then stepped several feet away from it. He turned out the lights so he wouldn’t be seen and watched as Eric knelt in front of Miguel and sucked as much of Miguel’s cock as he could handle.
Jonah thought that if he were given the opportunity his enthusiasm for his boss would have enabled him to swallow the whole thing, even though he’d never had the chance to deep throat a cock that big before. He would have forced himself, not just for Miguel’s pleasure, but as a matter of personal pride, and because he desperately to engulf that monster in his mouth and throat, to own it, if only for a few minutes.
And then Jonah saw Eric try to do just that, using the full force of his bull neck and all the mass of his huge upper body to force his mouth down Miguel’s giant sausage. He got more than two thirds of it inside him, but had to abort, sputtering and gagging on it, but tremendously boned for his attempt.
For an instant Jonah wanted to see him succeed. He even wanted to walk through the door, grab the back of his neck and help force him down on it, although he didn’t know why he would want to help his rival. Inside Jonah’s pants his cock was rock hard.
As Jonah stepped closer to the door a floor board creaked under his weight. Miguel looked in his direction. Jonah thought he might have seen him, but instead of stopping, Miguel looked down on Eric. Jonah stepped away and walked out the shop door, locking it behind him.
It was one of the rare occasions that Jonah’s shifts were back to back. He not only closed the shop that night, he was responsible for opening the next morning. When he unlocked and walked into the back room he saw Miguel trimming meat.
“When did that come in?” Jonah asked.
“Last night. Late. The special meat is only delivered at night,” Miguel said as he continued working.
Come to think of it, Jonah had never accepted a delivery of the special meat they sold so much of, although he had taken delivery of tons of the regular kind.
“Were you up all night?” Jonah asked.
“Most of it,” Miguel said, “But the night was not without its rewards.” He smiled.
“Doesn’t your wife ever mind when you’re out late or don’t come home?” Jonah ventured to ask. Jonah had never questioned Miguel about his relationship with his wife or how Miguel integrated his extracurricular activities into his marriage, but after last night he felt familiar enough with his boss to ask.
“Maria knows when I need to do what I need to do.”
Jonah suddenly felt uncomfortable to have asked. His eyes wandered around the room, and were drawn to the glint of metal through the metal grate of the drain in the floor. Miguel had not stopped his work for an instant as they talked, but Jonah lifted the grate and pulled out what he saw. It was a gold wedding band. He fingered it and held it up for Miguel to see.
“Looks like someone got a little crazy last night and lost something they might miss,” Jonah said.
Miguel froze. Had Jonah finally touched a vein of guilt in his employer?
“Give it to me. I’ll take care of it,” Miguel said. He wiped his bloody hands on his butcher’s apron and set the ring on a clean spot of the butcher table. Then Miguel stood close to Jonah, still. Their eyes met. A moment came for them. It was the moment Jonah had wished forever for. Jonah had Miguel’s complete attention, but seemingly without reason. He leaned into him and kissed him deeply. Jonah kissed him back.
Miguel lifted his loose apron over his head. Jonah tugged his shirt off and stood naked from the waist up, his magnificently muscled arms and chest available for Miguel’s appreciation, his admiration, and open to his love.
Miguel dove into his face more enthusiastically than before, devouring his mouth and tongue with unbridled relish. Jonah’s mind swam. He’d never felt as alive, as aroused as this his entire life. No one, not even Robin, elicited such emotion from him. Jonah unbuttoned Miguel’s shirt and helped him out of it. As their chests touched for the first time, Jonah felt his cock explode inside his pants, but he knew their love making was only just beginning.
Miguel unfastened his pants and let his monster loose. Jonah bent over and took it deeply inside his mouth, then forced himself down on it, pushing it into his throat as enthusiastically and as successfully as he had fantasized.
Miguel lay his hand on Jonah’s head and spoke deeply, sweetly as Jonah lavished attention on his cock. “Oh, my little friend, I have waited so long for this moment. I knew you would not disappoint me. Devour me. Eat me.”
After the first few times, Jonah found it became easier for him to take his long unrequited love deeply inside of him, and it was just as satisfying as he had imagined. Miguel became so hard inside him that Jonah knew it wouldn’t be long before he tasted his juice. He felt the crown of his cock flair as it pierced his air passage. He felt Miguel become more forceful as he fucked his face. He felt the fuzz of his balls tickle his chin. Then he felt the pulse of his orgasm begin at the root of his cock and Miguel began emptying himself.
The two of them stood for a few minutes holding each other, Miguel’s head on Jonah’s huge shoulder. Then Miguel tugged at Jonah’s pants. Jonah helped him remove them. Miguel stepped away and admired the mass of muscle that stood before him. His cock inflated. Jonah sat on the floor, then laid on his back and Miguel lifted his legs. He positioned himself at the entrance to Jonah’s ass and then made his way inside.
The fuck was even more satisfying than their earlier lovemaking. Miguel and Jonah found a rhythm and rocked against each other earnestly, working themselves to a second climax. Miguel grasped Jonah by the wrist and raised his arm above his head. He gathered Jonah’s other arm by the wrist and held the two of them together with one hand as he pawed at Jonah’s stick cock in time to his thrusts. Miguel’s fucking became more frantic and he held Jonah’s arms with both his hands. For a time all of Miguel’s upper body weight held Jonah’s wrists down as Miguel’s cock pounded inside Jonah’s ass. And just as it started to get uncomfortable, Miguel’s thrusts became more irregular, albeit more forceful as he pumped a huge load inside of Jonah’s guts. As the last shiver of orgasm left Miguel’s body, Miguel stared deeply, intently, in Jonah’s eyes, as though he considered something monumental, until Jonah struggled against his hands and Miguel let him up.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carniceria - still more

After the first time they fucked, Jonah and Robin became inseparable. Whenever both of them were free from work, they were together, most of the time at home in bed. At the meat market, when Robin came in to buy, he hung around talking to Jonah for at least an hour between Jonah’s work with the other customers. When Miguel was there Jonah worried their chats might be inappropriate while he was on the clock, but hadn’t Miguel done the same thing with him months ago when he first started coming in? Didn’t Miguel do the same thing now with the biggest guys who walked in the door? Was it a symptom of Jonah’s continued feelings for Miguel that made him feel guilty about his relationship with Robin and led him to assume Miguel might be jealous or uncomfortable?

Miguel still called him his “little friend”. He still patted him affectionately on the back. His eyes still lingered on Jonah’s body.

At the end of one of Robin’s long visits, when the shop was empty, Miguel took Jonah aside. Jonah was sure the conversation would be about Robin.

“Robin is very attracted to you, my little friend,” Miguel said. Jonah nodded. “You feel the same way about him?” Jonah said he did. “I am very happy for you both,” Miguel said. “Perhaps you will have with Robin what I have always desired but gave up for my family.”

Jonah heard what Miguel did not say. That Miguel was sad that he had committed himself to a wife and his children instead of a relationship with a man.

“You know that I have not given up completely on my passions,” he continued, “but I will never let them get in the way my family’s happiness.”

Jonah thought the conversation was over. Then Miguel looked up from his work at the butcher table and said, “Can I ask you something?” This was it, Jonah thought. This was what was really on Miguel’s mind. Would he confess his feelings for Jonah? Would he ask him not to go out with Robin anymore?

“Why do you never refer the men from your gym to our shop?” Miguel asked with just as much vulnerability in his voice as if he had asked either of the two things Jonah had thought he would. Plainly the fact that Jonah had not brought in customers had been bothering him.

“I suppose at first I thought what we sold was a secret. Then I supposed that there might only be a limited quantity of it. And lately I have just enjoyed being the biggest motherfucker in town too much to want to share my secret.”

“Have I ever told you to keep it quiet? Have we ever run out? You would be doing me a favor to tell your friends about my shop, little friend. It would not only help me make more money for my family, it would be a sign of your respect for what I do.”

Jonah didn’t know what to say. It was obviously important to Miguel, and Jonah would still do anything for Miguel, anything that did not betray his love of Robin. So of course he agreed to spread the word.

In a matter of weeks most of the men from Jonah’s small gym became customers. Miguel’s business almost doubled as Jonah’s friends told their friends and those friends told others. The character of Jonah’s gym changed as well. Where before there had been the usual mix of office workers struggling to get fit, adult athletes trying to stay fit, and a handful of bigger guys who would never be real bodybuilders, it became a place packed to the gills with giant men, and the preponderance of huge guys discouraged the casual lifters from coming in.

Jonah didn’t mind. He had a huge head start on them all and was still by far the biggest guy. The gym was full of eye candy for him, and damned if it didn’t seem that even the most heterosexual of the men had started to develop eyes for the other big men. The locker room was the cruisiest place in town. It seemed there were more men pairing up with workout partners than before, and they were a little more friendly with each other as they left – pats on the butt, arms around shoulders.

One evening near closing when Jonah was changing clothes, Jonah saw a couple of guys head for one of the shower stalls together. He had thought he was the last man in the gym except the guy at the front desk. They not only chose a shower stall Jonah could see from his locker, they went in the same stall together and left the curtain open.

He heard the water start to spray. He watched as the two of them grew slick, shiny and wet. Jonah knew both men. They were some of his earliest friends at the gym, back when they were all just regular guys. Back they only had eyes for the women. Jonah figured they were still basically straight, but as much as any of them continued to enjoy fucking females, none of the guys who started to get big could control their fascination with other big men as they started to grow themselves.

The taller one was Alfie, a red-headed drummer for a rock bank whose skin was riddled with tattoos. Since he’d become a carniceria customer he had put on one hundred pounds of muscle and his tattoos had been distorted by the bulge of his arms, shoulders, chest and thighs. He’d started playing the drums without his shirt and his band’s club dates had gone through the roof. The shorter one was Kris, a quiet manager at an accounting firm who’d found his voice as his body began to split the seams of his starched white shirts. The two of them never spoke to each other back when Jonah first met them. They had been polar opposites, but the gym’s axis had shifted and now the two had much more in common.

Alfie kissed Kris, sucking gently on his upper lip as he pulled away. Their dicks began to unfurl and inflate with blood. They stretched and rose until they pointed straight up. Kris, the shorter of the two, was the most impressive. Who would have thought that quiet Kris the accountant sported a foot long cock? Watching the two of them tug at each other and suck the water from their bodies, seeing Kris’s cock throb and bounce, was making it more difficult for Jonah to get dressed. He was not only distracted; it was getting more difficult for him to pull his under shorts up.

Kris looked his way, his chin low, his eyes wide, his mouth open, admiring Jonah’s sweeping, wide shoulders and his massive pecs, thirsty for his gargantuan arms. His obvious lust for Jonah only heightened Jonah’s arousal, and though Jonah and Robin had not yet made their relationship officially exclusive, Jonah felt guilty. But it didn’t keep his cock from starting to leak with longing for a taste of Kris’s dick; it didn’t keep Jonah from tugging on it as he watched Alfie maneuver behind Kris. It didn’t keep Jonah from gently jerking it as Alfie thrust inside Kris and Kris’s bone jerked in the air. And ultimately it didn’t keep him from walking slowly into the shower wearing his underwear below his hard-on, kneeling at Kris’s feet and slurping on his quivering dick.

With the addition of Jonah, whose build now rivaled that of a Mack truck, there was barely enough room for the three of them in the shower stall. Alfie was forced into the corner, shortening his frantic thrusts into his new buddy’s ass, but pinned between Alfie and Jonah, Kris was in heaven watching the mountain range that descended down Jonah’s back from his four foot wide shoulders as he felt Jonah’s mouth working his long cock, struggling to get it as deep inside his throat as he could. It took all of Jonah’s self control, and much of his strength to force it down, but after he’d taken it all once, he was filled with giant cock lust and determined to deep throat it every time he sucked it in. In a matter of seconds, with Alfie pounding into his behind and Jonah devouring his dick, Kris began to squirt down Jonah’s throat, into his mouth, and finally on his face.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vampires V - Black Ambition (still more continued)

Rex could have cum inside the blond latin as easy as exhaling, but he wasn’t ready to advance Rico to the next stage, and God forbid he should get him to stage two and lose control – taking him unexpectedly to stage three the way Kurt had with Rex. No, Rex simply enjoyed fucking him, making him shoot uncontrollably and drinking the product of their lovemaking. He loved the feeling of power that came from reducing a grown man to a quivering lump of hard flesh, desperate for the next intense orgasm that only he could grant. He loved watching Rico’s face, his slack jaw, his clenched teeth. He loved watching his tight body frantically rocking against his cock.
So at first he didn’t notice Renaldo as he stepped out on the patio, naked, cock at full attention, staring at the two of them with undisguised lust. When Renaldo was only a few feet from their perch on the edge of the hot tub, both Rico and Rex looked up at him, Rex with a big grin – knowing that he’d drawn his real prey into the net – and Rico with a dull stare, too engrossed in getting fucked to care who saw him.
Without missing a beat, Rex reached up for Renaldo’s hard, pointing prick and engulfed it in his meaty hand before Renaldo had even set foot into the hot tub. Renaldo knelt at the edge and Rex devoured it whole, applying inhuman suction, fucking one brother and sucking the other.
Renaldo wasn’t disappointed by Rex’s skill at fellating. In all his life he’d never had a better blow job. It was as though the man’s life depended on draining his body of cum, and of course it did!
As even Rico’s newly enhanced cum sack reached its limits and the flow of cum waned to a dribble or two, Rex withdrew from the younger brother and focused all his attention on the older one. He played with Renaldo, keeping him at the edge of release for so long it began to feel to Renaldo almost as good as cumming. With one finger, then two slipping inside Renaldo’s tight ass, teasing his prostate while he sucked hard on his cock, Rex got him so hot he would let him do anything he wanted with him. Then he lifted the older brother’s legs and positioned his elephantine cock at the entrance to his ass.
Any reservation Renaldo might have had to getting fucked, especially by a cock as huge as the one Rex had, had been wiped away by witnessing the intense pleasure Rex’s fucking gave his younger brother, and by the incredible tension Rex had created inside his cock and his ass.
As Rex penetrated Renaldo, the older brother winced just a bit before feeling the giant cock rubbing against his prostate and sending shivers of pleasure through his body. When Rex got completely inside him and began to fuck, Renaldo didn’t even want Rex to touch him anywhere but inside his ass. Fucking the big man was so gratifying, he didn’t want anything to distract him.
With Renaldo, Rex had no reason to hold back. In just a few minutes he let loose and poured cum deep inside his guts, satisfying not only himself, but Renaldo as well, who felt sexually honored that it was he who had brought the giant to climax, not his brother.
Even as Rex’s vampiric gism began to work its magic on Renaldo’s body, Rex kept fucking him, working himself into his next orgasm and sealing his control over the future judges mind as well as his body.

Vampires V - Black Ambition (still continued)

Earlier chapters of this story are posted on my website. Earlier pieces to this chapter have not yet been posted to my website, but they are available in April postings to this blog...

Rico’s deep throated scream drew Renaldo to the window of his second floor study, because his brother Rico was not normally verbally demonstrative during sex. Renaldo had a deep-seated ambiguity about his brother’s lifestyle. He not only worried about disease, he worried that the big, often rough-looking, men that Rico had sex with would hurt him some day. That’s why he encouraged him to bring them home. At least here Renaldo could protect him if things got out of hand.

The man Renaldo saw bending over his brother’s crotch, sucking the cum out of his brother’s cock, was enormous, bigger by far than any of the men Renaldo featured in his magazine. And even bigger than the men in his competitor’s magazines, the steroid freaks that drew crowds of devoted muscle-heads to competitions by the thousands. He wondered how Rico had found such a man in Denver. Renaldo knew the local bodybuilders, amateurs and pros, even the wannabes. No one came anywhere near this man’s size. For several minutes he stood behind the curtain at the open window as watched as the incredible hulk sucked on his brother’s cock, even though his brother had already come once. The guy was unusually enthusiastic at giving head that was for sure. Most guys would have stopped after drawing such a big orgasm out of someone. Either they would have settled back and let his brother start to work on them for a while, or they would have started fucking him. But this guy was slurping so hard on his brother’s bone that Renaldo could hear the sounds way up in the second story office over the noise of the hot tub pump, punctuated by loud, enthusiastic moaning and gasping by his normally staid little brother. It must have been the best blow job on earth, and it was making Renaldo hard hearing it and watching the giant back and arm muscles on the big guy working.

Both the Gonzalez brothers had been muscle hounds since childhood, their boyish fantasies feed by the fantastic natural physique of their father, a loading dock worker at a meat packing plant, who lounged around the house with his shirt off. Neither of the Gonzalez brothers had inherited their father’s natural proclivity for muscular size, and that was why both had devoted their post adolescent lives to vigorous pursuit of muscle, each in their own ways.

As Renaldo watched and rubbed his swollen crotch, Rico bucked his hips and force fed his cock deep into the eager throat of the giant man. This time he was just as load and demonstrative as the first, only this time Rex kept him cumming for more than fifteen minutes, draining his enlarged nuts of their vampire sustaining gism. It hardly seemed possible to Renaldo that anyone, let alone his own brother, whose sexual abilities he was intimately familiar with, could cum that long. The guy must be some fucking cocksucker to give that much pleasure.

Then the man stepped back and Renaldo got a good look at his front. The sight was enough to make even a self avowed heterosexual like Renaldo cum uncontrollably. The guy had the biggest pectorals Renaldo had ever seen, pumped up over the tightest waist, and framed by humongous biceps that bulged out even with his arms straightened and his muscles relaxed. But the source of the real show was between the man’s legs, a cock as thick as a donkey’s that stuck straight up to his chest and throbbed and bounced like it had a mind of its own.

As the man aimed it at Rico’s asshole, Renaldo gasped, frightened for his brother’s safety, but desperate to see it plunge into his hole. Rico gave himself enthusiastically to the monster, grabbing at his ass to pull him deeper inside even faster. As the giant forced deeper inside him, Rico’s cries of enthusiastic pleasure got louder and louder, and cum erupted again from his unattended prick, which the giant did his best to lap up with his fingers and tongue. There was a moment of peace when the two of them were finally completely conjoined before the giant began to fuck and it seemed like the whole house vibrated with the force of his pounding.

Renaldo could stand it no more. He frantically fumbled with his pants, hauled out his purple cock and beat it until it burst. But before he’d even caught his breath he was hard again and just as horny.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Carnicería - continued

Some of Jonah’s pay for his new job at the carnicería was free meat. The cash he took home beyond was just enough to keep him from bankruptcy after he gave up his apartment, put most of his things in storage and moved in with a straight friend from work who let him sleep on the sofa.

Jonah could have moved home to live with his parents after losing his job, but they lived across the state, too far from the sustenance he required from the carnicería, and too far from Miguel, who he still fantasized about, though Miguel seemed even more careful to maintain distance between them now that Jonah was his employee.

Jonah might have turned his physical attentions on other men. Lord knows that almost any gay man would have given his right arm to sleep with Jonah, now that he was humongous. But Jonah lived in one of the smaller, more conservative cities in Texas without a single meeting place for gay men. Before his infatuation with Miguel, Jonah had contented himself with occasional weekend trips to Dallas, Houston, Austin or even San Antonio.

Jonah kept his gym membership, and gorging on the meat from the carnicería kept him packing the pounds on his already formidable physique. In a few weeks he was close to three hundred pounds, and he was so incredibly cut that he could stick the tips of his fingers in the grooves between his abs. His waist was only thirty inches, but his chest was fifty-eight inches, his thighs were thirty-one inches. But Jonah was proudest of his arms. They were twenty-four inches cold. Jonah was bigger than his largest bodybuilding idols. So big that people stared when he walked down the street.

Even though he couldn’t afford it, Jonah drove to the nearest big city with gay night life one weekend so he could spend some time with men would appreciated what he had to offer. Jonah had always gravitated to bigger guys. Now there were no guys bigger than him when he went out, but he got off on BEING the big guy who fulfilled the littler guys’ fantasies. He rounded up two, three or four guys at a time, took them back to his cheap motel and fucked them to a frazzle. Wherever he went, he was a walking party favor, drawing guys who didn’t even know each other together and getting them so hot they were willing to do anything he wanted to do to them, or to each other.

The guys he corralled may not have been as big as he was, but all of them were really hot. They were guys he would never have attracted a few months ago. Gay muscle builders bigger than he used to be and big-dicked daddies who loved muscles.

At the end of the weekend, his cash all gone and several hundred dollars more in debt, Jonah lamented the end of it all and wished he could have just a slice of the joy he had found back at home at the source of the size that had made it all possible.

Jonah found that not all of Miguel’s customers were big muscle men. Many of them were ordinary Latinas buying food for their families. But the ordinary customers were given different cuts of meat than the bodybuilders. Jonah also began to notice turnover among the bodybuilders who came to the carnicería. Guys would come by every week for several weeks or months, and he’d see them pack on pound after pound. Then eventually they seemed to stop coming in and new guys replaced them, smaller men just as eager and loyal as the ones that preceded them. What happened to them, Jonah wondered. Was it possible you could stop eating the meat from the carnicería and keep the size you gained? He found it hard to believe they could lose interest in being big.

Jonah didn’t. He was just shy of three hundred and twenty pounds now, and he still craved more size and more strength. Every time he pushed out a set of twelve squats with eleven hundred pounds on his oxen shoulders, or pumped out five sets of eight hundred pounds on his bench, he threw a boner inside his loose fitting gym pants. The guys next to him sometimes noticed it, but they understood, because they knew if they could lift the kind of weight he could, they’d get hard too. In fact some of the straightest ones DID get hard just watching him. Jonah began to wonder whether they might even be available to him now that his development had leaped into the stratosphere.

Jonah also learned that Miguel was married. He had a wife and three small children that occasionally came into the shop. It didn’t convince him that Miguel didn’t fuck men, because he saw how Miguel eyed all of the big customers, and he saw the charm he lavished on them.

One afternoon at the beginning of Jonah’s shift as he walked into the market instead of being greeted by Miguel’s broad grin from behind the counter, he heard the faint sounds of sex from the back room. The sound of the bell over the front door didn’t distract whoever was going at it in the least. Maybe they didn’t even hear it. Jonah walked as quietly as he could around behind the counter and looked into the backroom as he kept the bulk of his body hidden around the corner.

It was Miguel of course, with one of their biggest customers, a guy named Henry. Miguel had sat Henry on the butcher table, naked, his legs up over his head, as Miguel plunged his formidable cock into his ass with slowly, surely, both of them lost in pleasure. After a few minutes, Jonah stopped watching and hid from view, afraid to leave for fear they would hear the bell the second time, and ashamed to stay because he had already seen too much to explain without exposing his prurient interest in the two of them.

Finally, after he heard the two of them cum in quick succession, he walked back to the door, opened and closed it again, and took his time walking behind the counter. This time Miguel came out from the back room to greet him, fully dressed. Jonah apologized for being a little late. Miguel told him it was no big deal. When Jonah walked in to the back room to put on his white apron, Henry was gone, out the back door into the alley.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Home

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Sometimes the most magical of places appear the most mundane. Sometimes instead of finding them in far away exotic places, you find them right under your nose.
So it was with the carnicería in the strip mall near Jonah’s gym. Jonah wouldn’t even have gone there if he hadn’t been hungry after a long butt-busting leg workout and hadn’t realized he had nothing in the refrigerator had home.
Jonah didn’t know what to expect inside the store. He didn’t speak Spanish, and he didn’t have the faintest idea what kind of meat an ethnic meat market sold.
Hearing the butcher greet him in unaccented English as he walked in the front door was his first surprise. The next one came has he looked up and across the counter at the biggest man he had ever seen in person in his whole life. Jonah had been working out three years, since his last year of college, at a serious bodybuilding gym, but no one he’d seen there, including some of the top rank amateurs who occasionally passed through town, came close to the size of the man behind the counter. Dressed in a white apron over an obscenely tight t-shirt, every mound, ripple and ridge of his shoulder, arm and chest muscles could be seen bouncing as he moved.
Jonah’s mouth dropped at the sight of him, and it took a few minutes before he snapped out of it. By then his cock was rock hard and tenting the front of his gym pants. The butcher was staring, but smiling. Jonah blushed.
“What can I get you?” the butcher asked.
“W-w-what’s fresh?” Jonah responded.
“Everything. We cut all our own meat here in the store. And it’s all the highest quality, tender, and with all the fat trimmed. You work out?”
Jonah was flattered a guy that big even noticed his muscles. He’d put on some size since he started lifting, but he was barely over two hundred pounds even though he was almost six feet tall. “Yes. Yes, I do.”
“How about a nice big, lean steak, then? How about if I wrap up several big cuts for you. There’s no better meat than what I sell here when you’re trying to pack on muscle. Chicken may be lower in fat, but this has more muscle building nutrients.” The butcher flexed an arm and up popped a biceps head almost as big as Jonah’s head, with a pair of pencil-sized veins snaking on either side of it. “I eat it two or three times a day, myself.”
Jonah didn’t make much money, and since it was towards the end of the month, he didn’t have much cash, but the way that mountain of muscle was flirting with him, Jonah just didn’t have the will to say no. As he watched passively, the butcher filled a big paper bag with several different cuts of meat, weighing each one, wrapping it in brown paper and marking it with a black magic marker.
The total was surprisingly low, considering everything he put in the bag, but it cleaned out Jonah’s wallet nonetheless. As he took Jonah’s money, the butcher held out a beefy paw and introduced himself. “Miguel,” he said with a broad smile that sent blood rushing to Jonah’s groin all over again.
As Jonah walked out he was sorry he’d bought so much, not just because he couldn’t afford it. He was sorry he wouldn’t have an excuse to come back again soon.
Jonah may have regretted spending money he didn’t have, but he didn’t let it stop him from enjoying the meat. Inspired by the butcher, he started eating meat three times a day – a breakfast steak, a lean hamburger for lunch and prime rib for dinner. It may have just been the placebo effect, but he started lifting heavier at the gym that week. By the following weekend, when he’d finished the last of his bag of meat, he’d added twenty pounds to his bench press and was ten pounds heavier.
It could have just been fat or water weight, but for the first time in months he was putting on size again. So that weekend he went back to the carnicería again after his workout and bought as much meat as he could afford. Miguel was just as friendly as the first time, and even claimed he could tell Jonah had put on size. As he packed up another paper bag, he winked at Jonah and told him he was slipping in a little extra for his new little friend. “You come back again next week,” he said. “You won’t find better meat, and you won’t find friendlier service, either.”
As the weeks went by, Jonah spent more money on food than he’d ever spent before in his whole life, but he couldn’t argue with the results. Every week he was stronger, heavier, and noticeably bigger. His old gym buddies thought he was shooting up and some of them stopped chatting him up between sets, but that was okay, because all of a sudden the bigger guys at the gym were getting friendly with him. Guys he’d lusted after from across the gym floor for years were coming up and shaking his hand, asking his name, and asking him when he’d joined. It was as though he’d been invisible to them the last few years, but now that he was their size, now that he was in their league, they finally saw him. Not that any of them came on to him. No, unfortunately they all seemed to be straight. Their sentences trailed off and their heads spin away the minute some busty fitness chick walked on the floor and Jonah was reminded that even though they treated him like a buddy, he’d never be able to date one of them.
It was all the more reason for Jonah to turn his attention to Miguel, who lavished ever more charm on him as he slid up the size ladder. By the time Jonah tipped the scale at two fifty, Miguel started getting into long conversations with him. There were never other customers in the store on Sunday morning when Jonah shopped, and sometimes Miguel sat Jonah down at one of the small tables near the window and made him an extra thick roast beef sandwich, extra rare, and poured them both a mug of coffee. He smiled and laughed and told Jonah how good it was to spend time with him and how much he looked forward to his visits.
And then one Sunday, as they sat in the sun streaming in the store front window, Miguel put his powerful paw on Jonah’s big, round shoulder. His smile faded. His eyes widened. His lower lip quivered and he leaned close to kiss him.
At that moment the bell attached to the front door rang. Miguel turned quickly away and welcomed the new customer. It took Jonah a moment longer to recover from what he had hoped might be his first intimate moment with the object of his weeks-old crush. When he turned to see who had interrupted them, he was in equal parts jealous and titillated. The gentleman who had entered was nearly the equal of Miguel in size and shape and smiled broadly, first at Miguel, upon whom he must have shared Jonah’s crush, and then at Jonah, whose body, beyond merely budding, had reached the size of a top professional bodybuilder.
Armando apologized for interrupting Miguel’s break from work, but Miguel greeted him as warmly as he greeted Jonah, clasping his meaty forearm and then his shoulder as he shook his hand and stared deeply into his eyes. It was plain that Miguel’s affection was exclusive.
It was also plain that Jonah was not the only man to have discovered the tremendous anabolic effects of the carnicería’s meat. As Jonah watched Miguel fill Armando’s order and stared at the gargantuan muscles that jumped and bunched over Armando’s body at his slightest movement, he wondered how many other men were beneficiaries of the carnicería’s wares. He fantasized about meeting them all, or better yet, spending a few hours in the company of them all at one time. Were they all as friendly toward other men as the two he had met?
That night Jonah’s fantasies of Miguel took a new twist as he imagined him with his other customers, and his customers with each other, tens of them, perhaps hundreds, and diving into a room full of them as the ingénue, the neophyte, but allowing them to initiate him into their companionship.
Jonah had never been particularly focused on his job. Though he had a college degree and a career in his chosen field, he’d had a difficult time transitioning from the relative freedom of college, with long stretches of leisure between lectures, and lots of days of sleeping late, to getting up at dawn every day and working eight to ten hours at a desk without interruption.
As his body grew larger and it became more difficult to keep up with buying bigger suits and shirts, he became more lackadaisical about his appearance. He blatantly violated the company dress code. At first his boss ignored his transgressions, but eventually it became too much for the company to overlook. Jonah’s enormous size, his slovenly dress, and his unwillingness to put in as much time on the job as his peers began to be seen as am unconscionable lack of commitment.
The week that Jonah topped the scales at 260, his boss took him aside and told him they were letting him go. He thanked him for two good years of work, but he told him it was obvious his interests lay outside of his job and urged him to pursue something he enjoyed more, like bodybuilding or training.
Although Jonah was glad to be shed of his boring job, he was also anxious about his finances. He had no savings, several thousand in credit card debt, car payments, a big student load, and his food bill alone was over a thousand a month. Without his pay check he’d never be able to continue eating the way he had. Without eating the carnicería’s unusual meat, he would stop growing, maybe even lose the size he’d gained in the last few weeks.
That weekend he cashed his final paycheck and went into the carnicería. Miguel could tell immediately that something was wrong with him.
“What is the matter my little friend?” he asked sympathetically.
Jonah smiled wanly. Miguel was one of the few men on earth who could still call him his “little friend”. “No great problem, Miguel. It’s just that this week I lost my job, and unfortunately my finances are not as robust as my body.”
Miguel fingered his chin as he looked his friend over. “Perhaps you could help me in the carnicería a few hours each week. I could not afford to pay you much, but I could pay you some of your wages in food.”
Jonah’s heart jumped inside his broad, beefy chest. Working with Miguel? He would have agreed if he’d had to work for free. “I’m afraid I don’t know anything about being a butcher,” Jonah said.
“What is there for you to know? You don’t need to cut the meat. I do that. You only have to weigh it, wrap it, and work the cash register.” Miguel extended his meaty hand. “What do you say?”
Jonah shook it and smiled so wide he thought he would never be able to get rid of his grin.
Miguel came around the counter. “Come here, my little friend.” Miguel wrapped his immense arms around Jonah and hugged him tightly, and as their bodies were pressed tightly against each other, Jonah thought he felt wood in Miguel’s loose pants, great thick and immensely long wood, equal to the man it sprouted from, and in response he grew hard and wet himself.

Where will the story go? Perhaps not where you think. Check back in a week for another chapter...

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