Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

by Josef Howard
(c) 2012

There are many legends of Santa Claus and there is at least a tiny bit of truth in all of them, but, as Jesse discovered one fateful Christmas Eve in the not so distant past, none of them tell the true story of the red clad man from the North Pole.

Our Jesse was a kind young man, the sort of lad that gave money to every panhandler who asked, opened doors for strangers and gave every stray animal a permanent home.

Yet on this Christmas Eve, Jesse found himself all alone in the mostly empty home of his childhood. Jesse had been an only child and though he was barely in his twenties, he suddenly found himself an orphan, without even aunts, uncles or cousins. A week ago – the week before Christmas – both his mother and father died unexpectedly in a car accident. In the last week Jesse had buried both of his parents and begun the slow work of sifting through their belongings. By Christmas Eve most of the furniture and clothing had already been given to charity, so Jesse lay on a sofa in an otherwise empty living room in front of a small fire with no television, no telephone, no radio, not even a book to occupy him, and fell deeply asleep not long after dusk.

When Jesse felt lips on his mouth, his eyes struggled to open. In the dim light of the dwindling fire Jesse saw the face of a white bearded man who knelt beside the couch. A strong hand brushed his forehead. A deep, soothing baritone spoke to him.

“Such a handsome young lad you are, Jesse. More handsome than I even imagined.”

“Who are you? A friend of my parents? Did I leave the door unlocked?”

The man stood. He wore a bright red flannel outfit with white fur trim, but his jacket was open in front, revealing the most outrageously muscular chest propped high above twin columns of abdominal muscle that undulated as he laughed.

“Who do you think I am, Jesse? Who else wears a suit like this?”

“Well, you sure as Hell don’t look a thing like Santa Claus!”

“Now how would you know that, Jesse? Have you ever met the real Santa Claus before?”

The argument was difficult to refute, and so Jesse was inclined to simply stare at the white-haired stud with the neatly trimmed beard who filled out his red flannel suit like a professional bodybuilder with the flesh of a porn star pushing out the fabric between his thick and deeply striated thighs. 

“All the Santa pictures show you as…well…rotund,” Jesse said, even as his own groin flesh began to swell in appreciation of this unconventional Santa’s studly form.

“So much gets lost between tellings. I suppose it could be said that I am large, am I not? I suppose to most people that means fat. But Santa isn’t here just to disabuse you of your false assumptions about his appearance. Santa came to make your holiday a little brighter.”

Santa took off his hat, loosening his long, curly locks, and pulled off his jacket, unveiling the largest pair of perfectly formed guns Jesse had ever seen in real life or on the Internet, and turned to dig through a large red cloth bag, trimmed with the same white fur that decorated his suit. “Bobby? No. Jack? No. Kurt? It’s always the one on the very bottom. Why can’t I train my elves to pack the bag in delivery order? Jesse! Here it is.”

Santa stood and held out a beautifully wrapped box. “For Jesse, a lad near the top of my Naughty and Nice list this year,” Santa exclaimed.

“Naughty AND nice?” Jesse said, “I thought those were two separate lists.”

“Another misconception I’m afraid. It’s not enough to be just one or the other if you want a visit from Santa.” Santa’s eyebrows bounced and he smiled broadly, exposing teeth as white as his beard, framed by rosy the rosy red lips that had awakened Jesse from his midwinter’s nap. “And from what I have heard, this year Jesse has been very, very naughty!”

Jesse grinned. This year had been the first since he came out that Jesse had felt enough at ease with himself to hook up with other men. After a few tentative, and highly successful, experiments, Jesse had thrown quite a lot of energy into screwing around.

“I wish I had something for you, Santa. At least something to eat or drink, but the house is practically empty.”

“The best gift is the gift of yourself, Jesse. Do you like Santa?”  Santa leaned toward Jesse and rubbed his swollen crotch with his hand. Jesse’s eyes grew wide. “Do you mind if Santa unwraps this package?” Santa asked. Santa knelt and pulled apart the buttons of Jesse’s jeans. Jesse’s thick cock grew straight and firm in the open air. “Santa likes this much more than milk and cookies.” Santa opened his mouth and took Jesse deep into his throat with one swift swallow. Jesse thrust himself deep inside Santa’s mouth and groaned with delight.

Santa’s rosy lips were thick and slick along Jesse’s appreciative dick, and Santa’s hands loved to wander over Jesse’s firm thighs and hard glutes. Jesse was prone to clenching his eyes shut as he was getting sucked, but the sight of Santa’s massive shoulders and back was too delightful to miss, and the firm, warm mounds of muscle begged to be felt. And Jesse enjoyed watching Santa’s backside in the mirrored wall across from the sofa.

Santa’s mouth sucked so hard that Jesse thought he would draw the cream from his cock without even making him cum, but every time he felt the cream rise up into the stem of his dick, Santa eased off and licked him like a lollipop. But finally Jesse could take no more of Santa’s ministrations, and his stone hard cock jerked and spilled its milky load deep down Santa’s humming throat. Santa swallowed it avidly and licked his lips with a grin as he allowed Jesse’s penis to pop free and bounce against his flat stomach.

“Something to eat and something to drink! Santa’s favorite treat!” Santa said as he stood.

Santa’s fellatio had been so good, Jesse was more horny now than when he had started. He grabbed himself and squeezed as Santa stepped back and threw his bulky bag of gifts over his shoulder.

Santa’s exit was more science fiction than magic. As he got closer to the crackling fireplace, his body seemed to stretch like silly putty and then snake rapidly up the chimney, pulling his lower body up after it.

A few minutes later, after Jesse had blown another load jerking and thinking about his gift to the old gentlemen, Jesse wiped himself off with his t-shirt and opened his gift from Santa.

Underneath the bright wrapping paper the cardboard box said ‘The Infinitely Progressive Resistance Machine’ and featured pictures of heavily muscled guys lifting plain chrome cylinders like dumbbells and barbells, while they admired their tight, pumped physiques.

“Exercise equipment,” Jesse said out loud. “It figures. What else would a bodybuilding Santa give?” But Jesse had to admit he could use a good exercise program. The way he was attracted to big, hard men, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to look more like one of them.

He popped open the stapled box and pulled out the simple looking chrome cylinder inside. It was about three feet long and made up of two segments that unscrewed to create dumbbells. It couldn’t have weighed more than five pounds and there were no plates inside the box. It was difficult to see how lifting this could provide a workout.

A booklet inside congratulated the proud owner of the ‘world’s most innovative and effective exercise machine’ and provided diagrams of over fifty exercises that promised to work every muscle of the body.

Jesse stood in front of the mirrored wall in the living room and held the bar in front of him. He curled it slowly upward and was astonished by how much resistance the five pound bar gave. It was all he could do to lift the bar under his chin, and oddly it was just as difficult to lower. He could feel his arm muscles strain and see his veins pop with the first rep. By the end of just one set his arms were pleasantly fatigued, and amazingly they looked bigger than might be explained away by a muscle pump.

Jesse hurriedly worked his way through an exercise for each of his major body parts, straining and sweating, but feeling rather energetic at the same time. When he lowered the bar on his last rep, the device beeped once and spoke.

“Congratulations! You’ve completed your first full body workout in just 19 minutes! Calculating progress…calculating…calculating…you’ve gained five pounds of muscle and lost two and a half pounds of fat.”

Jesse chuckled. What a scam! It’s not that he hadn’t got a great workout, but no one gained weight that quickly. It was physically impossible to gain mass without eating something!

Yet when he looked in the mirror he thought he did look a little bigger and a little firmer.

“Please begin your level two workout.”

The bar vibrated gently in Jesse’s hands. He flipped through the manual and looked at the exercises for level two. What the heck? He didn’t have anything else to do.

Jesse twisted the bar apart and sat at the edge of the sofa to do concentration curls. Once again the bar felt impossibly difficult to move, but this time Jesse felt like he was actually getting stronger with each rep, not that it was getting easier to lift.

After he’d completed one set for each arm, he couldn’t resist doing a double bicep flex. Damned if his arms didn’t look bigger again! He screwed the bars back together and worked through each of the exercises. On the last rep of his squats, the ass of his jeans split.

Jesse smiled. This was ridiculous, but undeniably fun. If it was a dream or an illusion, Jesse hoped it never ended.

Jesse peeled off his jeans, now as tight as his skin and stood in his underwear, proud of his progress, but not ready to rest yet. He moved through the remainder of his exercises, glancing at his reflection between sets, admiring his now irrefutable progress.

As he set the bar down after the last exercise of level two, it spoke again. “Please rest before beginning level three.”

Jesse was inclined to damn the advice and continue, but the bar was now impossible to raise from the floor, so he lay back down on the sofa and fished around inside the box, pulling out several small peculiar items and examining them briefly before setting them down on the floor and drifting off to sleep.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 5

I would like to say that after being tricked into drinking Hyde’s serum once I set an example for Hyde and refused any further doses. I would like to say that when I woke the evening of the following day, after spending the whole prior night fucking with Hyde and Blake and the daylight hours sleeping after our super human bodies finally tired and slipped into exhausted sleep, I gathered my torn and rumpled clothing from the floor and went home so ashamed of my behavior that I was never again tempted to partake. But that is not what happened. I didn’t even last 24 hours.

Sticky with a soup of our shared semen and sweat I woke in the early afternoon, crawled over Jerome’s sleeping body next to me and walked to the bathroom. As I walked past the study I saw Blake, much as he had looked when I first met him the night before, thin but handsome, only nude and disheveled, half a boner poking out in front of him as he rifled through the liquor cabinet in Jerome’s study. When he heard my footsteps he stopped and looked at me briefly, then resumed his hunt, his face twisted in desperation.

His half boner stirred my cock into a full one as I watched him push bottles of ordinary alcohol out of his way in search of the blue liquid.

“Try the desk drawer,” I told him, “lower drawer on the left.”

Blake looked at me with the sour expression of a man hung over from a bender and desperate for his next drink, but he followed my directions. He found what he was looking for.

I held his arm still as he lifted it from the drawer. “You don’t need this stuff. None of us does. You’re young, handsome. I suspect you can have anyone you want. It’s probably been that way for you all your adult life.”

What I told him was right, but I lacked the conviction of my words. I will never know whether that bled through in my tone and weakened my argument, or whether Blake was too far-gone already to be swayed. Blake poured a healthy swig of Jerome’s fantastic formula into one of the crystal old fashioned’s that Jerome kept on the glass shelves of the study’s wet bar. He drank it all in one gulp, drew a deep breath, closed his eyes and grinned lasciviously.

Nude, the change in Blake’s body was visible immediately. Veins swelled and wriggled like night crawlers under his skin. His half boner went to solid rock and pointed to the ceiling, and muscles that had swelled once to unbelievable proportions found it that much easier to grow to their previous size in record time.

Having now experienced what Blake was feeling made me even more excited than I had been before when I watched Jerome transform. My formidable male weapon was a throbbing bone, ejecting dribs of pre-cum involuntarily, even as I tried to restrain myself from being drawn in to the scene again.

Blake poured another shot and held it out to me. I shook my head and stepped back. He laughed in that deep baritone we all shared as maniacal monsters of muscle.

“Resistance is futile, Edward. If you don’t give in to your desire, I can make you. I’m so much stronger than you.”

He stepped toward me with that rolling gait so typical of the extremely muscular man, his thickly veined cock aiming right at my weak-willed flesh. I stepped back, but for every two steps forward he took, I only took one backward. Soon he was an inch from my face, his donkey dong sandwiched between our chests, mashing against my trembling dick. He opened his mouth and pulled my face to his.

Perhaps because Jerome/Hyde had never truly focused on the kiss, I had never learned the oral power of men transformed by his serum. But Blake was not disposed to dominate purely by his dick. He knew the full effect of his hyper masculinity and relished the opportunity to wear down my defenses, slowly, insistently and finally.

As our mouths locked and our tongues tangled, Blake twisted his hand around the head of my cock, using my pre cum as lube, and making me erupt between us.

When he released me I stumbled back, barely able to stand.

“Won’t you join me now, Edward. I need a playmate with stamina if I’m to enjoy my unquenchable lust.”

Having cum so soon and so violently hadn’t dulled my lust one bit, but it had at least given me enough momentary physical satisfaction to strengthen my resolve to resist drinking the formula.

“No, Blake. We aren’t meant for this. This isn’t real.”

“Oh, this is very real, Edward, even if it is only a temporary reality,” Blake said, as he took advantage of my post orgasmic weakness to force me to my knees. “Let me show you how real it is.” Blake guided my mouth to the fist sized head of his donkey dick and I obediently opened to swallow the first few inches.

All of my life I had venerated masculinity. Even as a small boy, before there was an overtly sexual aspect to my interest, I craved the sight of big, hairy men. The manifestation of the ultimate in masculinity was impossible to resist. I devoured Blake’s cock with complete abandon, losing all of my identity as I worshiped his giant cock and the powerful body it was attached to.

For his part, Blake relished his dominance over the man who, last night, had dominated him so completely in the same way. Eventually Blake grew impatient with me, grabbed me by the back of my head and force fucked my face while his other hand cradled my throat and felt his cock sliding in and out of my flesh.

With a roar that seemed to make the walls shake, Blake ejaculated inside me and all over me.

This time it was Blake who stumbled backward, spent and weary, while I stood and strode over to the desk where the glass of formula sat and poured it down my throat, defeated.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 4

If it would have been hypocritical for me to drink the serum Jerome used, was it any less hypocritical of me to have an affair with Jerome when he was Hyde? I am sure it was not, but still I did – we did. Four or five nights a week I did.

I told myself that if I got closer to Jerome, I might be able to wean him of his addiction to the serum. If he could not stop, perhaps I could persuade him to use it less frequently. I even tried having sex with him as Jerome, but it wasn’t satisfying for either of us.

One night on a prearranged visit when I knocked on his door, someone other than Mr. Quimbly answered.

“You must be Edward,” the stunning young man surmised as I stood dumbfounded on the doorstep. Although Jerome had invited me to dinner, I was expecting another night alone with Jerome/Hyde. “I’m Blake,” he said as we shook hands.

I was instantly jealous, though I knew Hyde had sex with many, many other men, because Blake had one of the most striking faces I had ever seen, angular with a strong jaw, but softened by a ski slope nose. His body, in tight jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, looked just as beautiful, albeit smaller than me.

“Are you joining us for dinner?” I asked.

“For the whole evening, I hope,” he said as he winked. “Jerome is traveling this weekend, it’s just you, me and Hyde, but that’s more than enough for the two of us, don’t you agree?”

Blake’s presence alone might only have made dinner awkward, but his personality made it worse. He was a man Jerome would never have tolerated even as a one night stand, but Hyde had different ideas. Hyde appreciated the lustful adoration of the men he entertained more than he could ever be annoyed by their peccadillos. This evening Hyde found Blake’s campiness and coarse humor hilarious, and that fact that both qualities annoyed me only increased Hyde’s enjoyment.

“Blake has decided to try the serum tonight,” Hyde told me as the plates were being cleared and Blake grinned. “Are you sure you won’t join us?”

I was stunned. I felt like I’d been struck. I felt more jealous than I had when I first arrived. Not only had Jerome shared the secret of his prodigious physique with someone else, he had offered the serum to him too. Hyde plainly wanted to goad me into taking the serum and thought a little jealousy would motivate me, but I refused to be manipulated.

“I – I can’t. I won’t.”

I lay my napkin on the table, ready to stand, when I noticed Blake’s face was flushed. I recognized the initial stage of transformation from witnessing Jerome through the window that first night. He’d already taken it, maybe a few minutes ago when he’d gotten up to use the restroom. I should have left. I should have hurried out of the room and run to the street to get away from both of them, but I knew the incredible sight I was about to witness and I was as riveted as the first time.

Hyde laid his hand on Blake’s arm and smiled at him. “Suit yourself. I’m sure it won’t get in the way of the evening’s entertainment.”

Blake’s eyes had become distant, his mouth was slack. He took a slow deep breath, expanding his chest beyond its natural capacity, and grinned. His shoulders were already beefier, his arms were getting thick, and I could hear the seams of his tight jeans snapping.

Hyde stood behind him, helped him to his feet, unfastened his jeans, and hauled out a thick, spongy dick that was already above average in length and girth. He lifted Blake’s t-shirt over his head and rubbed his tiny nipples with his thumbs until they appeared to get longer and thicker as he tugged.

Blake practically pounced on Hyde, locking lips and sucking, their tongues tangling.

Without taking my eyes off the two of them, I took a sip of the after dinner cordial to calm my nerves. Then drained the whole glass.

Blake was much thicker now. He had beautiful round delts, like Kevin Levrone, he had pecs like Arnold on the legendary side bicep poster, and abs like bricks. His cock was almost as thick and long as Hyde’s and dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum. Hyde thrust his penis between Blake’s ass cheeks and up his back, rutting like a bull in heat. Plainly feeling Blake swell against his half naked body was hotter than anything Hyde had ever experienced. Blake reached behind impatiently and guided Hyde’s horse cock into his ass, backing into him.

The sight of Blake growing gargantuan before my eyes and Blake losing control  made me hot under the collar and I pulled it away from my neck to let the sweat on my neck dry. God, it was hard to breath watching the two of them. It almost felt like my collar was tighter.

Then I realized I didn’t really know what kind of cordial I had just drunk.

Hyde and Blake saw the confusion on my flushed face, and laughed between grunts. Now my eyes widened in sudden realization of my impending transformation, and it was as though a veil had been lifted from them. Colors were more vivid; even sounds were more resonant, like the lustful groans of Hyde and Blake as Hyde slid his immense cock up Blake’s ass.

I brushed my hand across my nipples and my heart pounded. I felt as though a weight had been lifted from chest. The air rushing into my lungs felt electric. I felt I could do anything. I felt like I wanted to do everything. As I watched Hyde and Blake fucking I saw them as the purest expression of my newly unbridled desires and my fortified abilities.

My dress shirt was drawn tight and I slipped my hand between the gaping holes between the buttons to feel how big I was becoming. Although my shirts were custom made for my big body, the sleeves were getting tight too. It was hard to bend my arms inside them.

Inside my boxer shorts, in the fold of my chinos, my cock was not only hard, it was longer and thicker. It wrapped completely around my hip and the head was bumping into the seat of my chair. I grabbed it and squeezed. My jaw dropped and my eyes rolled back into my head. I had never felt such intense sexual pleasure.

The buttons of my shirt began to pop. My shirtsleeves separated from the shirt body and split down my upper arms too. I no longer paid any attention to Hyde and Blake. My eyelids closed. I was much more jacked up by my excruciating delight in the expansion of concrete-hard muscle under my thinly stretched skin.

My dick was now so long that it pressed hard against my chair and bowed outward under my pants. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down, allowing it to pop up between my stomach and the table. The head was as high as my sternum. I dropped my head a bit and slurped at my piss slit as I jacked it with both my hands.

Suddenly I felt a hand on each of my shoulders. Blake and Hyde stood on either side of me. They tore off the rest of my shirt. I stood up. Blake knelt and stuffed half my cock into his mouth and strained to work it into his throat. I wanted my cock deep down his throat and I had not a shred of self-control. I lay my hands on the back of his head and forced his mouth down on it, enjoying his struggling as much as his hot throat. And as big as Blake had gotten, I had been bigger before I drank the serum and was bigger and stronger yet, even with his head start.

Hyde pulled my pants down to my ankles. He planted his enormous cock between my ass cheeks and forced his way inside. I welcomed the intrusion, squeezing him tightly in my ass as he forced me forward and my cock pushed deeper into Blake’s throat, pleasing me more.

As Hyde fucked me, holding my hips with his bear-like hands, and Blake devoured my cock, the only remnant of my hesitation to indulge in these animal pleasures was the distant memory that once I had inexplicably resisted Hyde’s persuasions. I could no longer image why that had been, nor how I could ever give this up now that I had tasted it.

Hyde came inside my ass in minutes, and the forceful jets of hot slimy semen inside my ass threw me over the edge. I yanked Blake’s sweet, masculine face hard into my crotch, burying my cock down his sputtering throat and emptying a quart of cum inside him. When I’d finally released him, Blake coughed and wheezed and fought to catch his breath. I needn’t worry that I had hurt him though, because between his legs was a pool of his own cum.

Hyde lifted Blake to his feet and offered me his ass, but I had other ideas. With my erotically charged vision, nothing in the world compared to the sight of Hyde’s beautiful muscle-bound ass, bulging at the base of his slender waist, and my mouth salivated for it. I bent him over and lapped at his asshole drenching it with my spit and poking into it first with my fingers, then prying it open with my entire hand. After wetting it well and opening it up, I stood behind him and positioned my dick at the entrance.

Hyde had been right about the serum exaggerating what one had to start with. My cock was much bigger than his and I relished the thought of stretching the superhuman Hyde as much as Hyde had stretched the old Edward.

Old Edward would have taken it slow, but the new Edward was too fucking high on his own power to think about what Hyde felt.

“Edward! Fuck! It feels like the first time you stuffed your cock inside me in college!” Hyde bellowed in his deep baritone. But lest I think that I might have been hurting him, his sphincter clamped down on my cock like a vise and his ass backed into my cock enthusiastically with every thrust.

Blake could have taken a place in front of Hyde and we could have spit-roasted him, but I could see in his eyes that Blake was more into me than he was Hyde. Blake positioned a dining table chair on either side of Hyde, stood straddling him and offered me his dripping foot long boner. As enamored of as I was of Hyde’s muscle-bound ass, I was just as thirsty for Blake’s giant cock, and he was anxious to pay back my rough play. Blake grabbed my neck and forced his cock down my sinewy throat, but just to show him who was really in control as I sucked from the base to the crown I dragged my teeth along the shaft. That drove him crazy. He began to buck and fuck my mouth, screaming, until he emptied himself down my throat, then on my face, shoulders and chest when he pulled back too far.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 3

(c) Josef Howard

Gossip of Hyde, his relationship with Jerome, and stories of his prodigious sexual appetites dominated the conversations of our friends. It seemed everyone had a personal experience to relate, and all of the tales developed into a veritable canon about Hyde.

The side dialog about Jerome – why he tolerated Hyde’s behavior in his absence; what their relationship was like – was the most troubling aspect of it all. I feared my friend’s reputation would never recover from this affair, if Jerome himself even survived it.

I had kept my distance from Jerome since Fire Island, but by the end of the summer my sense of duty compelled me to visit Jerome and to make him see how self-destructive his relationship with Hyde had become.

I hoped that I would be lucky enough that my visit would find Jerome without Hyde, and I confess that as I approached the corner mansion that Jerome’s family had held for more than a century, I allowed myself to look in the drawing room window. I knew that in a house of that size it would be rare to see anyone in the drawing room at the moment I arrived, but luck was with me. Jerome stood in the center of the room, lit by the setting sun. As far as my field of vision allowed me to see there was no one else in the room with him.

Jerome’s body language seemed unusual for him, however. He appeared anxious. I knew that watching him from the across the street was highly unorthodox, but I thought I might find a clue to what he was going through. I saw Jerome loosen the collar of his white dress shirt, remove his jacket and lay it on a chair. I saw him stare a few seconds at a purplish liquid in a crystal tumbler on the table by the window, then raise the glass to his mouth and force himself to drink what appeared to be a foul brew. He unbuttoned more of his shirt as he sputtered, struggling to swallow what remained of it in his mouth. He clenched his teeth. His face reddened. His hands gripped the edge of the tabletop and the veins of his neck bulged.

I rushed across the street, narrowly avoiding traffic, conflicted about what I should do – rush to the front door or keep my eyes on my friend. Jerome’s breath became deep and labored. He grasped his chest and steadied himself on the table. Then I noticed his shirt had become strangely tight around his shoulders and arms, even around his open collar. The buttons strained and began to pop, revealing a phenomenally developed chest. Jerome’s eyes clenched shut. His sleeves began to shred around his shoulders and the tears raced down to his forearms. Although much of his lower body was obscured by the table in front of the window, I could tell that his slacks were similarly distressed. Jerome gasped for air and tore at the tattered remains of his white shirt, freeing his muscles as they continued to grow beneath his tightening skin.

Jerome was almost thoroughly engrossed by the sight of his transformation, but when his head rose and I saw his face again, it was no longer his face. It was the face of Hyde, standing nude, his enormous cock arcing upward as it filled with blood.

I pounded on the front door, desperate to get in and save what might remain of my best friend, aware that the noise I was making would surely frighten Jerome’s servants. A most alarmed butler, Jerome’s most trusted servant, Mr. Quimbly, opened the door, perhaps only because he recognized me through the peephole.

“Jerome! I need to see Jerome! Right away!”

“I shall see if he is available,” Mr. Quimbly replied, keeping as much composure as he could to dampen my distress.

“If he isn’t, get Hyde!” I shouted after him as he left the foyer.

It seemed a long time as I waited. Eventually Hyde entered the foyer, tying a silk robe around his waist, smiling from ear to ear.

“Edward. What a surprise! I’m afraid Jerome is out and I’m not prepared for company, but can I get you a drink anyway?”

“ Jerome! Drop the act! I saw you through the window! I know this is you!”

Hyde dropped the smile a moment. His face became unreadable. Then he smiled once again, but differently, conspiratorially. “I knew eventually someone would find out. I’m glad that you are the first, Edward.”

“Jerome, what are you doing to yourself? I was concerned about you when I thought Hyde was your lover, but I am even more concerned now that I know YOU are Hyde. Do you have any idea how self destructive your behavior is?”

“’Self-destructive’? I rather find it constructive, not destructive. You have eyes. Look at me. I am everything I have wanted to be since my first boner. Every man I want wants me even more than I want them. Even you, Edward, could not resist me as you have all the years since our brief affair. I admit I had not intended to become all that Hyde is. I admit Hyde can be a bit … excessive … but his excess is so delicious.”

As Jerome spoke, as he spoke of his exploits, his horse cock lifted itself between the flaps of his robe. Jerome stepped toward me and I backed away.

“Edward, there is no reason to draw back. It’s Jerome, your best friend, recast as a man who surely attracts you like no other boy friend you have ever had. We can have the best of everything now – friendship and sex! Of course I can’t promise you exclusivity.” He laughed at that. “I’m afraid I’m just not built for monogamy any longer.”

Although I backed away, Jerome continued his advance until he had me against the wall. He laid my hand on his hard cock. He brushed his fingers against the bulge in my crotch. Then he raised my chin upwards and gave me a full-mouthed, passionate kiss, equally infused with philia and eros. As we devoured each other, I felt his cock strain and stiffen in my hand. But when our kiss ended, I put my hand up.

“No. Not with you. Not with what you have become. Not with Hyde. Our lovemaking would only validate all the terrible things you become when you are him.”

“LOVEmaking? What a word for this! I do love you as a friend, Edward, but this is not lovemaking. This is better than lovemaking!”

Hyde forced his face on mine again, but this time I twisted free.

“Exactly why we can’t continue this,” I said as I tried to push him away. “This is not you, Jerome, this is whatever drug you take to become Hyde. There is nothing left of Jerome when you are like this.”

“I am all that Jerome is and more, Edward. I am more of Jerome that you have ever known. I am the Jerome that was kept hidden. I am the Jerome that would not have been tolerated by anyone while I was inside Jerome’s body.”

Hyde unbuckled my belt. I grabbed his wrists to stop him, but I was not strong enough to prevent him from opening my pants and pulling my cock free. And my revulsion at what Jerome had become was not stronger than my desire for Hyde. Hyde dropped to his knees and devoured me, momentarily banishing any thought of resistance. Instead I found my hands cradling his bushy hair and encouraging him.

Hyde unbuttoned my shirt. I slipped out of it and let my pants fall to the floor. He stood. He lifted me and lay me on the floor. He moved between my legs and pointed his hard, dripping cock at my hole. 

“Why let your stupid ethics get in the way of what be both want?” Hyde asked rhetorically as he entered me.

I had never felt anything like being fucked by Hyde. It wasn’t just the size of that penis and the way it stretched and filled me; it was the mountainous enormity of him, thrusting forcefully, naked on top of me, as I writhed beneath him, my dick straining between us. Did I imagine the momentary looks of sweet adoration in his eyes as he plunged deeper inside me? Was that what I wanted to see – a vestige of my friend Jerome “making love” to the friend who had kept him at arms length for so many years?

The first time was so intense I came in minutes, but the feeling of Hyde inside my ass was so good, I didn’t mind him continuing to fuck me. When he’d cum the last time and raised himself off me, he helped me stand and handed me his robe. He was magnificent to watch when he was naked, even standing still.

“My eyes are up here, Edward,” he chuckled. Then he drew me into his arms and held me as tenderly as Jerome might have. “I have never offered the serum to anyone before, Edward, but I would offer it to you.”

“No, Jerome. I would be a hypocrite if I took it. You look fuckin’ amazing when you’re on the stuff, but I don’t want you to be like this. It’s not good for you.”

Hyde/Jerome tossed my pants at me. “Come with me,” he said as he turned and motioned for me to follow. “I’ll show how good this is for me. I’ll show you how good it is to be me.”

In the workout room under the main living quarters, Hyde loaded a barbell at the squat rack. “How much do you squat now?” he asked.

“Four sixty is my max. Maybe 400 for reps.”

“Rack it up.”

He’d already put two 100 pound plates on one side and motioned for me to balance out the other side. With three on each side – 645 pounds including the plate – he positioned himself under the bar, nude except for a pair of tidy whiteys bulging with his cobra cock.

As he raised the bar from the rack the ends sagged a bit under the weight of the plates and rattled as they bounced a fraction of an inch while he steadied himself. For a second he fixed his piercing eyes on mine through the mirrors on the wall and slyly smiled. He looked straight ahead as he lowered his ass toward the floor. Though he appeared completely in control of the poundage, he moved slowly, breathing in deeply, allowing his legs to bend well below 90 degrees, then straining just slightly as he raised himself up. At the top of the rep he turned his eyes on me again and grinned. Then he lowered the weight again, and again, and didn’t stop until he’d knocked out 20.

He racked the bar and stepped back, breathing a tad more deeply, but hardly winded.

“Throw on a couple more plates,” he said. “On each side.”

Five 100 pound plates on each side, plus the bar, was more than 1,000 pounds. There had been elite freaks in the bodybuilding world who trained with that much, but not many. Olympic lifters were even stronger, but none of them were as well defined as Hyde.

This time the bar sagged a good deal more as he took it through another set of 20. Still he wasn’t winded. Not even pumped. Inside my pants, my thick cock, drained of cum though it was, had become so boned at the sight of his show of strength that it was peaking up above my loose waistband.

Hyde glanced at my display of arousal, my purple headed prick, burbling pre-cum over top my pants, and upped the ante again. “Let’s double the weight,” he said. I was so sexually distracted that I could barely lift the plates to even out my side of the bar.

This time as Hyde hoisted the bar off the rack, even his herculean physique tightened with stress, but he never strained. He just lowered and raised himself 20 more times, each rep beautifully executed, well controlled.

After racking the bar, he gripped it underhand and lowered it to his waist. Then he slowly curled the whole 2,045 pounds as I watched his biceps bunch into 29 inch peaks. His own cock had lengthened inside his briefs and poked more than half it’s staff up past the elastic. “Still say this isn’t good for me, Edward? Tell me how this hurts me. Tell me what you’d change about any of this. I’m still not tired; not even out of breath. I’ve yet to find the limits of my strength, Edward. Wouldn’t you like to know what this feels like, Edward.”

He set the bar down and turned toward me, his cock straightening outward and lowering his briefs beneath its root. As it got within reach, I wrapped both my hands around it and pulled, enjoying it’s hardness and heft and the smile that broadened on his face.

“If the serum can make a big, soft guy like Jerome into Superman, think what it would do to a stud like you, Edward. Maybe it wouldn’t make you bigger or stronger than me. Maybe the limits of growth aren’t related to how strong you are when you take it.” Then he leaned closer, put his lips near my ear and lowered his voice. “But what if they are? What if you ended up even stronger than me, Edward? Thirty inch arms, Edward? Thirty-two?”

Hyde positioned his foot long dick between my legs. He fingered my hard nipples and kissed me open mouthed, sucking on my tongue.

“I guarantee you would enjoy it even more than I would enjoy you after you took it. It would bring us even closer than we just were.”

The temptation was too much to ask anyone to resist, especially a man as obsessed by muscle as I have been my entire life. To be offered an instant entre to the world one has lusted for one’s entire life, the world one has fought to be a part of every day with every rep and every bite of protein. It took every ounce of self control to deny myself what he offered.

“No, Jerome. It’s all I can do to live with you doing this to yourself. It takes so much work to see you inside of that.”

Hyde unfastened my pants and unzipped my fly. He tugged at my cock.

“But it is me. I am inside of this. And I want to be inside of you. Again.”

We kissed, and soon he was.


The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 2

(c) 2012 Josef Howard

A week later I dropped in on Jerome at his townhouse on Washington Square. Thankfully Hyde was not there, but any hope I had of reasoning with Jerome about his situation was quickly dashed. He was distant, evasive and as agitated as he had been in my office. He was hiding something from me. Was Hyde abusing him? Had he threatened him? We walked from room to room as we talked because Jerome just couldn’t get comfortable, especially when I turned the conversation to Hyde. Jerome kept turning the conversation to his research projects, which had always been so esoteric that I had never been able to understand them, but one of them sounded relevant to Hyde. Jerome had been working on something to do with anabolism. Could Hyde have been involved in his research? Had Hyde been part of his experiments? Had Hyde been the result of his experiments? If he had, then Jerome could conceivably become many times richer than he already was.

Once that day, when Jerome left the room to deal with some urgent matter, I sat down at his desk and rummaged. Half buried under the drifts of paper was a bound diary, which confirmed my worst fears. Jerome was obsessed with Hyde. He said he was unable to live without him and afraid he was becoming consumed by him. Earlier in the journal I saw references to experiments that “created” Hyde.

When Jerome came back I wanted to confront him with what I had learned. There was so much that was wrong with this situation. Not just Hyde’s power over my friend; experimenting on human subjects was not ethical. But I couldn’t because I had learned all this by violating Jerome’s privacy. Instead I tried to learn more about Hyde.

Where is he? I asked. Gone for now, Jerome said. But he’ll be back tonight. “I didn’t think the two of you hit it off,” Jerome said. “At least that’s what Hyde told me. He said you were uncomfortable around him.”

“How about you?” I asked. “Are you comfortable around him?”

“Comfortable? That’s not the right word, exactly, but when he is around I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I feel like I’ve been dead all these years. I feel an enormous sense of – “ he stopped himself. “Edward, I’m not sure you can understand how I feel.”

“Is he violent?” I asked.

Jerome considered the question carefully before he answered. “Sometimes.”

“Does he hurt you?” I pressed him. “If he hurts you, I don’t care how strong he is. I won’t allow it. “

“There’s no danger of that, Edward.”

“Jerome, how did he get so big? No one is that large. Not even the biggest bodybuilders. Is he even human?”

“Edward, you have no idea how much muscle the human body can carry. Hyde lifts like you and I, but he is different. He’d be enormous even if he didn’t exercise.”

“How is that even possible? Everyone loses mass when they don’t exercise. You’re a doctor. You know that.”

For the first time Jerome’s eyes stopped darting around the room. He stopped fidgeting. He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “There are many things I know.”

On the first long weekend of summer I went to a party at Jerome’s house on Fire Island. As usual the party was packed with muscle men enamored of Jerome’s large house, his huge swimming pool just steps from the beach, the free flowing liquor and cornucopia of drugs. What was different this time was that Jerome was not there – just Hyde. But even more importantly the sexual tension was no longer just under the surface. It was out in the open from the minute I walked in the door. If a guy wanted another guy, he just took him in front of everyone. Half the guests were fucking and sucking. The other half was catching their breath before joining in again.

At the center of all the action was Hyde, surrounded by the biggest, most spectacular guys and fucking them nonstop the whole time. I couldn’t help but watch him in action. You’ve never seen a sight like him in your life. There’s never been a bodybuilder as big as him or a porn star as well hung, and you’ve never seen a man as passionate, as animal as Hyde when he fucked. Not even the token straight men Jerome invited could avoid watching and every one of them was rock hard.

The waiters, the servers, the housekeepers did their best to stay calm and maintain order, but even they were drawn into the scene and couldn’t keep up with the slovenly disorder of a hundred jacked up men fucking themselves silly.

In between sampling the assholes offered him, Hyde enjoyed the eager mouths of two men who must have been top ranked competitive bodybuilders though I had never seen them before in the press. They fought to take him down their throats, but he was even bigger than I had imagined. He was well over a foot long. Hyde held their heads by their hair and fucked their faces as he looked around the room at the sexual carnage.

“Edward!” His eyes caught mine across the room and he grinned at me. “Get over here. I need your help! You’ve got a big dick. Take one of these men off me.”

His booming voice brought the attention of a few of his sexual entourage on me. One of them reached into my swim trunks and pulled out my hard cock. Another one nudged me into his circle until we stood next to each other. Hyde pushed one of his suckers at me and he gladly obeyed, devouring all of my smaller cock in an instant. It was better service than I usually got. Usually guys told me I was too big to deep throat. My jaw dropped and Hyde took advantage of my open mouth to lay his over it and suck my face.

Hyde was as vigorous at kissing as he was at fucking. Even if I closed my eyes and forgot about how he looked, his mouth and tongue were hot enough to make me swoon. But who could keep their eyes closed next to him. In an instant I was pressed tight against his chest with only my hard cock sticking out to the side, still getting service from one of Hyde’s friends. Pressed against him I could feel nothing but him and the mouth on my cock. I could think of nothing but making love to his body. I felt someone behind me brush against my back and stick another wide cock up my ass. It was big enough that I should have felt pain, but all I felt was satisfaction.

Hyde was still kissing me and the man behind me was still fucking me when I came deep down the throat of Hyde’s admirer. He held me inside him long after the last blast of hot jism, and pressed hard against Hyde. I didn’t soften in the least. I only caught my breath.

But not for long. Hyde released me from his kiss. He stared harshly into my eyes and then laid his huge hand on top my head and pushed me to my knees. He presented me with his club-sized cock, slippery with his own cum and the spit of his other admirer, and I eagerly wrapped my mouth around it and struggled to do it justice. I say “struggled”, but honestly I was never so motivated to do a cock justice. Holding my breath and ignoring my gag reflexes I dove down on it, stretching my throat as I forced myself towards the root. Hyde grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down the rest of the way, stuffing my throat and finally making me gag, but his strong arm kept me from withdrawing.

The next dive down that enormous cock was easier, not just because my throat had opened up, but because Hyde yanked me towards him again. And again. Until I was doing the service all by myself. I felt the veins in his cock thicken. I felt his dick get as stiff as steel. I felt his crown swell in my throat and he began to roar as his dick jerked and Hyde held my lips tight to his bush. His hot cum poured deep into my throat.

When I came up for air, Hyde ruffled my hair with his ham-sized hand. “Good boy!” Hyde said as he chuckled at the sight of me, disheveled, lips red, cum dribbling from the corner of my mouth.

Before I had stood, Hyde was engrossed in the attentions of someone else. I backed away as others stepped forward, eager to become part of the action. I watched for a few more minutes, unable to resist the sight of the crowd around Hyde, desperate to touch him, dying to be a part of his inner circle. As much as it the sight of them disgusted me, I could not help getting hard, but I rejected the attentions of his fellow spectators in the outer circle. I drifted further from Hyde, out of Jerome’s beach house and back to the house I had rented.

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 1

(c) 2012 Josef Howard

I had never seen Jerome as agitated in all the years I had known him as the day he was in my office to sign a new will. Jerome – to the rest of the world, Dr. Jekyll - had been my best friend in college and although we weren’t that close any longer, he was still a good friend.

“What I want to know,” I asked him, “is, who is this Hyde, this man you are leaving everything to, and why haven’t you mentioned him to me before?”

Jerome could barely stay seated. His eyes wandered as he answered, “Someone new, but very, very special to me.”

Jerome was shy and uncomfortable speaking to most people and it wasn’t altogether unusual for Jerome to lose eye contact as he spoke, but it usually didn’t happen when he spoke to me.

“Based on this document, he must be extremely special. C’mon, Jerome. Power of attorney? Not even I have that – and I’m actually your attorney!”

“You’ll meet him tomorrow when he comes to sign the papers. He’s . . . “. Jerome stopped himself midsentence and changed his mind about what he was saying. “He and I are very close. Honestly I can’t imagine life without him.”

I worried about Jerome and the arrangements he had made for Hyde. Over the years I had known him, Jerome had many stunning boyfriends, notwithstanding his own frumpy appearance. He had bought many of them expensive gifts, but he had never gone so far as to rewrite his will for one of them.

Although Jerome wasn’t a billionaire, he came from a very wealthy family, and was its sole heir, plus he made a very good living as a physician. At age 35 he ran his own medical group and practiced medicine only when and on whom he pleased, saving most of his time for his private medical research. Perhaps I felt overly protective of Jerome because of our close bond, but if anyone was abusing the bond now, it was Jerome. No other reputable attorney, except a close friend who had the utmost respect and admiration for him, would have drawn up papers like these on such a weak explanation.

The next day, from the moment Hyde walked into my office, I immediately understood Jerome’s attraction to him. He was built like the incredible Hulk - not the television version; the movie version.

Hyde had to stoop as he came in the door. His head nearly grazed the ceiling. Even inside his perfectly tailored clothing, undoubtedly a gift of the good doctor, one could see the absurd extent of his physique. His shoulders were wider than the doorway. His traps formed a steep pyramid that practically hid his neck.  Jerome and I were both into big guys, so even though I wanted to remain diffident to this man who was obviously taking advantage of my close friend, the sight of him made my mouth was dry my heart was pound. As he extended an arm as thick as any other man’s leg and offered his gigantic hand to me, I was so aroused that I could barely breathe.

“Edward Walker?” he asked, as his hand enveloped mine. “Nicholas Hyde. I understand you have papers I need to sign.” The volume and timber of his voice seemed to make the whole room vibrate, and underneath the cover of my suit pants it also created a pounding erection that had poked up under the elastic of my cotton shorts and was struggling to push up above my belt and under my shirt.

“Give me a moment to locate them. Jason,” I called to the outer office, “Can you bring the Jekyll file?”

Hyde sat. His thighs barely fit between the arms of my large, upholstered guest chair. His upper body widened above them like the limbs of an oak. The wood creaked under his weight. His eyes were set deep beneath his brow and the muscles of his forehead, combined with his strong jaw and tight lips formed a menacing scowl when he allowed his smile to recede. As he stretched his immense arms above his head and I fought to keep my eyes in their sockets. Hyde, his arms still extended over his head, tensed his upper arms at the height of his stretch, and put his hands behind his head. His biceps drew the cloth of his jacket so taut I thought I could see throbbing veins. My eyes dropped down the front of his body and lodged at his groin. The material of his trousers was so distended it looked as if it harbored a nest of cobras. I couldn’t see his face any longer, but I knew he saw where I was looking.

“Do you find me distracting, Mr. Walker?” Hyde asked with a smile that hinted at disdain for the effect he had on me.

“To be completely honest, yes.” And then I added, so as not to let him get the best of me, “In a crude way.”

As Jason, my equally queer assistant, brought me the file, navigating around the colossal Mr. Hyde, his astonished eyes never left Hyde, but Hyde did not even look at him. Hyde’s eyes were fixed on me.

“I don’t mind being called crude, Edward. It’s an honest comment. I appreciate honesty.”

“Please call me ‘Mr. Walker’. Only my close friends call me Edward.”

“To be blunt, Edward,” Hyde continued, ignoring my request to eschew such familiarity, “I am aware my charms are not subtle, but crude is such an imprecise word for a man as erudite as you. I am sure you have the language to express your fascination more specifically.”

I chose to ignore his comment and opened the file. The papers requiring his signature were on top. I laid them in front of him and extended a hand with a pen. Hyde stood. He was so tall that he had to bend rather extremely to sign, giving me a closer appreciation of his structure and mass. I felt my groin ache with desire.

“You fill out your trousers rather nicely . . . Mr. Walker, when you are . . . interested.  I should like to see you without them sometime. I am sure you would find the experience rewarding. You needn’t be concerned that my relationship with Jerome is exclusive,” Hyde offered as he stood.

 “Please, Mr. Hyde. You are in my place of business, and I find your comment particularly vulgar in light of the trust my client is placing in you by executing these documents which place you in control of tens of millions of dollars.”

“Jerome has no cause for concern. I could never leave him, and I keep him quite satisfied. You needn’t be concerned about what your secretary Jason would think if we closed the door. He is even more enamored of me than you are, so we might just as well include him if it makes it easier for you,” Hyde offered with a wicked grin.

I put the papers back in the file and closed the folder. “Our business is finished,” I said as calmly as possible, hoping he could not hear the tremor in my voice. “Please see yourself out the door.”

Once again we shook hands. This time his grip was much stronger and his eyes stared into mine like lasers.  I wanted to break their hold and look away, but avoiding eye contact with him would only have been an admission of my defeat.

“Mr. Hyde, in the future, if you require an attorney, I think it would be best if you found someone other than myself,” I said as he exited my office.

He paused to consider my words. He smiled.

“I am afraid, given my client is Dr. Jekyll, that being your client would be a conflict of interest for me,” I explained to forestall any lurid remark he might make.

After I heard the outer door close and after I asked Jason to close my office door, I unbuckled my belt and freed my stubborn erection. I refused to masturbate. It would have been an admission that Hyde had gotten the better of me. Instead I let it fly at full mast, throbbing against my chest, leaking, as I contemplated the situation Jerome was in.

Although Jerome aspired to be as big as his lovers, even a decade of working out and a liberal use of prescription medications hadn’t achieved that goal. He’d gotten beefier, but he’d never developed the pleasing shape he loved so much in other men. His wealth had lured many a stud into his bed and many stayed a few weeks or months, but none had settled down with him.

It was difficult for me to counsel Jerome to be careful of these men because I had been one of the first of them. Jerome had made friends with me in college because I was into bodybuilding myself, although I had not even imagined he was into men when we first started hanging out. After he made his intentions known, I’d even slept with him a few times before it became clear to me that he wasn’t right for me. Since then it was hard for me to warn Jerome about the men that followed me into his bed because I felt that if I had been as loyal to him romantically as I was to him as a friend he wouldn’t have gotten entangled with them. He needed to satisfy his needs with someone if I wouldn’t help him satisfy them.

Hyde was clearly many, many rungs above any man either of us had ever chased and many times more dangerous than the men Jerome had fucked in the past. Hyde knew his power over men like Jerome and I and he wasn’t shy about using it to his advantage. A man like that could take anything he wanted from a man with Jerome’s vulnerabilities. It took all I had to resist Hyde myself and I wasn’t even his primary target. As I thought about him sitting in my office, my thoughts returned to his thickly muscled shoulders and arms and his bulging crotch, and I got as hard as I had been then. As much as I despised myself for giving in, I couldn’t resist rubbing my cock with both hands until I messed all over myself. 

*continued, of course*

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