Sunday, March 9, 2008

Running With the Bulls - Part 2

Guy thought for sure he’d missed his turn when he noticed a wooden sign for “Walden” pointing to a narrow one land road on the left. He turned and drove for miles through dense woods until the road ended near a big circus sized tent surrounded by a cluster of crude cabins on concrete blocks, which were, in turn, surrounded by cars and trucks parked haphazardly.
Through open flaps Guy could see people standing in the brightly lit tent, and a steady stream of men were walking from their vehicles toward the openings. Every man Guy saw seemed bigger, more outrageously muscular than the last. Most of them were shirtless. Some wore what would have been loose fitting workout clothes. Others wore tattered military fatigues. Guy stopped his rental car and hurried in with them.
“Hey, hot stuff!” a baritone voice behind him called out. Guy turned to see two large men walking without shirts in the cool air, their big manly nipples sticking out. One had his beefy arm around the bullish neck of the other. He had expected it was someone he knew, but they were just being friendly. “This your first time?” asked the bullish necked man, whose chest was as hairy as a rug and whose shoulders and arms were flecked with more dark hair. Guy slowed down to let them catch up. He grinned like a little boy and found himself stooping sheepishly as they got closer. He nodded. “Fuck, you won’t believe it! You’ve just died and gone to heaven!” He reached out an arm as thick as a log and patted Guy’s back. “Look at him, Gary,” he said to his buddy, “Corn fed. Fresh off the farm.” He put his arm around Guy’s neck as they walked side by side and hugged him hard. Guy grinned even wider, his cock boning quickly inside his baggy pants. Walking beside these two enormous, undeniably masculine men made Guy feel warm deep inside, yet seeing them walk as a couple made him feel lonely for the affection of the man who had invited him here, Aiden. He hadn’t expected there to be so many other men here. How would he find Aiden among all of them?
As they converged with others on one of the entrances to the tent they were joined by another trio of friends who stopped, turned and exchanged hugs with Guy and the pair he’d just met. Guy’s hard-on only grew more obvious as the other three took turns enveloping him inside their immense arms and chests.
Except for a few men in his family, Guy had been used to being the most freakishly large man in any crowd, but he was only barely in the same league as the smallest of these men. The last of the new trio, a swarthy middle-easterner with a three day growth of beard over his bricklike jaw, planted an open mouthed kiss on Guy’s lips and tinkled his mouth with his broad, coarse tongue. The mountains of his pecs were deeply divided by a valley down his sternum that became more shallow, but no less pronounced between the round hills of his abs. For a moment there was nothing else on Guy’s mind but this man in his embrace. Guy wanted to lay in that deep valley, locking lips with him forever as he sniffed his pungent sweat.
The others glanced at them nonchalantly, appreciative of their mutual, transient delight, as they made friendly conversation. Guy limply staggered as the man let him loose enough to reach a hand between them and unfasten the buttons of his shirt, then pulled himself into the opening, allowing the skin of their chests to touch. Guy felt his cock protruding eight inches beyond the elastic band of his sweat pants, thicker than any penis he’d ever seen or felt in his life, and gurgling pre-cum as it rubbed against his abs. “We have definitely got to hook up,” the man said softly in his ear, making the hairs on his neck stand up and tingle, “My name is Hadad.” Guy hugged Hadad tightly and answered only his name, too captivated with him to say anything else.
Then as suddenly and casually as Hadad had grabbed Guy, he let him go and began talking with the others, although he kept an arm around Guy for a few seconds more before he released him completely. Then the six of them turned toward the tent, Guy trailing the rest by a step or two, missing the attentions of his Arab admirer, but comforted by the thought that there were hundreds of others inside the big tent, and apparently they were all very friendly.
They were also almost all shirtless. In fact Guy wondered if there were shirts big enough to contain the chest, shoulders and arms of some of them. As he entered the tent, his eyes grew wide and his jaw slackened. His cock was at half mast inside his loose pants, his heart pounded and he grew flush all over. Soon he was so warm that he took off his open shirt and tied it the sleeves around his waist. Every few feet, stray eyes that weren’t locked on the faces of other men they were talking to, looked him over, and the admirers grinned lasciviously at him.
The preferred mode of hello here, instead of a handshake, seemed to be brushing a raised hand on the meaty chest of one’s new-found friend, feeling the smooth skin or thick hair, grazing the nipples and enjoying the response it got. After receiving the greeting a few times, Guy indulged his desire to return it, further heightening his arousal and provoking more than a few deeply erotic kisses.
Here and there in the big, but tightly packed tent, Guy came across two or three or more men more completely involved with each other. There were two small orgies on opposite ends of the tent, huddled, humping, multi-colored masses of men working their pent up sexual tensions out, rocking and thrusting in a sweaty, sticky pile of muscle and cock. But none of the men standing nearby any of this gave it more than casual glances.
In the middle of the floor he came across a pair standing side by side, tongue kissing, while they tugged on each other’s cobra-sized cocks, freed by unbuckled pants and unzipped flies. The shorted one craned his neck to reach the taller one’s mouth. Both were among the most outrageously muscled of the crowd. Watching their arms flex as they tugged on each other, made Guy so horny he grabbed himself and squeezed tightly. Slowly, carefully, as though he might scare them away, Guy approached them and knelt at their feet. He unfastened the hand from the tall one’s sixteen inch cock and put it into his watering mouth.
It had been months since Guy had tasted cock, but he hadn’t forgotten what Aiden had taught him. He carefully aligned his mouth with his throat and sucked air deeply, drawing a foot of the thick, purple penis down his throat. Determined to take it all the way, he pushed forward until his lips kissed the large man’s groin. He laid his spare hand on the back of Guy’s head and held his mouth down on his cock as he thrust deeply. Guy held his breath, waited for the hand to release him, and slowly drew his lips along his cock, gulping air before he dove down on it again.
As guy sucked, he opened his pants and hauled out his rock hard cock and worked it over with his spitty hand. Suddenly, as Guy once again buried the whole length of him inside his throat, the guy jerked and emptied a long, thick pulsing stream of hot cum juice down Guy’s throat. Guy swallowed appreciatively as he jacked himself to an equally enthusiastic orgasm.
Guy reached his hand up and felt the man’s rocky abs and heaving chest as he slowly released him. He was about to stand, when the man’s shorter friend offered his slightly shorter, but fatter cock. Guy lapped at it, catching his breath before forcing it deep down inside him. The shorter man hardly needed to be touched. All the way down he jerked and spurted a thick, heavy load inside him. Guy held him inside him as long as he could, feeling the man’s cock shudder in his throat, then gradually released him, pausing to suck on his cock head before letting it free.
The tank-sized man held Guy’s square jaw in his hand and tilted his head up to look him in the eye. Guy smiled. He stood. The man was only a couple inches shorter than Guy. His companion was only a couple inches taller. He grabbed Guy’s arm. His companion brushed Guy’s flat, narrow waist with the back of his hand. “What’s your name?” he asked Guy. “He’s Hauk,” his eyes pointed to his tall, blond companion, “I’m Luke.” Both men had blue eyes, but the shorter one’s eyes were pale blue, ethereal. His face was broad, his cheekbones high and narrow, his chin wide. Guy still couldn’t get over how much more muscular they were than he was. Hauk must have been almost 350, and even Luke, must have 320. Their extra size was in all the right places: biceps like melons, deltoids like basketballs, lats that flared out so far they widened almost horizontally from their waists, and legs so thick they couldn’t keep their knees together.
“Is this your first time here?” Hauk asked.
“Why does everyone ask me that?” Guy replied. “Is it that obvious?”
“You’ll know soon enough,” Luke said. “I remember my first time,” he wet his lips, “Nothing more intense in my life.”
“How long you been working out?” Hauk asked.
“I quit after high school, actually,” Guy said.
“Shit! Can you believe him? A 300 pound natural with 3 percent body fat? I can’t wait to see you after,” Hauk said.
“After what?” Guy asked.
“That’s enough,” said Luke, “Don’t ruin it for him.”

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