Saturday, September 20, 2008

Carniceria - the end

If you a squeamish about this story, I suggest you don't read this chapter. Although there is no violence, some might find the treatment of the subject disturbing.

In any case you probably want to read the chapter below that I posted earlier today BEFORE you read this one. It sets the stage and is less shocking.

Miguel locked the front door and hung the “Closed” sign. He came back to the storage room and they lay on the floor on their sides facing each other, still naked, Jonah was still stiff. Jonah rested his head on his arm, but Miguel propped his head up with on hand as he tugged at Jonah’s hard cock with his other hand, occasionally kissing or licking his body. Although Miguel was nonchalant as he worked his friend over, the attention kept Jonah distracted.

“Have you ever wondered what makes the meat we sell special?” Miguel asked.

Jonah struggled to divide his attention between Miguel’s words and the attention Miguel was giving his dick. “Not really,” he gasped.

Miguel chuckled. “You gringos are all alike. You never consider the work behind what you enjoy.” He lapped at Jonah’s nipple, which made Jonah thrust into his hand. “The meat is infused with a live bacterial culture. The bacteria are symbiotic with human muscle. They force muscle growth and increase the size of the muscle to make their home bigger. There are some other pleasant side effects as well. The man’s hormones go into overdrive and the imbalance usually makes a man more attracted to muscle than to women.”

Jonah closed his eyes. He heard want Miguel said. He even understood it, but the movement of Miguel’s hand on his dick was driving him wild. He wanted to cum badly, but he also wanted to enjoy the dick massage he was getting and just let it happen when it happened.

“It only takes one serving of meat infused with the bacteria to infect a man with it. After that it doesn’t matter whether he eats meat with the bacteria again or not. It only matters how much protein he eats and how fast. The more he eats, the bigger his muscles get until he reaches his limit, but the limit is much greater than most men imagine. Look at you. What do you weigh? Three seventy-five? Three eighty?”

“Three…ninety…” Jonah managed to answer.

“My problem is that the culture only lives in human muscle.”

Jonah clenched his teeth. His cock jerked and squirted on Miguel’s stomach and the floor between them. Jonah regained his breath. He laid a hand on his new lover’s shoulder.

“What are you saying? The magic meat is human flesh?”

“The flesh of men like yourself who allow the culture to thrive inside their bodies.”

“The men that you bring here to fuck – Eric – the man you fucked last night – these men are the meat?”


“Why are you telling me this?” Jonah started to push away, to sit up and disengage, but Miguel pulled him down to lie next to him.

“You have a decision to make. You need to decide how you will contribute to the business. You can either choose to become my full partner with all that you know or you can give yourself to me the other way.”

Jonah’s eyes were wide. He could not believe that Miguel was saying. He could not believe this man that he cared for could murder his lovers in cold blood and then serve them as food to other men. He could not believe that he had eaten other men. He could not believe he was still laying here beside Miguel, that he had not fled or restrained him until the authorities arrived. He was frozen. Unable to believe anything.

“This is not a decision I have ever given other men, my little friend. It was not a choice I thought I would ever give another man, but at every moment I thought you might give me what the others gave to me, you touched me in a way the others did not, and I found myself offering you something different, step by step drawing you closer to me, cherishing you, even though letting this go on between us is a great risk to me and my family.”

Jonah expected he should felt sick at the thought of having eaten human flesh, but he didn’t. He didn’t feel anything, except continuing lust for the dark haired stud that lay beside him making him a devil’s bargain. “You want me to join you? You want me to help you? To take more lives and continue this?”

“I know you find this distasteful right now, but it is because you learned of this so suddenly. But when you consider it, you will see it is not so evil.” Miguel began to tug on Jonah’s cock again. It had withered a bit as the conversation went on, but the touch of Miguel’s hand was still irresistible.

Against his will, Jonah found himself responding, swelling. His heartbeat quickened. He wanted this from Miguel. How could he accept the affections of someone so cruel? But that was just it. Jonah couldn’t imagine that Miguel was cruel. “All men die, and the stuff of their bodies returns to the earth, which in turn feeds the plants, which feed the animals which feed other men. How could it be a sin to merely take a few short cuts in this circle of life? Especially when it affords the men it serves so much pleasure, even if most of their lives are cut short? If a man had come to you months ago and said you could experience all that you have since then but only if you allowed him to shorten your life, would you not have accepted that bargain, if you could truly have understood what you would experience?”

Miguel kissed Jonah’s chest, his stomach, and then tasted his cock. Jonah steadied himself on Miguel’s head and shoulders as he allowed him to devour him. This pleasure they gave each other – the incredible feelings he had felt over the last few months as his body grew bigger, harder, stronger beyond anyone’s imagination, and the feelings he had as he enjoyed the affect his body had on other men – it had a price. Some men paid with their lives. He was being asked to give up something else.

Miguel’s sucking became more vigorous, more intense, as though his fellatio was just another element of his argument. Jonah felt himself losing control of his feelings, his body, his morality. His body stiffened and suddenly he went over the edge. His resistance had ended.

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