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Carniceria - and more still

I apologize for the glacial pace of updates in the last few weeks. Sometimes you just go through a creative lull...

Business at the Carniceria quadrupled after the men from Jonah’s gym became regulars, and yet none of the new customers became long term customers. They came every week for a few weeks. They exploded in size, they told all their friends about the shop and then suddenly they stopped coming in. They even stopped going to the gym. It was as if they reached a certain size and decided they didn’t need to be any bigger. Although he couldn’t understand that mentality himself, Jonah considered it was a kind of compliment to the store that the men were able to achieve their goals so quickly and then devote themselves to different pursuits.
As for himself and Robin, Jonah still thought “the bigger the better”. Whether it was because he gained muscle easier or because he ate more voraciously, Robin put on size even more rapidly than Jonah had. By the end of his first month he had put on more than fifty pounds. Before long Jonah’s attraction to Robin’s sweet boyishness was supplanted by ribald lust for his outrageously bold muscle mass. He may have been seventy pounds lighter than Jonah, but the natural shape of his muscles, the exaggerated outward sweep of his thighs, the incredible fullness of the muscle bellies of his biceps, made him the most stunning man Jonah had ever seen. Still Robin lost none of his admiration for Jonah, who by then had reached 340 pounds, and who Robin had begun to affectionately call “Jonah the Whale”.
Because of the snowball effect of Jonah’s initial referrals, Miguel expanded the hours at the Carniceria and paid Jonah to work those extra hours. Though Jonah still kept most of his things in storage and had still not rented another apartment, he was no longer strapped for cash. He moved out of his former co-worker’s apartment and moved in with Robin. The two of them ate out more, bought nicer clothes and household furnishings.
One evening as Jonah was cleaning up and closing the shop he heard the front door open. He turned and saw Miguel leading one of the biggest men he had ever seen – a man he recognized from his gym – into the shop by his hand.
Miguel smiled broadly at Jonah as they walked in.
The man from his gym, Eric, had been one of the quiet ones before he became a customer, someone who had toiled at the gym four times a week for years, making modest progress. Since Eric rarely joked around with the boisterous young men who chatted up the women, Jonah often wondered if Eric was gay, but Eric had never looked twice at him, even after Jonah exploded with muscle. Eric heard about the Carniceria from someone else at the gym, not Jonah, but he became one of their most dedicated customers, consuming as much fresh meat as a lion, and he grew more quickly that anyone Jonah had ever seen, putting on so much size that he rivaled Jonah in girth.
Jonah had plenty of opportunity to appreciate how big Eric had grown as he walked into the shop without a shirt, wearing only what were meant to be baggy blue jeans that fit Eric like a second skin in the thighs and the ass. They bunched at the knees, but his cantaloupe calves stretched the rest of the leggings down to the ankles. He looked like a blond version of Li’l Abner. As he walked in the shop trailing Miguel, he kept his eyes shyly downcast. Just once he looked up at Jonah as Miguel led him into the back room for their assignation.
Jonah saw Miguel drag a new man into the back room for a fuck session at least once a week, but he rarely saw him with the same man twice. Jonah figured Miguel wanted to avoid getting involved, since Miguel was still married and seemed to love his diminutive wife and children.
As Miguel dropped Eric’s hand long enough to push open the swinging door to the back room, Jonah noticed a gold wedding band on Eric’s hand. Why hadn’t he ever seen that before? What a perfect hook up for Miguel – another man who wouldn’t want a relationship, just a good pummeling by Miguel’s gigantic dick.
Jonah envied him, getting a shot at the man Jonah had lusted the past several months, the man who successfully kept him at arm’s length sexually even as he made small inroads as a friend and a business associate. Jonah thought he wouldn’t mind an occasional casual fuck with Miguel himself, even if he was still delighted by his relationship with Robin.
As the back room door closed behind them, Miguel told Jonah he didn’t have to finish cleaning. “I’ll close up in a while myself. You go enjoy what is left of tonight,” he said as he smiled and winked.
Jonah set the broom against the wall. He would have put it away in the back room, but he didn’t want to interrupt the two of them. He could hear them kissing already. He could hear clothing come off. He could hear an appreciative moan. Surreptitiously, Jonah grabbed a quick glance through the oval window on the swinging door to the back room.
Eric was tugging energetically on Miguel’s extra thick foot long cock as the two of them locked mouths, and Miguel was manhandling Eric’s cock, which was almost as big. It made Jonah even more envious to see that the two of them were so well matched. He stepped away from the window so he wouldn’t be seen, then stepped several feet away from it. He turned out the lights so he wouldn’t be seen and watched as Eric knelt in front of Miguel and sucked as much of Miguel’s cock as he could handle.
Jonah thought that if he were given the opportunity his enthusiasm for his boss would have enabled him to swallow the whole thing, even though he’d never had the chance to deep throat a cock that big before. He would have forced himself, not just for Miguel’s pleasure, but as a matter of personal pride, and because he desperately to engulf that monster in his mouth and throat, to own it, if only for a few minutes.
And then Jonah saw Eric try to do just that, using the full force of his bull neck and all the mass of his huge upper body to force his mouth down Miguel’s giant sausage. He got more than two thirds of it inside him, but had to abort, sputtering and gagging on it, but tremendously boned for his attempt.
For an instant Jonah wanted to see him succeed. He even wanted to walk through the door, grab the back of his neck and help force him down on it, although he didn’t know why he would want to help his rival. Inside Jonah’s pants his cock was rock hard.
As Jonah stepped closer to the door a floor board creaked under his weight. Miguel looked in his direction. Jonah thought he might have seen him, but instead of stopping, Miguel looked down on Eric. Jonah stepped away and walked out the shop door, locking it behind him.
It was one of the rare occasions that Jonah’s shifts were back to back. He not only closed the shop that night, he was responsible for opening the next morning. When he unlocked and walked into the back room he saw Miguel trimming meat.
“When did that come in?” Jonah asked.
“Last night. Late. The special meat is only delivered at night,” Miguel said as he continued working.
Come to think of it, Jonah had never accepted a delivery of the special meat they sold so much of, although he had taken delivery of tons of the regular kind.
“Were you up all night?” Jonah asked.
“Most of it,” Miguel said, “But the night was not without its rewards.” He smiled.
“Doesn’t your wife ever mind when you’re out late or don’t come home?” Jonah ventured to ask. Jonah had never questioned Miguel about his relationship with his wife or how Miguel integrated his extracurricular activities into his marriage, but after last night he felt familiar enough with his boss to ask.
“Maria knows when I need to do what I need to do.”
Jonah suddenly felt uncomfortable to have asked. His eyes wandered around the room, and were drawn to the glint of metal through the metal grate of the drain in the floor. Miguel had not stopped his work for an instant as they talked, but Jonah lifted the grate and pulled out what he saw. It was a gold wedding band. He fingered it and held it up for Miguel to see.
“Looks like someone got a little crazy last night and lost something they might miss,” Jonah said.
Miguel froze. Had Jonah finally touched a vein of guilt in his employer?
“Give it to me. I’ll take care of it,” Miguel said. He wiped his bloody hands on his butcher’s apron and set the ring on a clean spot of the butcher table. Then Miguel stood close to Jonah, still. Their eyes met. A moment came for them. It was the moment Jonah had wished forever for. Jonah had Miguel’s complete attention, but seemingly without reason. He leaned into him and kissed him deeply. Jonah kissed him back.
Miguel lifted his loose apron over his head. Jonah tugged his shirt off and stood naked from the waist up, his magnificently muscled arms and chest available for Miguel’s appreciation, his admiration, and open to his love.
Miguel dove into his face more enthusiastically than before, devouring his mouth and tongue with unbridled relish. Jonah’s mind swam. He’d never felt as alive, as aroused as this his entire life. No one, not even Robin, elicited such emotion from him. Jonah unbuttoned Miguel’s shirt and helped him out of it. As their chests touched for the first time, Jonah felt his cock explode inside his pants, but he knew their love making was only just beginning.
Miguel unfastened his pants and let his monster loose. Jonah bent over and took it deeply inside his mouth, then forced himself down on it, pushing it into his throat as enthusiastically and as successfully as he had fantasized.
Miguel lay his hand on Jonah’s head and spoke deeply, sweetly as Jonah lavished attention on his cock. “Oh, my little friend, I have waited so long for this moment. I knew you would not disappoint me. Devour me. Eat me.”
After the first few times, Jonah found it became easier for him to take his long unrequited love deeply inside of him, and it was just as satisfying as he had imagined. Miguel became so hard inside him that Jonah knew it wouldn’t be long before he tasted his juice. He felt the crown of his cock flair as it pierced his air passage. He felt Miguel become more forceful as he fucked his face. He felt the fuzz of his balls tickle his chin. Then he felt the pulse of his orgasm begin at the root of his cock and Miguel began emptying himself.
The two of them stood for a few minutes holding each other, Miguel’s head on Jonah’s huge shoulder. Then Miguel tugged at Jonah’s pants. Jonah helped him remove them. Miguel stepped away and admired the mass of muscle that stood before him. His cock inflated. Jonah sat on the floor, then laid on his back and Miguel lifted his legs. He positioned himself at the entrance to Jonah’s ass and then made his way inside.
The fuck was even more satisfying than their earlier lovemaking. Miguel and Jonah found a rhythm and rocked against each other earnestly, working themselves to a second climax. Miguel grasped Jonah by the wrist and raised his arm above his head. He gathered Jonah’s other arm by the wrist and held the two of them together with one hand as he pawed at Jonah’s stick cock in time to his thrusts. Miguel’s fucking became more frantic and he held Jonah’s arms with both his hands. For a time all of Miguel’s upper body weight held Jonah’s wrists down as Miguel’s cock pounded inside Jonah’s ass. And just as it started to get uncomfortable, Miguel’s thrusts became more irregular, albeit more forceful as he pumped a huge load inside of Jonah’s guts. As the last shiver of orgasm left Miguel’s body, Miguel stared deeply, intently, in Jonah’s eyes, as though he considered something monumental, until Jonah struggled against his hands and Miguel let him up.

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