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Circus of Freaks

Earlier chapters are posted on my website. This chapter shifts focus from Billy to a new visitor to the circus and introduces new types of freaks. The focus of future chapters will be additional freaks.

(c) 2008 Josef Howard

Chapter Four
Reverend Williams was a man as strong of body as he was of spirit. Although his black minister’s frock covered his body from the backwards collar at his neck to his ankles, exposing only his hands and his head, it was easy to see the power of his body. He came from a family of hard laborers. His grandfather had worked the fields of the old country. His father was a farmer who still plowed his fields with a horse, though some men in the state had begun to use tractors. His brother worked on a loading dock.

Reverend Williams was almost six feet tall, taller than almost every man in his parish, and broad backed with powerful shoulders. Hair curled up from beneath his stiff collar and covered the backs of his hands. When he ministered to his congregation and gesticulated behind the pulpit, his arms and shoulders bunched powerfully beneath his frock, straining the fabric so much that occasionally he tore a seam.

Though he was crudely handsome and almost thirty-five he was not married. There were no single women in his parish, and Reverend Williams would not marry a woman who did not share his faith.

When the circus came to the small farming community, the reverend was dubious. He did not trust circus people and feared they would tempt the weak members of his flock. So it was in the interest of his flock that the reverend went to the circus the first day to see for himself the entertainment that was offered, so that he could warn his church, if need be, against its dangers.

As he entered the gate he was pleased to be greeted warmly by the stalwart man who took his ticket, and further pleased at the hearty men he saw manning the booths, every one of them strong, powerful men like himself whose bodies were a testament to their hard labor. The games he observed appeared to be fair, and he noticed there were no loose women in this circus to tempt the devoted husbands into fornication.

But when Reverend Williams came to the large tent at the edge of the circus that was festooned with pictures of suggestively dressed women, his suspicions seemed confirmed. Yet he knew he would need to experience what was inside first hand if he were to preach against it on Sunday. His face dark with anger, the reverend paid the two bit admission as he looked closely for faces he recognized in the line behind him. He was not worried about who saw him; he wanted to know who in his flock he must chastise.

The tent filled with boisterous men, crowded near the stage. The lights inside dimmed. A dark figure walked on stage and was suddenly lit by a bright spotlight. He smiled broadly at the crowd. He wore a black tuxedo but strangely he wore no shirt. The open front of his tuxedo jacket exposed musculature the reverend had only seen on the men of his own family – thick billowing chest muscles separated by a deep division at the breast bone and cut horizontally by the clear separation of his upper, middle and lower pectoral muscles. From his breast bone to his waist, his stomach was deeply etched with eight tightly packed smooth stones of abdominal muscle. Besides his own father and brother and himself, Reverend Williams had not seen such a stomach. None of the men in his parish were so tightly muscled, nor as well defined, though they worked every day but the Sabbath in their fields.

The bright light shown in the eyes of this master of ceremonies, yet in the face of it, the man picked the reverend out of the audience and spoke to him.

“You, sir! You are a man of the cloth?”

“Yes, sir. I am,” the reverend shouted proudly.

“Then come to the stage, please.”

The reverend hesitated. Although he was not ashamed to do the Lord’s work ferreting out immorality to protect his flock, he feared that being seen on to the stage might weaken his moral authority when he spoke against what he was about to see. But he was the Lord’s warrior. He could not appear to be timid. So he walked proudly up the stairs and took a position next to the MC, but so that he did not appear to endorse the proceedings, he did not smile. He answered his questions, but he did not banter with the man. He stared straight into the audience, as solemnly as he did from his pulpit.

As they spoke the reverend heard the beating of great wings above and in front of them. He searched for the source of the sound and saw a winged man descending from the air above the crowd, not on ropes, but by the power of his own ivory feathered wings. He landed between the reverend and the audience, and in the bright lights focused on the stage, Reverend Williams could see that he was naked. Yet his form was not obscene. It was the most beautiful, most perfect masculine form that God had ever created, framed but wings that arced high above his head and reached all the way to his ankles as they rested behind him.

His hair was as yellow as gold. His face was pure and strong. His body was as well muscled as the MC’s, but completely without hair, save for a light golden haze. Though he thought it impolite, Reverend Williams could not help but stare at the creature’s crotch, for he was completely naked, and his penis was immense! It was bigger by far than that he had seen on his father, though he knew his father had been unusually well endowed by God.

As the creature walked toward Reverend Williams, the thick, wide muscles of his legs flexed and tensed, and his smooth buttocks bounced as his weight shifted. The MC disappeared into the darkness on the stage. The reverend fell to his knees before the creature and clasped his hands in prayer to the almighty, his eyelids clenched tightly.

“Creature from heaven! Forgive my frailty in thy presence!” the reverend cried out across the hushed tent.

“Do not fear thy God, nor his servant, faithful one,” the creature answered in the deepest, most authoritative voice the minister had ever heard. “Your righteousness and service of our Lord is well known in heaven.”

The creature had stopped just inches from Reverend Williams, and he laid his broad, thickly veined hand on the reverend’s head. The reverend opened his eyes and raised his chin, but blushed because his face was only an inch from the base of the creature’s penis. As he looked up into the face of this perfect creature of God, the thick flesh began to stir and to swell. The reverend leaned back, not only to give it room, but to avoid untoward contact with the creature’s holiness. But the angel of God did not want him to shy away. He held the reverend’s head from recoiling and moved his hips to brush the base of his thickening cock against the reverend’s lips.

“Touch me, faithful one,” said the creature as his cock rose. “Do not be shy with thy God’s holy servant.”

Reverend Williams suppressed his inhibitions and wrapped his strong, hairy hand around the angel’s swelling cock. He tugged on it as he knew he would have wanted someone to have tugged on his own, and it filled out even more, straightening to a ninety degree angle from the angel’s flat stomach and pointing past the side of the reverend’s head.

“Taste me,” the angel said.

And although the reverend knew that such acts between men were immoral, this was not a man. This was a more perfect being, a servant of God, and nothing it instructed him to do could be evil. The reverend obliged, taking – at first – just the head of the creature’s foot and a half long cock into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, tasting the acrid flesh. The angel moaned and he steadied the reverend’s head as he pushed more of himself into his mouth, then deeper into his throat. Reverend Williams relaxed his throat muscles and submitted to the angel, offering as much of himself to him as he could.

The crowd stared in rapt attention, silently, reverently, certain they witnessed communion of man with the divine, their eyes wide, their mouths open, their crotches bulging with excitement. Never had a religious experience been also so visceral.

The angel became more enthusiastic. He plunged deeper inside Reverend Williams and fucked his face harder. The reverend obliged by sucking harder along the steely shaft and slobbering over it. At last he emptied his holy seed down the reverend’s throat as his wings fluttered and he gasped for air. The reverend swallowed as much as he could, but copious amounts of the angel’s seed sprayed all over the reverend’s vestments. When the angel was finished, he put his hands under Reverend Williams’ arms and raised him to his feet. He planted his lips firmly on the reverend’s mouth and gave him a masculine kiss. Then he retreated, his wings flapped and he rose into the air, disappearing into the darkness.

A deep chorus of praise filled the tent. “Amens” and “Hallelujahs”. The reverend dropped to one knee, clasped his hands together and prayed.

But as his lips moved in near silent communication with God, another kind of flapping was heard in the air above – not wings of feather, but of leather – and a darker creature, just as powerfully built landed behind the kneeling reverend.

As he walked into the light the crowd gasped. The reverend opened his eyes and stood to face the dark skinned creature with leather wings and the curled horns of a ram. As strong as the angel had been, this creature appeared even more powerful. His chest was even broader and decorated by a thick thatch of fur at the cleft that gathered and dove down his rippled abs to his hairy groin. His arms were as big around as his head and his thighs were broader than his waist. Swinging malevolently between them with an independent gait was a cock even longer than that of the angel. The creature smiled at Reverend Williams, exposing pearly white teeth sharp as knifes and baring incisor fangs like a vampire bat’s.

“Now that you have tasted seed, holy one, perhaps it is time for you to be filled with the thick, sticky scum of real masculinity. Don’t step away,” he warned, “I can move much faster than you.” And before the reverend could take another step, the demon had moved like lightning and closed the gap between them. He held both his wrists together, and tore at the front of his frock with his long nails, exposing Reverend Williams brawny chest, which was still hairier than his aggressor.

The demon tore away the reverend’s shredded clothing. The reverend tried to pull his hands free, but the demon’s grip was too tight. The reverend kicked at him but even direct blows to his groin had no effect. Instead the demon became aroused and his cock swelled and squirmed in a macabre dance. When it had reached a length of two feet, the demon twisted the naked and full muscled reverend around and bent him over. He positioned himself at the reverend’s ass and – with his free hand – he guided his barbed cock inside.

The reverend shouted in pain and cried out for salvation. As he had willingly submitted to the angel, so was he forced to submit to the demon. The audience stood frozen in horror as the demon fucked him. Yet as he was filled far more than he thought possible, he was granted a warmth from heaven above, a raw sensation that began to excite him and made him greet the demon’s onslaught, accepting it as a penance for his life’s sins. Reverend Williams felt his cock stiffen as he gave in. It swelled up so hard it bounced against his tight abs and began to dribble precum. As the demon’s thrusts became more forceful, the revered began to shake all over. His muscular body became hard as a rock as he braced himself against the onslaught. The demon cried out, and the reverend’s cock began to ejaculate. The creature withdrew and the reverend fell to the stage floor at his feet. The demon grinned at his conquest and laughed.

Just then, above the laughter, the audience heard the sound of wings flapping. The angel landed on stage. Angel and demon stared each other off, the crumbled man between them.

“Demon! How dare you defile a man of God?” the angel shouted at the leather winged creature who stood defiantly behind the minister, his powerful arms crossed over his broadly muscled chest as he grinned. The angel dove at him. Their hands locked above their heads. The angel’s wings beat as he struggled to gain the upper hand and push the demon to the floor, but the demon was obviously more muscular and held him at bay. Like two arm wrestlers locked upright, struggling for dominance, the angel and demon trembled, their veins swelled, the angel’s pale skin reddened. Through clenched teeth the angel began to speak, at first under his breath, slowly louder, but no intelligible words, and as his voice began to carry over the crowd, his wild musculature began to swell with new power. The haughty expression on the demon’s face melted into uncertainty, but as the angel’s body began to exceed the thickness of his own, the demon’s face began to betray panic. And between the angel’s thickening thighs, his massive penis had swollen as well, lifting straight up between them. An expression of supreme peace came over the angel’s face. The demon fell backwards with the angel on top of him, pummeling him with fists like sledge hammers against his dark leathery skin. The demon clawed to freedom and leapt into the air, beating his wings.

The angel stood still, watching him fly away. Then he turned to the reverend, still as big and aroused as he was when he had defeated the evil one, and picked the immense man up in his arms as though he was light as a pillow. His feathery wings beat at the air and lifted them both into the air.

Reverend Williams was too exhausted and too ashamed to keep his eyes open. He nuzzled into the cradling arms of his supremely powerful savior as the angel flew to a shadowy platform high in the tent, away from the crowd. The angel lay him down. The reverend’s eyes fluttered open. The crowd was applauding, roaring. The MC was speaking about something else by now and the titanic struggle between good and evil that the reverend had witnessed first hand was almost forgotten.

“How can I ever be forgiven for what I have been a party to?” the reverend said to the angel, looking up at him through teary eyes.

“What has been done has not been done by you, but to you, servant of God,” the angel said in his deep, comforting, resonant voice. “But even had you participated willingly, had you done it out of appreciation for the beauty of god’s creation, it would not have been a sin.”

The reverend’s face blanched. He saw the full heft of the angel’s stiff member still standing straight up above his crumpled body and he began to doubt the truth of the angel’s origins, for he knew that even Satan can appear as the Lord of Light.

“The laws of the book that you teach were abrogated by His son, servant of God – replaced by the admonition to love one another. Physical love is one facet of that love. It is not lust when it is not destructive.”

Though his moral guard was alert, there was sense to the angel’s words, and the warm blood that pumped through the reverend’s body at the sight of the angel’s magnificence and made his skin tingle merely underlined the argument. The truth was that the reverend’s own staff had stiffened again at the sight of the angel’s extra large bare body and at his firm grip as he had carried him into the air. It bounced like an enthusiastic child against his breast bone, thick and moist. Though the reverend rarely gave himself over to pleasuring it, for fear of losing himself in lust, the experiences of the day had given the reverend a new appetite. His mouth was dry and tingly. He licked his lips and the angel moved closer, allowing the reverend to suckle on the angel’s cock again. The angel’s body obliged him with sour wetness that coated his tongue and made him thirsty for his juice. Once again the reverend strained to accommodate all of it inside his mouth and the angel struggled to help him, but since the angel’s struggle with the demon his cock had grown to the equal of his dark twin, making it impossible. Before the reverend struggled too long, the angel pulled away, turned from him and dropped to all fours, his wings extended over his mountainously muscled back and his huge, high, round ass arched upward for the reverend’s appreciation.

“No!” the reverend shouted, even as his thick prick trembled with anticipation of penetration.

“I give myself to you freely. What I ask will be as pleasurable for me as it is for you, servant of God, and the act will honor our creator.”

Whether by the loss of will or the force of gravity, the reverend’s groin began to fall toward the crack between the angel’s smooth mounds of creamy flesh. The reverend’s cock gurgled pre-cum. He wiped it down the shaft and toyed with the concept of breaching the entrance to the angel’s ass by positioning himself there and rubbing its head in the deep fuzzy cleft.

He allowed himself the indulgence of sliding the head inside and felt every muscle of his rough hewn body tense in extreme delight. The angel tossed his thick neck from side to side and jerked backwards, ending the reverend’s indecision. He was inside and surfeited with such bliss that he could no longer conceive of retreat. One more backward push on the angel’s part was all the reverend needed to start his gentle rocking fuck into and out of the angel’s ass.

The reverend rubbed his rough hands over the immensity of the angel’s back and his tightly muscled waist and allowed himself to hold and caress his two foot cock as it quivered from his onslaught.

The reverend had never allowed himself physical pleasure with another creature, not even before he took on the cloth, not even as a horny young boy with a wild streak that his father had beaten out of him. The ecstasy along his penis and the pure pleasure that washed over his beefy body was inconceivably delightful. He could not imagine that he had lived so long and denied himself these sensations. He wondered briefly if sex with a woman was as intense, but he knew in an instant that nothing would top this for him. He realized why it had been so easy for him to deny himself the pleasures of women for so long.

As he fucked the angel, he felt the angel’s fleshy spear harden in his hands. He felt the angel thrusting back into him more frantically and finally releasing himself on the platform beneath them. The wet, pungent liquid that poured from him and coated the reverend’s hands weakened Reverend William’s resistance to his own ultimate pleasure. It sent him over the edge, pounding without control and filling the angel with the gism of a thousand unclaimed orgasms.


Anonymous said...

If Chapter Two features Amos and Chapter Four the reverend, where's Chapter Three?

Josef Howard said...

It's such a pain to have readers who can count to three! :)

The truth is that I started to write chapter three, but it's not finished yet.

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