Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vampires V - Black Ambition (still continued)

Earlier chapters of this story are posted on my website. Earlier pieces to this chapter have not yet been posted to my website, but they are available in April postings to this blog...

Rico’s deep throated scream drew Renaldo to the window of his second floor study, because his brother Rico was not normally verbally demonstrative during sex. Renaldo had a deep-seated ambiguity about his brother’s lifestyle. He not only worried about disease, he worried that the big, often rough-looking, men that Rico had sex with would hurt him some day. That’s why he encouraged him to bring them home. At least here Renaldo could protect him if things got out of hand.

The man Renaldo saw bending over his brother’s crotch, sucking the cum out of his brother’s cock, was enormous, bigger by far than any of the men Renaldo featured in his magazine. And even bigger than the men in his competitor’s magazines, the steroid freaks that drew crowds of devoted muscle-heads to competitions by the thousands. He wondered how Rico had found such a man in Denver. Renaldo knew the local bodybuilders, amateurs and pros, even the wannabes. No one came anywhere near this man’s size. For several minutes he stood behind the curtain at the open window as watched as the incredible hulk sucked on his brother’s cock, even though his brother had already come once. The guy was unusually enthusiastic at giving head that was for sure. Most guys would have stopped after drawing such a big orgasm out of someone. Either they would have settled back and let his brother start to work on them for a while, or they would have started fucking him. But this guy was slurping so hard on his brother’s bone that Renaldo could hear the sounds way up in the second story office over the noise of the hot tub pump, punctuated by loud, enthusiastic moaning and gasping by his normally staid little brother. It must have been the best blow job on earth, and it was making Renaldo hard hearing it and watching the giant back and arm muscles on the big guy working.

Both the Gonzalez brothers had been muscle hounds since childhood, their boyish fantasies feed by the fantastic natural physique of their father, a loading dock worker at a meat packing plant, who lounged around the house with his shirt off. Neither of the Gonzalez brothers had inherited their father’s natural proclivity for muscular size, and that was why both had devoted their post adolescent lives to vigorous pursuit of muscle, each in their own ways.

As Renaldo watched and rubbed his swollen crotch, Rico bucked his hips and force fed his cock deep into the eager throat of the giant man. This time he was just as load and demonstrative as the first, only this time Rex kept him cumming for more than fifteen minutes, draining his enlarged nuts of their vampire sustaining gism. It hardly seemed possible to Renaldo that anyone, let alone his own brother, whose sexual abilities he was intimately familiar with, could cum that long. The guy must be some fucking cocksucker to give that much pleasure.

Then the man stepped back and Renaldo got a good look at his front. The sight was enough to make even a self avowed heterosexual like Renaldo cum uncontrollably. The guy had the biggest pectorals Renaldo had ever seen, pumped up over the tightest waist, and framed by humongous biceps that bulged out even with his arms straightened and his muscles relaxed. But the source of the real show was between the man’s legs, a cock as thick as a donkey’s that stuck straight up to his chest and throbbed and bounced like it had a mind of its own.

As the man aimed it at Rico’s asshole, Renaldo gasped, frightened for his brother’s safety, but desperate to see it plunge into his hole. Rico gave himself enthusiastically to the monster, grabbing at his ass to pull him deeper inside even faster. As the giant forced deeper inside him, Rico’s cries of enthusiastic pleasure got louder and louder, and cum erupted again from his unattended prick, which the giant did his best to lap up with his fingers and tongue. There was a moment of peace when the two of them were finally completely conjoined before the giant began to fuck and it seemed like the whole house vibrated with the force of his pounding.

Renaldo could stand it no more. He frantically fumbled with his pants, hauled out his purple cock and beat it until it burst. But before he’d even caught his breath he was hard again and just as horny.

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