Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vampires V - Black Ambition (still more continued)

Rex could have cum inside the blond latin as easy as exhaling, but he wasn’t ready to advance Rico to the next stage, and God forbid he should get him to stage two and lose control – taking him unexpectedly to stage three the way Kurt had with Rex. No, Rex simply enjoyed fucking him, making him shoot uncontrollably and drinking the product of their lovemaking. He loved the feeling of power that came from reducing a grown man to a quivering lump of hard flesh, desperate for the next intense orgasm that only he could grant. He loved watching Rico’s face, his slack jaw, his clenched teeth. He loved watching his tight body frantically rocking against his cock.
So at first he didn’t notice Renaldo as he stepped out on the patio, naked, cock at full attention, staring at the two of them with undisguised lust. When Renaldo was only a few feet from their perch on the edge of the hot tub, both Rico and Rex looked up at him, Rex with a big grin – knowing that he’d drawn his real prey into the net – and Rico with a dull stare, too engrossed in getting fucked to care who saw him.
Without missing a beat, Rex reached up for Renaldo’s hard, pointing prick and engulfed it in his meaty hand before Renaldo had even set foot into the hot tub. Renaldo knelt at the edge and Rex devoured it whole, applying inhuman suction, fucking one brother and sucking the other.
Renaldo wasn’t disappointed by Rex’s skill at fellating. In all his life he’d never had a better blow job. It was as though the man’s life depended on draining his body of cum, and of course it did!
As even Rico’s newly enhanced cum sack reached its limits and the flow of cum waned to a dribble or two, Rex withdrew from the younger brother and focused all his attention on the older one. He played with Renaldo, keeping him at the edge of release for so long it began to feel to Renaldo almost as good as cumming. With one finger, then two slipping inside Renaldo’s tight ass, teasing his prostate while he sucked hard on his cock, Rex got him so hot he would let him do anything he wanted with him. Then he lifted the older brother’s legs and positioned his elephantine cock at the entrance to his ass.
Any reservation Renaldo might have had to getting fucked, especially by a cock as huge as the one Rex had, had been wiped away by witnessing the intense pleasure Rex’s fucking gave his younger brother, and by the incredible tension Rex had created inside his cock and his ass.
As Rex penetrated Renaldo, the older brother winced just a bit before feeling the giant cock rubbing against his prostate and sending shivers of pleasure through his body. When Rex got completely inside him and began to fuck, Renaldo didn’t even want Rex to touch him anywhere but inside his ass. Fucking the big man was so gratifying, he didn’t want anything to distract him.
With Renaldo, Rex had no reason to hold back. In just a few minutes he let loose and poured cum deep inside his guts, satisfying not only himself, but Renaldo as well, who felt sexually honored that it was he who had brought the giant to climax, not his brother.
Even as Rex’s vampiric gism began to work its magic on Renaldo’s body, Rex kept fucking him, working himself into his next orgasm and sealing his control over the future judges mind as well as his body.

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