Saturday, May 3, 2008

Running With The Bulls - Part 4

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As Guy caught his breath, one of the tall twins who had held him up lay down on the rough floor boards, his immense prick rock hard against his deeply etched abs. The other twin lowered Guy’s wilted weight down as his friend on the floor pointed his prick straight up. The weight of Guy’s body as he lowered himself to the floor forced it deep inside of him, and as it slid in Guy felt his cock stiffen and stretch again. Guy propped himself up with his hands on the floor and rocked on the cock, rubbing it deep inside him, exciting himself again.

Behind him the other twin knelt. He pushed Guy’s shoulders lower, lifting his butt higher as his friend repositioned himself to keep inside Guy’s ass. Then he slowly, but surely forced his own stiff cock, as long as his twin’s but even thicker, inside Guy’s ass, the two of them stretching Guy even more as they rubbed against his insides and against each other.

The instant they were both even half inside, Guy felt his cock get rock hard. He shivered all over with ecstasy and his cock jerked and fired into the air, covering the chest of the twin on the floor in milky cum.

As Hadad watched and smiled, one his other cabin mates knelt at Guy’s face and poked his hard, heavy cock at Guy’s lips. Guy was so hungry for cock he sucked it into his mouth without coaxing, but the man grabbed Guy’s head anyway and fucked his face.

“Oh, my young friend,” Hadad said as he massaged his long, hard cock, enjoying the sight of Guy’s further initiation, “wait until you visit the springs. If you are this horny now, you will go crazy when you drink the waters.”

Through the elated haze of being double fucked up his ass and sucking frantically on a cock almost a foot an a half long, Guy listened as intently as he could to Hadad’s voice. It tethered him to the world, and intrigued him.

“The first time you swallow, you can feel the water seeping from your stomach into your veins. You can feel the blood rush to your groin, like you’re getting the biggest erection of your life.”

Guy almost doubted it could surpass the size of his cock right now as it reacted to the electricity of two cocks fucking him.

“You can feel your dick growing, your balls getting bigger, stretching your scrotum. Then your dick starts to stiffen and rise, only it’s bigger than it’s ever been before, one and half, or two times it’s size. You my young friend will be a monster. It’ll be afraid to let you fuck me.”

Guy wanted badly to try, after feeling how good it felt to get fucked by Hadad. He wanted to challenge his body the way his had been challenged, to make him feel as good as he had felt.

“And as it juts out in front of you, gigantic and hungry for flesh, you become desperate with the need for penetration. You would fuck anything, just to feel your newly enlarged organ inside it, ravishing it, taking your pleasure from it. And if the elders treat you right, they will provide someone for you then, a guide for your journey to real manhood, who will allow you to take your pleasure right there.

“But that is only the beginning, my friend, because while you have been fixated on the immensity of your manhood and your overwhelming needs, the rest of your body will have begun its transformation. Your arms, your thighs, your chest will all be thickening, binding your with your own muscle. Making it difficult at first to move with your new found weight. And there come a point of helpless, sensual, immobility, as you strain to fuck your guide, as all the rest of us stand around and watch you, when you will feel as though you might burst. Until you do burst, deep inside him, in the most intense orgasm your body will ever experience.”

And at that instant Guy felt the twins begin to get more frantic. He felt them swell even larger inside his impossibly stretched ass. He felt them buck and then – one at a time – start to fire inside him, sweat rolling off their faces. And having relieved themselves inside him at last, they allowed him to settle down on them, engulfing the two of them as the last of their loads dribbled inside him.

“Your friend, the one who invited you here, could see how big you were already, not as big as most of us now, but bigger than almost all of us were before we drank the waters. When you have reached your potential you may be bigger even than the Founder.”

Hadad took Guy’s wrists and lifted him to his feet. Although some of the guys in the cabin were still fucking, the energy had begun to diminish. Hadad led Guy to a bottom bunk, lay down behind him and wrapped his huge arms around him. Though lying naked stem to stern occasionally reignited the fire in their groins, for the most part the two of them slept through the night.

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