Saturday, May 10, 2008

Running With The Bulls - Part 5

Incredible sex with an endless parade of Walden’s muscle monsters continued unabated. Just when Guy, a giant horn dog when it came to outrageous muscle, thought that he might become numb to the ubiquity of hyper masculinity, he met some new variation on the theme, or traded glances across an orgy with a man hotter than any of the many others he’d fucked with.
Far more transformative than the sex was the casual camaraderie with men he aspired to be like. Although he had not yet seen Aiden, he felt enveloped in the quintessence of what he had felt from Aiden. The love and kindness of so many strong, virile men was not an experience he would ever forget. It was more beguiling than love, more transformative than religious experience, and more self-affirming than family.
But like a ghost glimpsed in a mirror, the metamorphosis Hadad had described that first night was casually mentioned again and again by the men he met. As intensely erotic as his experiences had been so far, Guy lusted for what was to come, and his anxious anticipation heightened his sexual arousal with every man he fucked.
The camp was chaotic in general. Meals and entertainment happened spontaneously on no particular schedule. If one group rose at dawn, others rose at noon. The mess hall was constantly active and alive with the smells of dozens of meals prepared for one or one hundred by volunteers, and cleaned by other volunteers. Guy marveled that everything functioned so smoothly and that no one took advantage of the disorder to slack off and avoid pulling their own weight. Sometimes the large meeting tent was full to bursting during the afternoon and almost empty at night and sometimes it was the reverse. If there was a program for anything, no one spoke of it.
On the afternoon of his fourth day at camp, after a few hours spent swimming and fucking around near the river, Guy walked leisurely back to the camp and noticed the tent was crowded and he heard sporadic deep throated masculine cheers like men watching a sporting event.
Guy walked quickly into the tent and pushed past the men at the edge of the crowd. On the stage at the center Guy saw what had drawn the crowd. A man far larger than any he had seen at the camp sat on huge throne. At his feet were three young men, one of them not even as large as Guy, lapping and loving the largest erect phallus that Guy had ever seen.
The man on the throne was not only large, every inch of his body was hairy, and from his forehead sprouted two thick horns that curved back and then forward again. Neither his thick dark fuzz peppered with gray nor his dark skin could obscure the deep definition of his impossibly immense muscularity. His chest was a yard wide and hung with pectorals that billowed up and out. At the outer edges were nipples as thick as the end of a finger, surrounded by nipple skin the size of a silver dollar. Supporting that chest were abdominals like twin totems of rock. But as wide as his chest was, his shoulders and arms seemed disproportionately larger. Each upper arm was almost as wide as his chest, and his hands were the size of a normal man’s head.
The phallus that rose straight up from his groin, and occasionally spewed pre-cum like an active volcano belches lava, reached up past the top of this head, and not all three of the handsome young men together could do justice by it. But it didn’t stop them from lathering it with their tongues, worshiping it with their hands, or rubbing it between the pecs of their muscular chests.
When one could concentrate on anything below the man’s groin, one could see his lower body was just as extraordinary as the upper body. His thighs rivaled his chest for girth, and his calves were truly worthy of that name.
As Guy got closer, and he was uncontrollably drawn to the scene, he interrupted the stares of the men near him to ask what was going on.
“It’s the Founder,” said one, without looking away from the spectacle. “And the initiates,” added another nearby him.
‘Initiates?’ Guy echoed inside his head. ‘Wasn’t HE an initiate?’
As Guy reached the edge of the stage he saw others the size of the ones at the giant’s feet milling around the base of it, more deeply enthralled than the other men, naked, hard, eagerly waiting their turn. The closer he got, the dizzier Guy felt. His thoughts became muddled. His breath heaved. He felt an uncontrollable urge to undress, and barely noticed as he shed his clothes that he laid them on a heap with the clothes of the others who pressed as tightly against each other as they pressed against the edge of the stage. Although they were sandwiched together they paid no attention to the flesh of the men next to them. They only had eyes for the man enthroned on the stage.
Guy pressed through them and reached with both hands toward the Founder, like a groupie for a rock star. The eyes of the Founder met his and Guy was overtaken by an uncontrollable shiver of lust. His mouth was dry. His skin tingled and his purple prick dribbled pre-cum. He felt the eyes bidding him to come on stage. He lifted himself up and ambled into the scene, easily the most gorgeous of the men attending the center of their attention. The Founder raised his hand from the arm of the throne and bade him to come closer. Guy’s heart pounded inside his chest. The giant’s hand rested on Guy’s muscular shoulders and his deep set eyes stared into Guy’s soul. Guy could barely stand, but he rubbed his body against the spit slick phallus and lapped at it like a cat. A groan erupted from the lips of the giant and Guy felt ecstatic to have been the catalyst. He hugged it with his arms and then did something he hadn’t seen anyone else do. He turned his back to it and rubbed the crack of his huge, round muscle butt against the thick vein that ran underneath it.
The Founder reached for him and held him still as he thrust against him, his enormous balls bouncing into Guy’s ass. The Founder screamed and a thick froth of cum exploded over Guy’s head and showered him in pellets of cream. Guy grabbed himself and jerked furiously, scrunching his eyes and rubbing harder against the Founder’s phallus as he tore an orgasm from inside himself.
After cumming the Founder’s phallus softened and dropped to the ground. As the other men stood around him as close as they could get, the Founder encouraged Guy to sit on his leg. He stroked his blond hair with his huge hands. He guided Guy’s lips to his and as they kissed, his long, fat tongue wound deep into Guy’s mouth. Guy felt the Founder’s phallus thicken and start to rise. When he released him it stood as straight and tall as before. The other men began to attend it again, and Guy recognized that he had been dismissed.
As badly as he wanted to stay with the giant and attend him forever, he knew there were others more desperate than he was to have their turn, but he hoped that he would have many other opportunities.

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