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Vampires V - Black Ambition (continued)

Don't start reading here. Check out yesterday's post for the first part of the chapter. Or if you haven't read chapters one through four, check out the link to my website at the right side of this page.

Through his network of photographers, Rex found the gym that Renaldo’s brother, Rico, frequented and his workout schedule, late at night just before closing. Rex arrived early. He made a point of working out without his shirt, even though it was against the rules. He worked chest and arms. By the time Rico arrived, Rex’s upper body was marbled with thick, pulsing veins and glistening with sweat. The few people in the gym that late could hardly take their eyes off him.

Rico had planned to work legs, but when he saw Rex at the dumbbells curling 220 pounds with each arm, his biceps exploding, as full and round as footballs, he set his bag down nearby. He pulled his loose fitting sweatshirt over his head, shook his head to straighten his wavy blond hair, and picked up a pair of 80 pound dumbbells to curl. The ribbed white tank underneath clung to his torso like skin, exposing every bulge and ripple of his chest and abs. His arms, though not more than 18 inches, were tight, veined, full and well-rounded.

Rico was so gorgeous he would have made Rex hard even if he was tight and well shaped. He had the kind of thick angular jaw that seemed like it occupied half his head. His shaved beard was four shades darker than his hair. His eyes were an ethereally light blue. When he grit his teeth, he exposed two rows of dazzlingly white, perfectly shaped teeth. Rex let himself drink in the view through the mirror they shared, but he was determined to make Rico make the first move.

Rex set the dumbbells down. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and turned away. Rico spoke.

“Aren’t you Rex Jones?” he asks.

Rex turned back and extended his meaty hand. “I know you?” he asked.

“No, sir. I’m just an admirer. Rico. My name is Rico. I was in the audience at the Arnold this year. I’m a competitor myself on the natural circuit.”

Shaking his hand was making Rex’s cock swell. Even through his loose sweats it was making quite a show, especially since it reached down way below halfway to his knees. Rico’s eyes dropped for an instant to check it out and his pupils dilated. There was NO hiding Rico’s erection. He popped a woody that tented the front of his shorts. He blushed and tried to ignore it.

Rex broke their handshake and started to turn.

“You in town for long?” Rico asked.

“Tonight and tomorrow,” Rex lied. He had no intention of leaving before he’d made Rico and Renaldo his pets.

“How’d you like to use the hot tub?” Rico asked hurriedly.

“Ain’t you just starting your workout? ‘Sides, they ain’t no hot tub here.”

“Not here. Home. I – I’ve been over training. I should skip my workout.” The self-effacing nature of Rico’s shy reply was all the more obvious coming from a man who would otherwise have been supremely self-confident.

Rex acknowledged his machinations with a broad grin. Rico picked up his bag and led him out to the parking lot. Rex paused as they split towards their separate vehicles.

“You smoke weed?” Rex asked.

“Sure,” Rico answered after an uncertain pause.

Rex nodded in the direction of his rented SUV. Rex unlocked the passenger door. Rico climbed in. Rex pulled a reefer from the center console and lit up. He inhaled deeply and handed it to Rico. Rico inhaled and coughed, then inhaled again. This time he held his breath and felt the smoke seep into his bloodstream, making him light headed. Instead of taking it back, Rex motioned for him to keep smoking. Halfway through the joint Rico’s ears were ringing and his sense of time was elongated.

He glanced back at Rex. His sweat pants were tugged down and over a foot of black tube steak was poking straight up from his groin, steadied by two softball sized testicles, fuzzy like peaches.

Rex grinned at him. Rico would have faked outrage, but the weed had sapped his capacity for false indignation. Instead his eyes widened, his mouth watered and he reached over to put his hand around it as he massaged his hard-on through his shorts.

Rex pushed Rico’s head down on his cock. Rico’s mouth opened wide and he gulped up the first few inches.

“Big enough for you? Huh?” Rex taunted him. He forced his mouth down a few more inches, covering a little more than half of his fat cock flesh with Rico’s hot, wet mouth. He thrust hard up his throat and held Rico’s head still with his incredibly strong arms. Rico gagged but struggled to please him. A wide wet drop of pre-cum bled through Rico’s shorts. Rex put his hand on Rico’s ass and squeezed the thickly muscled glutes. His forefinger fell into the gap between the cheeks and he felt Rico’s puckered hole through the fabric of his shorts. It widened a bit at his touch, an involuntary invitation for a later assault.

Rico had worked his body around enough now to do a half way decent job of sucking Rex’s cock, even though it was far to large for him to do justice and by far the biggest he had ever had before. What he couldn’t suck, he jacked with his spit soaked hands. In a few minutes Rex let loose inside his mouth, holding his head down to make sure it got deep into his throat and unavoidably into his stomach.

Rico gasped for air when he let him up, red-faced, but proud to have pulled out the juice. His eyes had a half crazed look, sex-crazed. Unable to concentrate. His hands were all over Rex, rubbing his burgeoning muscles, teasing his nipples. Eventually Rex pushed him away.

“Can you drive?” Rex asked. Rico barely realized he’d been asked a question. “I didn’t think so. Put your bag in the backseat. I’ll take you home. You can come get your car tomorrow.”

The drive helped bring Rico a bit more to his senses, but he still couldn’t concentrate on much but Rex’s body and what it would feel like to get pile driven by the fuck pole he’d been unable to handle in his mouth. Consequently they made a few wrong turns before they found the house, situated at the top of hill.

They shed their clothes on the way to the hot tub. Rico saw Renaldo’s car in the driveway, but he didn’t care if he saw them.

Rex perched his smaller friend on the edge of the hot tub, his sizable fuck rod poking straight up between the twin columns of his taunt abs. Rex could almost taste the cum he was about to suck from between the man’s legs. Rex knew there was no reason to prolong the Rico’s exquisite agony. After drinking one dose of his cum, Rico could manufacture enough sperm to feed him all night long. Rex chowed down all the way, taking Rico into his throat on the first plunge ramming his thick finger into Rico’s asshole and inhaling so forcefully that Rico burst immediately, quivering and gasping for air.

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