Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Djinn's Own Story - Part 2

“No! NO! I want to enjoy myself! You can’t put me in this bottle!” Charlie shouted loudly, deeply.
“We have no choice, Little One. We are Djinn and this is where we must stay until we are summoned,” said the voice of the Djinn.
Inside the bottle, Charlie had no substance. He was merely dense bluish smoke. He missed his hugely muscled body and the incredible sense of power he had felt, so briefly, as he stood naked to the world, the power of the Djinn pulsing through him with every heartbeat.
“How long?” Charlie asked.
“A few years, maybe longer. I waited only two days for you to open the bottle. Before that I waited sixty years. Once I was inside the bottle for three centuries, but inside the bottle there is no sensation of time, although we have a sense of what is happening around us. Think of it like a light nap. You can hear sounds around you, but time passes quickly.”
Charlie heard foot steps.
“It sounds like our stay in the bottle will be very brief this time,” the Djinn said. “The man at the end of the alley who saw you slip into the bottle has come to investigate. Pay attention to me, Little One, when he opens the bottle. This is your first time as a Djinn. I have much to teach you.”
Charlie heard the stopper pop off the bottle. Light streamed in. The dense bluish smoke that was Charlie swirled madly like a tornado and Charlie felt himself exploding out into the air. It was a feeling as breathtakingly erotic as cumming.
Charlie’s smoky condensed form rushed out into the air in a high, wide arc, kissing the pavement, expanding and coalescing into solid matter. Charlie felt the immensity of his muscles again and grinned broadly as he looked down on the man who had freed him.
“The Djinn of the bottle awaits your command,” Charlie found himself saying. ‘Why did I say that?’ he thought. ‘I said it for you,’ he heard the Djinn’s voice answer inside his head. ‘Why are you still with me?’ he wondered. ‘You asked to be me. To be me my consciousness must stay with you. Otherwise you would just be you.’
“You’re real!” the young man said, looking up in awe at the masculine majesty standing in front of him. “I can’t believe you’re real! Can I have anything I want? No matter what?”
‘Tell him ‘yes, but there are limitations.’ Charlie heard the Djinn’s voice say inside his head.
“Yes, Habib. Yet there are a few things even a Djinn cannot do.” Charlie said. ‘Habib?’ Where did that come from, Charlie wondered. ‘Language is one of our limitations,’ the Djinn’s booming voice answered inside his head.
The young man walked around him, looking up and down in disbelief. Charlie stared straight ahead, but his Djinn senses could ‘see’ the young man even when he was standing behind him. He was handsome, dark haired, swarthy with a tuft a black fur hanging out of the top of his shirt. “Damn, you’re a big motherfucker!”
“You admire my body, Habib?
“Fuck, yeah! I been fucking around in the gym for years but I never had the gift, not like you. You’re bigger than any of those guys in the magazines.”
“You want to look like I do?”
“Well, I don’t want to be blue, and I’d still like to fit through a doorway. How tall are you?”
“Seven of what you call feet.”
“Seven feet! That’s way too tall, but the muscles, yeah,” the young man volunteered, without thinking about what he had said.
“As you wish, Habib” Before the young man could stop him, Charlie had begun to grant his wish.
The veins in the young man’s neck swelled. His face reddened. His eyes closed. His shoulders rolled back, throwing his chest forward. His shoulders puffed up inside his loose fitting dress shirt. His pecs pushed out, and his arms strained against the seams. “Oh, fuck!” the young man said, “I didn’t mean – I mean – fuck! It feels like getting a hard-on!” He slid the fingers of one hand between the buttons of his shirt and felt his furry chest expanding, straining the buttons. In a fit of sexual frustration he tore his shirt open. Underneath a dark carpet of hair thick, hard abs were taking shape. He flexed his arms and his biceps burst out of his shirt sleeves. “Oh, fuck, that’s hot!”
Charlie agreed. His cobra sized Djinn cock was stirring under the folds of his silk pants, creating a tent over his thigh, but he fought back his desire to keep it from tearing free. ‘Careful, my new friend. You are on the verge of becoming involved with your master,” the Djinn’s voice told Charlie.
The young man had torn the remains of his shirt from his chest and was flexing, watching his chest, arms and shoulders bunch up and grow. Then the seams of his pants started to pop and his thighs tore open holes along the sides. The young man ripped the leggings off and flexed his thighs. He was as big as a perfectly formed heavyweight amateur.
The young man was so into watching his muscles expand like bulbous stone as he flexed that he wasn’t even aware Charlie was there. Charlie smiled and adjusted his thick, firm dick inside his silk pants. A couple of yanks and it would burst free, but his prey wasn’t ready for that yet. Still it was an effort to keep it under wraps as the young man’s body expanded still more. His arms grew as thick as thighs. His shoulders as broad as a door. And the divisions between his sinews sunk deeper into his frame, making his unbelievably thick development appear ever more spectacular. The bulbous bulk of his biceps encroached on his thickening forearms and his ballooning deltoids. His lats spread like bat wings. His pecs swelled up and out in front of his neck blocking his view of the lower half of his body. His thighs were so wide they rubbed against each other half way to his knees. Even from the front his hips, though still narrow betrayed his thickening ass muscles. No longer a grin; his mouth was wide with astonishment at his bizarrely humongous development.
“Are you happy with your wish, Habib? You asked to be as large as I, but not as tall, and of course not blue.” Inside his mind, Charlie could feel the Djinn approve of his handiwork. Charlie had granted the wish, but had intentionally taken it further than he knew the young man had imagined. Such willful misunderstandings were de rigueur for a Djinn. He was proud of him, if not entirely in agreement with his motivations.
“Huh? Oh, but I didn’t – I was just answering your question.” The young man had recovered enough to speak, but he couldn’t keep his hands off his muscles. Indeed they were so immense they were impossible to ignore. His fingers combed through the black fur on his chest and felt up his rock hard pecs and his abs. “Does that count as one of my wishes? Do I only have a few? This might be a bit much. I – I don’t know if I can keep all of this.”
“You have two wishes left.”
“Can I wish to be a little smaller?”
“I am afraid none of your wishes may alter an earlier wish, Habib,” Charlie lied. It was a hitherto for unknown “rule”, and the Djinn inside Charlie’s head tried to make Charlie feel shame at his lie, but the Djinn appreciated the deception as well. Many lifetimes of unrelenting service made even the most obedient Djinn sociopathically passive aggressive.
“How will I cover myself? I look like the Hulk standing here in tattered pants. These seams aren’t going to hold after I start moving.”
“Do you wish for a suit of clothing, Habib?”
“Maybe a whole wardrobe -- no wait. I only have three, right?”
“Two wishes now, Habib.”
“Can’t you just take me home somehow and give me some time to think about what to do next?”
A more secluded venue suited Charlie’s designs on the young man. “As you wish, Habib.”
“No! Not a wish!”
Before the words had escaped him the two of them stood at the door to the young man’s modest home. “Tell me that didn’t count,” he begged.
“Of course not, Habib. Forgive my reflexive response.”
The young man patted his pants for his keys and slipped his thickened finger and thumb into his pocket to pull them free. “Good thing I still have pants pockets,” he chuckled.
Charlie followed him inside his small home, bowing his head ever so slightly to avoid bumping into the ceiling as he walked. “You should make yourself comfortable, Habib. You seem distressed. It pains me to see you so.” Charlie winked and the young man was out of his tightly stretched pants. It had not only been muscle that Charlie had grown all over his young master. His penis was as thick as a coke can. It billowed out from his groin, then lazily draped over a pair of gonads the size of avocados, wiggling and wagging almost to his knees. Freed of the tight confines of his pants and responding to the slight movement of air in the room it began to straighten and swell. Once it began its momentum was unstoppable, until it stuck straight out in front of him in purplish brown glory and dribbled sweet love sweat. The young man tried to remain nonchalant in the presence of his very masculine companion, but his eyes kept returning to it.
“I am your servant, Habib. You should not feel embarrassed by your arousal in front of me.”
“Sure. I –“
“Ignore my presence, Habib. Do as you would do if I were not in the room. Or allow me to give you the relief you so obviously require.”
“I – I won’t waste a wish –“, the young man warned.
“Careful,” said the voice of Djinn inside Charlie’s head, “a Djinn must not become too involved with his master. “Or what?” Charlie asked. “It is never wise to bind oneself with one’s adversary,” the Djinn answered.
Faster than the young man’s eyes could see him move, Charlie was standing in front of him, tugging on the young man’s needy flesh, milking the free flowing pre-cum.. “Banish the thought! Such a service is mere kindness, Habib.” The shorter man was swooning. He didn’t even notice Charlie’s Djinn size cock poking free of his silk pants and dribbling in unison. As he pulled Charlie felt the young man’s cock straining at its thin, sensitive skin, stiffening. “I could provide still more pleasure, Habib, if you allowed me to use my mouth,” Charlie offered.
“Yes. Please,” he asked.
Charlie knelt and sucked up the young man’s giant codpiece like a vacuum. He moaned. His knees weakened.
“Lie down, my young friend,” Charlie implored him. “You will enjoy this more.”
As the young man lay on his back, Charlie knelt over him, his knees above the man’s shoulders, his cock wagging over the young man’s chest, brushing against it as Charlie swooped down repeatedly on his cock. As the young man became more and more aroused he became more entranced by the sight of the Djinn’s prick. Charlie’s near omniscient sense of the area around him made him acutely aware of it. As he drew up off the young man and caught his breath, he said, “I am afraid I suffer from a similar need, Habib. Would you be so kind as to return the favor I am so generously granting you?”
The young man hesitated. He wanted to feel the Djinn’s manhood, but he feared for his life. No man could swallow such a cock and live.
“Do you fear for your safety, young master? There is no need.” Charlie rose over the young man and rubbed his prick on the man’s lips. The young man opened his mouth and Charlie slowly fed him his cock. As it passed the back of his throat, the young man struggled briefly until he realized he neither felt pain nor discomfort. In fact it was the opposite. The Djinn’s warm cock filled his throat and his chest with erotic heat and made his cock harder. The Djinn sucked up his cock as he fucked his throat. After a while it felt to the young man like he was sucking his own cock and he desperately tried to make himself cum. His sucking became more enthusiastic and the Djinn returned the favor.
The young man stiffened and moaned as he emptied inside of the Djinn. An instant later the Djinn returned the favor.
“I never thought I would enjoy that so much with a man,” the young man said as they uncoupled. “Is it as good with a man as it is with a genie?”
“Do you wish to find out?” Charlie asked.
The young man considered the weight of the question, but moved by the intensity of his recent experience to trump that wish with one far better. “I wish to have sexual experiences even more intense than that one for the rest of my life.”
Charlie grinned. “Your wish is my command, Habib.” Charlie’s imagination was already on the job. His momentary satiety was already washed away by a tidal wave of new lust as he regarded the obscene depravity of his previous handiwork. The young man’s physique was a walking wet dream, and the Djinn’s penis was stiff as a board.
“Perhaps we ought to begin by continuing your initiation into intimacy with hyper masculinity,” Charlie suggested. In a blink of the young man’s eye he lay beneath Charlie’s immense blue body, his thick, muscular legs flipped up and hooked over Charlie’s shoulders. The blunt knob of Charlie’s prick pushed at his asshole and spread it wide. This time Charlie did not accord his master special abilities that might have lessened his discomfort, and neither was Charlie inclined to be patient. In one forceful stroke he buried his enormous cock inside the muscle man’s ass, making him scream and forcing his eyes to bug out.
“Get it out of me!”
“If that is your wish, Habib.”
“No! That’s not a wish!”
Charlie had begun to withdraw, but pushed in again, pinning the young hulk once again, this time to slightly different effect.
“Shit!” his master shouted. His cock, which had lost a little of it’s bounce on first entry, was firming up again.
“Do I hurt you, Habib?”
“Fuck, yes, but . . . don’t stop now. It’s just getting good.”
“Yes, Habib.” Charlie suppressed a smile at the young master’s change of heart and began to fuck him.
“Goddamn! That feels fuckin’ great!” The young man braced himself with his hands on the Djinn’s outrageously large chest. What had at first been a convenience became erotic. His hands began to squeeze the rock hard muscles and then to wander around Charlie’s shoulders and his triceps. “I think you are still bigger than me,” the young man mused as he grimaced at Charlie’s assault.
“Is my size pleasing?”
“Yes. I mean. Kinda. I always admired big guys.”
“Like yourself?”
“Yeah. Like both of us. Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! I didn’t even jack myself!”
“Is that good, Habib?”
“Yes, but I just came a few minutes ago. It was hardly more intense than the last one.”
“Habib, this is just foreplay.” Charlie bent his legs and twisted him around his cock, landing him on his stomach. “The first hour is just for fun. The real orgasms begin in the third.” The young man caught his breath and arched his back, raising his ass in service to the Djinn. Charlie grinned lasciviously at the sight of the young man’s muscular ass, wide rippling back and his thickly muscled arms splayed out over his head. At last he was really enjoying being a Djinn, and if he could be of service to this young master, then that was fine too.


Mad Dog said...

Hot, I hope we see more sooner than later!

Richard Jasper said...

Great story! I'm always happy to see your work! More, please, and soon! xoxo

AS said...

Just stumbled across this. Wow!
Any hope for a part 3? :)

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