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The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 1

(c) 2012 Josef Howard

I had never seen Jerome as agitated in all the years I had known him as the day he was in my office to sign a new will. Jerome – to the rest of the world, Dr. Jekyll - had been my best friend in college and although we weren’t that close any longer, he was still a good friend.

“What I want to know,” I asked him, “is, who is this Hyde, this man you are leaving everything to, and why haven’t you mentioned him to me before?”

Jerome could barely stay seated. His eyes wandered as he answered, “Someone new, but very, very special to me.”

Jerome was shy and uncomfortable speaking to most people and it wasn’t altogether unusual for Jerome to lose eye contact as he spoke, but it usually didn’t happen when he spoke to me.

“Based on this document, he must be extremely special. C’mon, Jerome. Power of attorney? Not even I have that – and I’m actually your attorney!”

“You’ll meet him tomorrow when he comes to sign the papers. He’s . . . “. Jerome stopped himself midsentence and changed his mind about what he was saying. “He and I are very close. Honestly I can’t imagine life without him.”

I worried about Jerome and the arrangements he had made for Hyde. Over the years I had known him, Jerome had many stunning boyfriends, notwithstanding his own frumpy appearance. He had bought many of them expensive gifts, but he had never gone so far as to rewrite his will for one of them.

Although Jerome wasn’t a billionaire, he came from a very wealthy family, and was its sole heir, plus he made a very good living as a physician. At age 35 he ran his own medical group and practiced medicine only when and on whom he pleased, saving most of his time for his private medical research. Perhaps I felt overly protective of Jerome because of our close bond, but if anyone was abusing the bond now, it was Jerome. No other reputable attorney, except a close friend who had the utmost respect and admiration for him, would have drawn up papers like these on such a weak explanation.

The next day, from the moment Hyde walked into my office, I immediately understood Jerome’s attraction to him. He was built like the incredible Hulk - not the television version; the movie version.

Hyde had to stoop as he came in the door. His head nearly grazed the ceiling. Even inside his perfectly tailored clothing, undoubtedly a gift of the good doctor, one could see the absurd extent of his physique. His shoulders were wider than the doorway. His traps formed a steep pyramid that practically hid his neck.  Jerome and I were both into big guys, so even though I wanted to remain diffident to this man who was obviously taking advantage of my close friend, the sight of him made my mouth was dry my heart was pound. As he extended an arm as thick as any other man’s leg and offered his gigantic hand to me, I was so aroused that I could barely breathe.

“Edward Walker?” he asked, as his hand enveloped mine. “Nicholas Hyde. I understand you have papers I need to sign.” The volume and timber of his voice seemed to make the whole room vibrate, and underneath the cover of my suit pants it also created a pounding erection that had poked up under the elastic of my cotton shorts and was struggling to push up above my belt and under my shirt.

“Give me a moment to locate them. Jason,” I called to the outer office, “Can you bring the Jekyll file?”

Hyde sat. His thighs barely fit between the arms of my large, upholstered guest chair. His upper body widened above them like the limbs of an oak. The wood creaked under his weight. His eyes were set deep beneath his brow and the muscles of his forehead, combined with his strong jaw and tight lips formed a menacing scowl when he allowed his smile to recede. As he stretched his immense arms above his head and I fought to keep my eyes in their sockets. Hyde, his arms still extended over his head, tensed his upper arms at the height of his stretch, and put his hands behind his head. His biceps drew the cloth of his jacket so taut I thought I could see throbbing veins. My eyes dropped down the front of his body and lodged at his groin. The material of his trousers was so distended it looked as if it harbored a nest of cobras. I couldn’t see his face any longer, but I knew he saw where I was looking.

“Do you find me distracting, Mr. Walker?” Hyde asked with a smile that hinted at disdain for the effect he had on me.

“To be completely honest, yes.” And then I added, so as not to let him get the best of me, “In a crude way.”

As Jason, my equally queer assistant, brought me the file, navigating around the colossal Mr. Hyde, his astonished eyes never left Hyde, but Hyde did not even look at him. Hyde’s eyes were fixed on me.

“I don’t mind being called crude, Edward. It’s an honest comment. I appreciate honesty.”

“Please call me ‘Mr. Walker’. Only my close friends call me Edward.”

“To be blunt, Edward,” Hyde continued, ignoring my request to eschew such familiarity, “I am aware my charms are not subtle, but crude is such an imprecise word for a man as erudite as you. I am sure you have the language to express your fascination more specifically.”

I chose to ignore his comment and opened the file. The papers requiring his signature were on top. I laid them in front of him and extended a hand with a pen. Hyde stood. He was so tall that he had to bend rather extremely to sign, giving me a closer appreciation of his structure and mass. I felt my groin ache with desire.

“You fill out your trousers rather nicely . . . Mr. Walker, when you are . . . interested.  I should like to see you without them sometime. I am sure you would find the experience rewarding. You needn’t be concerned that my relationship with Jerome is exclusive,” Hyde offered as he stood.

 “Please, Mr. Hyde. You are in my place of business, and I find your comment particularly vulgar in light of the trust my client is placing in you by executing these documents which place you in control of tens of millions of dollars.”

“Jerome has no cause for concern. I could never leave him, and I keep him quite satisfied. You needn’t be concerned about what your secretary Jason would think if we closed the door. He is even more enamored of me than you are, so we might just as well include him if it makes it easier for you,” Hyde offered with a wicked grin.

I put the papers back in the file and closed the folder. “Our business is finished,” I said as calmly as possible, hoping he could not hear the tremor in my voice. “Please see yourself out the door.”

Once again we shook hands. This time his grip was much stronger and his eyes stared into mine like lasers.  I wanted to break their hold and look away, but avoiding eye contact with him would only have been an admission of my defeat.

“Mr. Hyde, in the future, if you require an attorney, I think it would be best if you found someone other than myself,” I said as he exited my office.

He paused to consider my words. He smiled.

“I am afraid, given my client is Dr. Jekyll, that being your client would be a conflict of interest for me,” I explained to forestall any lurid remark he might make.

After I heard the outer door close and after I asked Jason to close my office door, I unbuckled my belt and freed my stubborn erection. I refused to masturbate. It would have been an admission that Hyde had gotten the better of me. Instead I let it fly at full mast, throbbing against my chest, leaking, as I contemplated the situation Jerome was in.

Although Jerome aspired to be as big as his lovers, even a decade of working out and a liberal use of prescription medications hadn’t achieved that goal. He’d gotten beefier, but he’d never developed the pleasing shape he loved so much in other men. His wealth had lured many a stud into his bed and many stayed a few weeks or months, but none had settled down with him.

It was difficult for me to counsel Jerome to be careful of these men because I had been one of the first of them. Jerome had made friends with me in college because I was into bodybuilding myself, although I had not even imagined he was into men when we first started hanging out. After he made his intentions known, I’d even slept with him a few times before it became clear to me that he wasn’t right for me. Since then it was hard for me to warn Jerome about the men that followed me into his bed because I felt that if I had been as loyal to him romantically as I was to him as a friend he wouldn’t have gotten entangled with them. He needed to satisfy his needs with someone if I wouldn’t help him satisfy them.

Hyde was clearly many, many rungs above any man either of us had ever chased and many times more dangerous than the men Jerome had fucked in the past. Hyde knew his power over men like Jerome and I and he wasn’t shy about using it to his advantage. A man like that could take anything he wanted from a man with Jerome’s vulnerabilities. It took all I had to resist Hyde myself and I wasn’t even his primary target. As I thought about him sitting in my office, my thoughts returned to his thickly muscled shoulders and arms and his bulging crotch, and I got as hard as I had been then. As much as I despised myself for giving in, I couldn’t resist rubbing my cock with both hands until I messed all over myself. 

*continued, of course*

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