Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 2

(c) 2012 Josef Howard

A week later I dropped in on Jerome at his townhouse on Washington Square. Thankfully Hyde was not there, but any hope I had of reasoning with Jerome about his situation was quickly dashed. He was distant, evasive and as agitated as he had been in my office. He was hiding something from me. Was Hyde abusing him? Had he threatened him? We walked from room to room as we talked because Jerome just couldn’t get comfortable, especially when I turned the conversation to Hyde. Jerome kept turning the conversation to his research projects, which had always been so esoteric that I had never been able to understand them, but one of them sounded relevant to Hyde. Jerome had been working on something to do with anabolism. Could Hyde have been involved in his research? Had Hyde been part of his experiments? Had Hyde been the result of his experiments? If he had, then Jerome could conceivably become many times richer than he already was.

Once that day, when Jerome left the room to deal with some urgent matter, I sat down at his desk and rummaged. Half buried under the drifts of paper was a bound diary, which confirmed my worst fears. Jerome was obsessed with Hyde. He said he was unable to live without him and afraid he was becoming consumed by him. Earlier in the journal I saw references to experiments that “created” Hyde.

When Jerome came back I wanted to confront him with what I had learned. There was so much that was wrong with this situation. Not just Hyde’s power over my friend; experimenting on human subjects was not ethical. But I couldn’t because I had learned all this by violating Jerome’s privacy. Instead I tried to learn more about Hyde.

Where is he? I asked. Gone for now, Jerome said. But he’ll be back tonight. “I didn’t think the two of you hit it off,” Jerome said. “At least that’s what Hyde told me. He said you were uncomfortable around him.”

“How about you?” I asked. “Are you comfortable around him?”

“Comfortable? That’s not the right word, exactly, but when he is around I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I feel like I’ve been dead all these years. I feel an enormous sense of – “ he stopped himself. “Edward, I’m not sure you can understand how I feel.”

“Is he violent?” I asked.

Jerome considered the question carefully before he answered. “Sometimes.”

“Does he hurt you?” I pressed him. “If he hurts you, I don’t care how strong he is. I won’t allow it. “

“There’s no danger of that, Edward.”

“Jerome, how did he get so big? No one is that large. Not even the biggest bodybuilders. Is he even human?”

“Edward, you have no idea how much muscle the human body can carry. Hyde lifts like you and I, but he is different. He’d be enormous even if he didn’t exercise.”

“How is that even possible? Everyone loses mass when they don’t exercise. You’re a doctor. You know that.”

For the first time Jerome’s eyes stopped darting around the room. He stopped fidgeting. He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “There are many things I know.”

On the first long weekend of summer I went to a party at Jerome’s house on Fire Island. As usual the party was packed with muscle men enamored of Jerome’s large house, his huge swimming pool just steps from the beach, the free flowing liquor and cornucopia of drugs. What was different this time was that Jerome was not there – just Hyde. But even more importantly the sexual tension was no longer just under the surface. It was out in the open from the minute I walked in the door. If a guy wanted another guy, he just took him in front of everyone. Half the guests were fucking and sucking. The other half was catching their breath before joining in again.

At the center of all the action was Hyde, surrounded by the biggest, most spectacular guys and fucking them nonstop the whole time. I couldn’t help but watch him in action. You’ve never seen a sight like him in your life. There’s never been a bodybuilder as big as him or a porn star as well hung, and you’ve never seen a man as passionate, as animal as Hyde when he fucked. Not even the token straight men Jerome invited could avoid watching and every one of them was rock hard.

The waiters, the servers, the housekeepers did their best to stay calm and maintain order, but even they were drawn into the scene and couldn’t keep up with the slovenly disorder of a hundred jacked up men fucking themselves silly.

In between sampling the assholes offered him, Hyde enjoyed the eager mouths of two men who must have been top ranked competitive bodybuilders though I had never seen them before in the press. They fought to take him down their throats, but he was even bigger than I had imagined. He was well over a foot long. Hyde held their heads by their hair and fucked their faces as he looked around the room at the sexual carnage.

“Edward!” His eyes caught mine across the room and he grinned at me. “Get over here. I need your help! You’ve got a big dick. Take one of these men off me.”

His booming voice brought the attention of a few of his sexual entourage on me. One of them reached into my swim trunks and pulled out my hard cock. Another one nudged me into his circle until we stood next to each other. Hyde pushed one of his suckers at me and he gladly obeyed, devouring all of my smaller cock in an instant. It was better service than I usually got. Usually guys told me I was too big to deep throat. My jaw dropped and Hyde took advantage of my open mouth to lay his over it and suck my face.

Hyde was as vigorous at kissing as he was at fucking. Even if I closed my eyes and forgot about how he looked, his mouth and tongue were hot enough to make me swoon. But who could keep their eyes closed next to him. In an instant I was pressed tight against his chest with only my hard cock sticking out to the side, still getting service from one of Hyde’s friends. Pressed against him I could feel nothing but him and the mouth on my cock. I could think of nothing but making love to his body. I felt someone behind me brush against my back and stick another wide cock up my ass. It was big enough that I should have felt pain, but all I felt was satisfaction.

Hyde was still kissing me and the man behind me was still fucking me when I came deep down the throat of Hyde’s admirer. He held me inside him long after the last blast of hot jism, and pressed hard against Hyde. I didn’t soften in the least. I only caught my breath.

But not for long. Hyde released me from his kiss. He stared harshly into my eyes and then laid his huge hand on top my head and pushed me to my knees. He presented me with his club-sized cock, slippery with his own cum and the spit of his other admirer, and I eagerly wrapped my mouth around it and struggled to do it justice. I say “struggled”, but honestly I was never so motivated to do a cock justice. Holding my breath and ignoring my gag reflexes I dove down on it, stretching my throat as I forced myself towards the root. Hyde grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down the rest of the way, stuffing my throat and finally making me gag, but his strong arm kept me from withdrawing.

The next dive down that enormous cock was easier, not just because my throat had opened up, but because Hyde yanked me towards him again. And again. Until I was doing the service all by myself. I felt the veins in his cock thicken. I felt his dick get as stiff as steel. I felt his crown swell in my throat and he began to roar as his dick jerked and Hyde held my lips tight to his bush. His hot cum poured deep into my throat.

When I came up for air, Hyde ruffled my hair with his ham-sized hand. “Good boy!” Hyde said as he chuckled at the sight of me, disheveled, lips red, cum dribbling from the corner of my mouth.

Before I had stood, Hyde was engrossed in the attentions of someone else. I backed away as others stepped forward, eager to become part of the action. I watched for a few more minutes, unable to resist the sight of the crowd around Hyde, desperate to touch him, dying to be a part of his inner circle. As much as it the sight of them disgusted me, I could not help getting hard, but I rejected the attentions of his fellow spectators in the outer circle. I drifted further from Hyde, out of Jerome’s beach house and back to the house I had rented.

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