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The Tragic Tale of Dr. Jekyll - Chapter 4

If it would have been hypocritical for me to drink the serum Jerome used, was it any less hypocritical of me to have an affair with Jerome when he was Hyde? I am sure it was not, but still I did – we did. Four or five nights a week I did.

I told myself that if I got closer to Jerome, I might be able to wean him of his addiction to the serum. If he could not stop, perhaps I could persuade him to use it less frequently. I even tried having sex with him as Jerome, but it wasn’t satisfying for either of us.

One night on a prearranged visit when I knocked on his door, someone other than Mr. Quimbly answered.

“You must be Edward,” the stunning young man surmised as I stood dumbfounded on the doorstep. Although Jerome had invited me to dinner, I was expecting another night alone with Jerome/Hyde. “I’m Blake,” he said as we shook hands.

I was instantly jealous, though I knew Hyde had sex with many, many other men, because Blake had one of the most striking faces I had ever seen, angular with a strong jaw, but softened by a ski slope nose. His body, in tight jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt, looked just as beautiful, albeit smaller than me.

“Are you joining us for dinner?” I asked.

“For the whole evening, I hope,” he said as he winked. “Jerome is traveling this weekend, it’s just you, me and Hyde, but that’s more than enough for the two of us, don’t you agree?”

Blake’s presence alone might only have made dinner awkward, but his personality made it worse. He was a man Jerome would never have tolerated even as a one night stand, but Hyde had different ideas. Hyde appreciated the lustful adoration of the men he entertained more than he could ever be annoyed by their peccadillos. This evening Hyde found Blake’s campiness and coarse humor hilarious, and that fact that both qualities annoyed me only increased Hyde’s enjoyment.

“Blake has decided to try the serum tonight,” Hyde told me as the plates were being cleared and Blake grinned. “Are you sure you won’t join us?”

I was stunned. I felt like I’d been struck. I felt more jealous than I had when I first arrived. Not only had Jerome shared the secret of his prodigious physique with someone else, he had offered the serum to him too. Hyde plainly wanted to goad me into taking the serum and thought a little jealousy would motivate me, but I refused to be manipulated.

“I – I can’t. I won’t.”

I lay my napkin on the table, ready to stand, when I noticed Blake’s face was flushed. I recognized the initial stage of transformation from witnessing Jerome through the window that first night. He’d already taken it, maybe a few minutes ago when he’d gotten up to use the restroom. I should have left. I should have hurried out of the room and run to the street to get away from both of them, but I knew the incredible sight I was about to witness and I was as riveted as the first time.

Hyde laid his hand on Blake’s arm and smiled at him. “Suit yourself. I’m sure it won’t get in the way of the evening’s entertainment.”

Blake’s eyes had become distant, his mouth was slack. He took a slow deep breath, expanding his chest beyond its natural capacity, and grinned. His shoulders were already beefier, his arms were getting thick, and I could hear the seams of his tight jeans snapping.

Hyde stood behind him, helped him to his feet, unfastened his jeans, and hauled out a thick, spongy dick that was already above average in length and girth. He lifted Blake’s t-shirt over his head and rubbed his tiny nipples with his thumbs until they appeared to get longer and thicker as he tugged.

Blake practically pounced on Hyde, locking lips and sucking, their tongues tangling.

Without taking my eyes off the two of them, I took a sip of the after dinner cordial to calm my nerves. Then drained the whole glass.

Blake was much thicker now. He had beautiful round delts, like Kevin Levrone, he had pecs like Arnold on the legendary side bicep poster, and abs like bricks. His cock was almost as thick and long as Hyde’s and dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum. Hyde thrust his penis between Blake’s ass cheeks and up his back, rutting like a bull in heat. Plainly feeling Blake swell against his half naked body was hotter than anything Hyde had ever experienced. Blake reached behind impatiently and guided Hyde’s horse cock into his ass, backing into him.

The sight of Blake growing gargantuan before my eyes and Blake losing control  made me hot under the collar and I pulled it away from my neck to let the sweat on my neck dry. God, it was hard to breath watching the two of them. It almost felt like my collar was tighter.

Then I realized I didn’t really know what kind of cordial I had just drunk.

Hyde and Blake saw the confusion on my flushed face, and laughed between grunts. Now my eyes widened in sudden realization of my impending transformation, and it was as though a veil had been lifted from them. Colors were more vivid; even sounds were more resonant, like the lustful groans of Hyde and Blake as Hyde slid his immense cock up Blake’s ass.

I brushed my hand across my nipples and my heart pounded. I felt as though a weight had been lifted from chest. The air rushing into my lungs felt electric. I felt I could do anything. I felt like I wanted to do everything. As I watched Hyde and Blake fucking I saw them as the purest expression of my newly unbridled desires and my fortified abilities.

My dress shirt was drawn tight and I slipped my hand between the gaping holes between the buttons to feel how big I was becoming. Although my shirts were custom made for my big body, the sleeves were getting tight too. It was hard to bend my arms inside them.

Inside my boxer shorts, in the fold of my chinos, my cock was not only hard, it was longer and thicker. It wrapped completely around my hip and the head was bumping into the seat of my chair. I grabbed it and squeezed. My jaw dropped and my eyes rolled back into my head. I had never felt such intense sexual pleasure.

The buttons of my shirt began to pop. My shirtsleeves separated from the shirt body and split down my upper arms too. I no longer paid any attention to Hyde and Blake. My eyelids closed. I was much more jacked up by my excruciating delight in the expansion of concrete-hard muscle under my thinly stretched skin.

My dick was now so long that it pressed hard against my chair and bowed outward under my pants. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down, allowing it to pop up between my stomach and the table. The head was as high as my sternum. I dropped my head a bit and slurped at my piss slit as I jacked it with both my hands.

Suddenly I felt a hand on each of my shoulders. Blake and Hyde stood on either side of me. They tore off the rest of my shirt. I stood up. Blake knelt and stuffed half my cock into his mouth and strained to work it into his throat. I wanted my cock deep down his throat and I had not a shred of self-control. I lay my hands on the back of his head and forced his mouth down on it, enjoying his struggling as much as his hot throat. And as big as Blake had gotten, I had been bigger before I drank the serum and was bigger and stronger yet, even with his head start.

Hyde pulled my pants down to my ankles. He planted his enormous cock between my ass cheeks and forced his way inside. I welcomed the intrusion, squeezing him tightly in my ass as he forced me forward and my cock pushed deeper into Blake’s throat, pleasing me more.

As Hyde fucked me, holding my hips with his bear-like hands, and Blake devoured my cock, the only remnant of my hesitation to indulge in these animal pleasures was the distant memory that once I had inexplicably resisted Hyde’s persuasions. I could no longer image why that had been, nor how I could ever give this up now that I had tasted it.

Hyde came inside my ass in minutes, and the forceful jets of hot slimy semen inside my ass threw me over the edge. I yanked Blake’s sweet, masculine face hard into my crotch, burying my cock down his sputtering throat and emptying a quart of cum inside him. When I’d finally released him, Blake coughed and wheezed and fought to catch his breath. I needn’t worry that I had hurt him though, because between his legs was a pool of his own cum.

Hyde lifted Blake to his feet and offered me his ass, but I had other ideas. With my erotically charged vision, nothing in the world compared to the sight of Hyde’s beautiful muscle-bound ass, bulging at the base of his slender waist, and my mouth salivated for it. I bent him over and lapped at his asshole drenching it with my spit and poking into it first with my fingers, then prying it open with my entire hand. After wetting it well and opening it up, I stood behind him and positioned my dick at the entrance.

Hyde had been right about the serum exaggerating what one had to start with. My cock was much bigger than his and I relished the thought of stretching the superhuman Hyde as much as Hyde had stretched the old Edward.

Old Edward would have taken it slow, but the new Edward was too fucking high on his own power to think about what Hyde felt.

“Edward! Fuck! It feels like the first time you stuffed your cock inside me in college!” Hyde bellowed in his deep baritone. But lest I think that I might have been hurting him, his sphincter clamped down on my cock like a vise and his ass backed into my cock enthusiastically with every thrust.

Blake could have taken a place in front of Hyde and we could have spit-roasted him, but I could see in his eyes that Blake was more into me than he was Hyde. Blake positioned a dining table chair on either side of Hyde, stood straddling him and offered me his dripping foot long boner. As enamored of as I was of Hyde’s muscle-bound ass, I was just as thirsty for Blake’s giant cock, and he was anxious to pay back my rough play. Blake grabbed my neck and forced his cock down my sinewy throat, but just to show him who was really in control as I sucked from the base to the crown I dragged my teeth along the shaft. That drove him crazy. He began to buck and fuck my mouth, screaming, until he emptied himself down my throat, then on my face, shoulders and chest when he pulled back too far.

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kmmark said...

Great Story! I love muscle growth versions of the Jekyll/Hyde story, and this is the best one I've seen. Any more episodes coming?

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